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My Real Shop - GSSHOP
myShopi is a free shopping list that’s fun and easy to use!

■ Number One shopping list app in Europe
■ Always in the Top 10 of Free Shopping Apps
■ All features available for FREE

Organize easily the items on your lists, add notes, keep track of frequently purchased products like bread and milk. Simply tap the colorful picture of what you want or type a product name, and it’s instantly added to your shopping list. You can even add your own pictures, if you want to.

• Create multiple shopping lists
• Add items to your list by tapping images or searching by text
• Select from a database of more than 1,000 predefined items or add your own
• Add notes, quantities or sale prices
• Track frequently purchased items for easy adding to current lists
• Share lists by email or SMS
• Be part of the myShopi future by sending us your ideas for features or improvements

Website :
Like us on Facebook :
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White & Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages Directories
White and Yellow Pages, the best of both worlds. Cool & simple navigation. Speak or type your search. Look for people or businesses by name or land-line phone number. Includes GPS-enabled driving directions, add contacts, save favorites, track history, and when available the links to business' websites.

Millions can't be wrong. There is a reason why White & YellowPages is a Top 30 most-downloaded Android app. Collectively, over eighty million monthly listings are served to our users.

- Tons of Ratings and Reviews.
- Select restaurants include menus and reservations.
- Save money with our Coupons & Deals Section.
- Movies: “Showtimes” integration includes theater movie times, trailers, descriptions, posters, ratings, driving direction, plot, etc.
- GPS location auto detect or custom location.
- Results based on distance from you.
- Add business info to your Contacts.
- Share through Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS.
- Mapping for every business.
- Turn-by-turn voice navigation options.
- Easy shortcuts for most commonly used search terms like Pizza, Auto Services, Hotels, Restaurants, Florists, etc.
- When available, business:
- Ratings
- Descriptions
- Logo
- Website
- More.

We greatly appreciate your feedback. Please email us with your ideas or comments ().

This is an Avantar app.

Amazon FR
Application Amazon pour Android

L’application Amazon pour Android permet aux consommateurs de chercher des produits, de comparer des prix, de lire des commentaires et de faire des achats sur depuis leur téléphone mobile. Elle permet aussi aux consommateurs de scanner le code-barres d’un produit afin d’obtenir immédiatement des informations sur celui-ci, dont son prix et sa disponibilité sur Les clients d’Amazon ont accès à leur panier, leurs listes d’envie, leurs options de paiement et de livraison, l’historique de leurs achats, les paramètres de leur option 1-Click et ils peuvent bénéficier du programme Premium. Toutes les commandes sont effectuées via les serveurs sécurisés d’Amazon.

L’application Amazon pour Android permet de :
• Comparer sur leur mobile les prix d’un produit vendu dans un magasin avec les prix d’Amazon et des autres vendeurs du site
• Effectuer immédiatement des achats parmi la sélection de produits du site et ce via les serveurs sécurisés du site
• Consulter des images de produits et lire des commentaires de consommateurs où que vous soyez et à n’importe quel moment
• Suivre le statut d’une commande récente depuis votre téléphone mobile
• Scanner des codes-barres pour obtenir immédiatement des informations sur le produit, dont son prix et sa disponibilité (pour les téléphones avec un appareil photo autofocus)
Compatible avec les versions 2.1, ou 2.2 d’Android

Note importante concernant les droits d’accès. L’application Amazon pour Android a besoin d’avoir accès aux services suivants pour fonctionner normalement :
- Lieu : comme il s’agit maintenant d’une application disponible dans le monde entier, des droits d’accès au lieu sont nécessaires pour permettre de proposer une option d’un service de livraison en France et au Japon. Pour ces boutiques, les données sur votre localisation géographique sont nécessaires ou utilisées. Dans ces pays, vous pouvez demander une livraison dans le point relais le plus proche de l’endroit où vous vous trouvez. Ce service n’est pas disponible pour les autres pays.

- Appels téléphoniques : vous pouvez appeler le service client depuis l’application. Appuyez sur Menu, puis sur Autre > Aide > Appeler le service client. Le bon numéro s’affichera alors depuis l’application.
- Prendre des photos : le scan de codes-barres nécessite l’accès à la fonction appareil photo si vous choisissez de scanner des codes-barres depuis l’application.
- Droits sur le compte: ces droits sont utilisés par la suite d’apps Amazon sur le HTC Droid DNA.


언제 어디서든 GS SHOPPING TV를 스마트폰으로 간편하게 만나 보세요!
항상 TV앞에서 즐기던 홈쇼핑 생방송을 스마트폰을 이용해 시간과 장소에 구애 받지 않고 즐기고 VOD샵도 함께 즐길 수 있습니다.

