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Atriviate (Online Trivia)
Pandereta Estudio.
Have fun playing trivia and compete against your friends online!

More than 5,000 questions and periodic updates.

Walk the board using special boxes to get all the stars.

Entertain yourself while expanding your knowledge with 7 classical categories:
Geography, Sports, Entertainment, Art and Literature, Science and Technology, History and Everything.

New rules, like stealing stars and the Challenge, make the game much more competitive.

Find your friends on facebook and challenge them to a game.

Earn medals and post them on Facebook for everyone to see who is the smartest one.

Atríviate is a quiz game with a Trivial Pursuit style, with more than 5,000 questions, where two player can play games online, competing to see who knows more.
You can add random players, make friends or choose your facebook mates, and have as many simultaneous games as you want. With the new board of Atríviate, you can take advantage of special boxes and get all the stars to win the game. Furthermore Atríviate has new rules as the possibility of stealing stars to your opponent, or the Challenge, where you compete to see who hits more questions, which gives to the game a more strategic and competitive aspect.

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Problems with the game?
If you have any problems with the game please send us an email telling us what's wrong and we try to fix it.

keywords: trivial pursuit trivia quiz multiplayer triviados friends

麻將 神來也麻將
Gamesofa Inc.
【Rated Five Stars by Our Users】
The number one mahjong game brand

=Classic Mahjong Gets a New Fancy Update!=
。Larger, brighter displays for better control!
。Improved connection links you to over 20 million users
。Added new emoticons and font functions for better interactions
。Upgraded animations for an even better experience!

=Android Features=
。Classic Taiwanese 16-tile Mahjong
。Play immediately, no registration required
。Scheduled tournaments for more fun and competitions all around
。Easy to use controls you can use with just one finger
。Play a hand in three minutes, no more getting distracted
。Free coins to all certified members (up to 888 limit)

=Additional Notes=
‧ Users can use their existing GodGame, Facebook, or Yahoo accounts to play
‧ If you want to use an MSN, Google, or other accounts to login, please see our “Account Conversion” page for more details:

Gamesofa- Fun in five easy minutes
Want to play more?

Gamesofa Website:
More Games:

【玩家評鑑 五顆星】
No. 1 麻將遊戲品牌

=經典麻將 豪華再升級=

=Android麻將 遊戲特色=

。若您之前使用MSN, Google等帳號登入神來也遊戲,想在手機上繼續使用該帳號,請參考「帳號轉換及登入教學說明」

ScienceIllustrated Quiz Battle
Planeto AB

Pit your general knowledge against your friends – try Quiz Battle, the new trivia-strategy game from Science Illustrated. Challenge your friends or a random opponent on 10 different boards. Answer questions from six categories.

Questions are categorized as such:
• Geography
• History
• Sport & leisure
• Science & nature
• Entertainment
• Art & literature

Note: You may use your user-ID from to play.

Switch between Android, iPhone, iPad to play. (PC and Mac play available late 2012.)

Science Illustrated Quiz Battle is easy to learn but difficult to master. Answer questions as you move across the board and try to prevent your opponent from reaching the star in the middle. The board contains bonus spaces, some of which relate to a specific category, where you may combine questions to obtain extra points. The player, who has the most points, when the star in the middle of the board is reached, wins the game.

About the game:
• Play with a friend or a random opponent.
• More than 6000 questions.
• Six categories of general knowledge.
• Use knowledge, sneaky tricks and strategy to win.
• Play against several opponents simultaneously.
• Several different quiz boards with diverse strategies (you get one board free).
• Swap questions, if you favour certain categories.

Keywords: quizbattle, qb, qbattle, quiz, trivia, trivial, pursuit, jeopardy, board, game

Logo Quiz PRO - Celebrities
Addicting apps
Guess the names of the most popular celebrities, known all over the world, with this esthetically pleasing celebrity quiz. How well do you know the most popular celebrities?

Divided into levels, this celebrity quiz is guaranteed to bring fun to your phone.

Answer with A, B, C or D choices and score points. Unlock new levels – the higher the level, the harder to unlock the next level!
Do you have what it takes, to recognize all the famous celebrities and finish this quiz?

Every day we hear about these celebrities everywhere. But just how many of those can we name? Test and find out just how many can you actually name with this fun celebrity quiz!

Easy to play and made for all resolutions, our celebrity quiz brings fun and challenging gameplay to all devices and screen sizes!

Some celebrities are photographed from different angles, so they bring challenging questions with not-so-easy choices to choose from!

This celebrity logo quiz features celebrities from all categories; from movie celebrities, to talk show hosts, directors, celebrity chefs, famous authors and writers and other influential people.

Tags: logo quiz, logos, quiz, game, choices, ABCD, trivia, celebrity, celebrity quiz, celebrities

More celebrities coming soon...
Check for updates!

가로세로 낱말퀴즈
SYL Company Inc.
★100만 다운로드 돌파 국민퍼즐 등극!★

매일 새로운 문제가 출제되는 가로세로 낱말퀴즈!
퀴즈의 달인도 되고, 경품도 받고!

‘가로세로 낱말퀴즈’는 스포츠조선과 제휴, 현직 기자들이 직접 출제하는 고품격 퍼즐게임으로 기본 상식을 한 단계 ‘UP’시켜줄 뿐 아니라 기억력 감퇴 방지까지 도우며 등하교, 출퇴근길의 무료함을 날려줄 것입니다.

■「가로세로 낱말퀴즈」, 이렇게 다릅니다!
1. 현직기자가 출제하는 ‘HOT' 퀴즈가 날마다!
흔히 낱말퀴즈를 풀다보면 출처가 불분명한, 어디서 본 듯한 문제들이 출전돼 ‘출제자가 누굴까?’라는 궁금증을 가지게 됩니다. 그러나 가로세로는 다릅니다. 스포츠, 연예 등 각 분야 현직에서 활동 중인 스포츠조선 기자들이 자신 있게 출제하는 다양한 문제들로 가득 채웠습니다. 믿고 푸는 가로세로!

2. 시간을 단축해 낱말퀴즈 달인에 오르자!
가로세로는 단순히 문제를 풀이하는 것으로 끝나지 않습니다. 매 게임마다 풀이 시간을 측정, 다른 유저들과의 시간 경쟁을 통해 일별/월별 랭킹을 매겨 유저들로
하여금 흥미를 더하게 만듭니다. 단, 힌트를 사용하면 30초씩 추가되니 유의! 이제 누구보다 빠른 기록으로 랭킹 상단에 자신의 멋진 닉네임을 새겨봅시다.

3. 푸짐한 경품이 매주 쏟아진다!
단발성 이벤트는 이제 그만! 가로세로에선 경품이 매주 쏟아집니다. 아이패드부터 아로마 전신마사지 이용권까지 다양한 경품을 지급하는 런칭 이벤트를 시작으로 매주 다양한 이벤트가 여러분들을 찾아갈 예정입니다. 이제 게임도 즐기고 경품도 받아가는 ‘일석이조’의 행운을 누려보세요.

이밖에도 낱말이 서로 크로스가 되는 곳에서는 같은 단어를 반복적으로 쓰는 불편함을 없앴으며, 낱말풀이가 끝나고 나서 유저들이 직접 난이도를 체크할 수 있게 구성하였습니다.

저희 운영진은 여러분들의 많은 충고와 의견에 귀 기울리고 있습니다.
의견들을 적극수렴하여 좀 더 완성도 있는 서비스로 보답하겠습니다.
많은 이용바랍니다. 감사합니다.

※ 네트워크(WiFi, 3G) 신호가 약한 곳에서는 퀴즈다운로드가 정상적으로 작동하지 않을 수 있습니다.
※ 오류 발생 신고 및 문의:

가로 세로 크로스 퀴즈 크로스퀴즈 낱말 단어 낱말퀴즈 cross quiz crossquiz 십자 십자퍼즐 십자퀴즈 puzzle 십자퍼즐퀴즈 게임 퀴즈게임
단어퀴즈 스피드퀴즈 낱말게임 낱말퍼즐 퍼즐게임 낱말맞추기 뇌활성화
두뇌게임 두뇌 알츠하이머 두뇌활성화퍼즐

[전체이용가] CC-OM-111014-001호
가로세로낱말퀴즈 버전 1.26
개발자 연락처 :

강남구 논현동 7-5
효진빌딩 5층

Logo Quiz PRO
Addicting apps
Guess the logos of the most popular brands, known all over the world, with this esthetically pleasing logo quiz. How well do you know the most popular logos?

Divided into levels and with a great score system, this logo quiz is guaranteed to bring fun to your phone.

Answer with A, B, C or D choices and score points. Each logo has a score value depending on its difficulty. The more it is difficult, the more score it brings when answered correctly!

Unlock new levels – the higher the level, the harder the questions, and the harder to unlock the next level!

Every day we find logos everywhere. But just how many of those can we remember? Test and find out just how many can you actually recognize with this fun logo quiz!

Easy to play and made for all resolutions, our logo quiz brings fun gameplay to all devices and screen sizes!

Some logos are slightly distorted, so they bring challenging questions with not-so-easy choices to choose from!

This Logo quiz features logos from all categories; from cars to fashion, entertainment, food industry, education and sports!

Note: All logos shown or represented in this game are protected by copyright and/or are trademarks of their respective corporations. The logos are protected by copyright and/or trademark. The use of images in this app for use of identification qualifies as »Fair Use« under US copyright law.

Tags: logo quiz, logos, quiz, game, choices, ABCD, trivia

More logos coming soon...
Check for updates!

Logo Quiz - Football
Appengo UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
It's the best flag quiz app in Google Play. This game grants hours of fun!

* 260 football club logos, divided into 13 levels
* helpful hints for each logo
* wildcrads to reveal unknown logos
* highscore (via Scoreloop)
* challenging achievements (via Scoreloop)
* frequent app updates

Compare your score with the score of your friends via Scoreloop! Compete with them and check who’s the best!

New logos and levels are coming soon. Check for updates!

Keywords: quiz puzzle learn brain power logo logos world soccer football champion league

Quizkampen PREMIUM
FEO Media AB
Q U I Z K A M P E N © 2 0 1 2

Om du gillar quizspel så kommer du älska Quizkampen - ett färgsprakande spel med 35 000+ frågor och en massa sköna ljud och animationer.

I Quizkampen kan du utmana dina kompisar eller slumpade motspelare på quizmatcher

Du och motspelaren svarar på frågor under 6 ronder - tre frågor i varje rond. Självklart svarar ni på samma frågor.

Varannan rond väljer du kategori av tre slumpade kategorier - se till att välja frågor som din motspelare verkar ha svårt för!

★★★★★ Just nu: 35 000+ frågor!
200+ frågor fylls på - varje dag!

★★★★★ 20 olika frågekategorier med roliga kategorier som TV-serier, Data- och TV-spel och 2000-talet!

★★★★★ Bli frågeskrivare själv. Det är enkelt att skicka in egna frågor och göra spelet ännu roligare!

★★★★★ Ett smart ratingsystem som gör att du kan jämföra dina skills med resten av Sverige!

★★★★★ Bygg din egen avatar av en massa roliga ögon, frisyrer, munnar och extragrejer. (Premium).

★★★★★ Se statistik över vinster och förluster samt din skicklighet i alla olika kategorier. (Premium).

Sätt igång och quizza!

MKR Studio
The coolest geographic quiz that you'll ever discover! ;)

Guess locations of various places on the Earth, earn points, and compete on leaderboards with your friends and players from all over the world!

There are 13 maps available for you, with over 1800 places. With Mapster, you'll learn them easily! :)

Mapster uses ScoreLoop to retrieve the leaderboards. It's totally free! Just play and enjoy the game.

Suggestions? Questions? Bugs? More maps? More levels? Just send a message to or on the Mapster's Facebook page!

Maps courtesy National Geographic. National Geographic does not review or endorse content added to these maps by others.

DaVinci 2 Pro: Renaissance
Planemo Studio
New part of the "DaVinci Mystery" - amazing game with a lot of brain teasers to test ingenuity !
% More then 1 000 000 users
% Interactive puzzles
% Fun and rare riddles and beautiful design
% Open all levels, no ads and more answers available!

Big Update !

New Category - "Cinema" !
- Added more opportunities for bonus responses
- More supported devices !


Now even more interesting and challenging puzzles challenge you! It will be something to smash his head!
"Renaissance" literally means "rebirth." It refers especially to the rebirth of learning that began in Italy in the fourteenth century. During this period, there was an enormous renewal of interest in and study of classical antiquity.
It was also an age of new discoveries, both geographical (exploration of the New World) and intellectual. Martin Luther, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Francesco Petrarch, "The Last Judgement", the Sistine Chapel, the Priory of Sion, Lorenzo de 'Medici and others are part of it. It that time lived and worked famous inventor, scientist, physicist, anatomist and painter Leonardo da Vinci.

All puzzles in the game "DaVinci: Renaissance" is divided into several major categories: History, Art, Logic, Mathematics, Engineering and unusual category Pirates. Renaissance brought something new - now some interactive puzzles such as"Fifteen Game" and puzzles with marble matches available in the “DaVinci: Renaissance” game!

* A lot of puzzles in the style of the Renaissance, all kinds of mathematical and logical puzzles and Pirates under the Jolly Roger.
* Beautiful designed “Fifteen Game”, representing the most outstanding technical inventions, as well as the works of the most famous painters brush Renaissance.
* In the game there are tips that can help you in deciding if you get stuck with the answer. Also, if you are very close to a solution, the game can put you on the right way with additional tips!
* For convenience of logical and mathematical solutions to the problems of the game is integrated calculator.
* To visualize solutions for simplicity, you can simply use “Paint”.

In “Da Vinci: Renaissance” in each category, the last five puzzles are the "bosses" of category. To open it is necessary to solve a number of common tasks in a category or solve a specific puzzle. Mysteries of "bosses" are the most complex in the category, but they provide access to special achievements and awards that will help unravel the mystery of Da Vinci and learn interesting facts about the life of the great scientist, as well as get acquainted with his amazing inventions.

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