GS SHOP TV를 통해 보면서 즐기는 홈쇼핑을 경험하세요.

* TV없이도 즐길 수 있는 홈쇼핑
* 터치 한번에 바로 보이는 홈쇼핑
* 간편한 전화주문과 편리한 모바일 결제
* 홈쇼핑 방송을 보면서 터치 한번으로 이루어지는 찜 기능
* VOD SHOP으로 만날 수 있는 다양한 컨텐츠
* SNS를 통해 친구들에게 제품 정보 공유
* 모바일에서만 얻을 수 있는 전용 쿠폰 혹은 적립금 혜택

최저가 쇼핑 - 다음 쇼핑하우
Daum Communications
내 손안의 쇼핑 도우미! Daum 쇼핑하우 어플을 만나보세요.
가격비교 검색 및 모바일특가, BEST100, 기획전 서비스등을 제공합니다.

1. 모든 페이지에서 주요서비스 바로가기, 방금 찜한 내역이 확인가능한 슬라이드 메뉴 제공
2. 가격비교시 검색결과 리스트상에서도 찜하기, 미리보기 가능
3. 모바일에서만 만나보는 모바일특가, 모바일전용 할인쿠폰 제공
4. 사고싶거나 인기상품을 친구들에게 공유할 수 있도록 마이피플/페이스북/트위터/카카오톡/카카오스토리 등 다양한 공유하기 제공
5. 마트,서점 등 오프라인매장에서 상품에 부착된 바코드 촬영만으로 상품정보 검색가능

*안드로이드 OS 2.0이상 지원가능합니다.
개발자 연락처 :

서울특별시 용산구 한남대로 98 (한남동) (주)다음커뮤니케이션

Checkout 51 - Grocery Coupons
Checkout 51 Inc.
Checkout 51 is the easiest way to save money on groceries from the brands you love! Redeem exclusive offers and deals when you go shopping every week, and we’ll send you cash back.

(Sorry - not yet available in Quebec)

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:
1. Browse the offers that are updated every Thursday
2. Buy the products from any store
3. Take a photo of your receipt to redeem your deal
4. Get cash back!

Once your account reaches $20 in savings, we’ll mail you a cheque!

No more:
- flipping through massive coupon booklets to find good deals
- snipping lots of little coupons
- remembering to take coupons to the store
- arguing with the cashier and holding up the rest of the line!

Best of all, you can purchase the products on offer at any grocery store in Canada including Walmart, Superstore, No Frills, Sobeys, Costco, Shoppers Drug Mart, Safeway, Food Basics, FreshCo., Metro, Loblaws, Zehrs, Save-On-Foods, Your Independent Grocer, Fortinos, Foodland, Longo’s, PriceSmart Foods, Valu-mart, IGA, Dominion, Giant Tiger, Target, Canadian Tire, London Drugs, Whole Foods, Price Chopper, SuperValu, Zellers, Choices Market, Urban Fare, and all the rest!

Check out what others have to say:
- “Say goodbye to clipping coupons” - Global TV
- “App makes couponing easy” - Windsor Star
- “New app will make using coupons easier” - Calgary Herald
- “Checkout 51 makes coupon clipping easy” - Financial Post
- “Snap, send, get money — it’s new-age couponing” - Vancouver Sun
- “App gives cash back for pics of receipts” - Edmonton Journal
- “Checkout 51 Wants to Make Couponing Ridiculously Easy for Canadians” - TechVibes

Here is what our members have to say:
- “Saves us money each week on groceries. Easy to use, love it!” - Shawn A.
- “Works Great! Great savings, no coupon clipping.” - B. Lindsay
- “I can't be bothered with actual coupons, but this app makes saving money on everyday purchases easier than ever.” - Tyler S.
- “This is so easy -- much easier than couponing and more fun!” - Kathleen F.
- “You have such great selections each week - many times it's products that were already on my grocery list!” - Julia L.
- “Thank you so much for making it possible for us to save. Times are tough and every little bit counts.” - Francesca P.
- “It is so easy to use and the products that are featured are always stuff that I buy for my family all the time! I just started using it last week, and I am so excited for my first cash out.” - Melissa N.
- “I love this program and love saving with you guys!” - Mariana B.
- “It's a great way for moms to use groceries to save for Christmas.” - Denise H.
- “I love your app...I tell everyone in the grocery lines!” - Jonathan L.
- “I love that you don't need to clip coupons and you don't have to worry about forgetting them at home!” - Wes C.

Shopping list
Easy and simple to use application that allows you to quickly and easily create a shopping list . Appendix " shopping list " is a tool to organize and manage your shopping lists , which is always at your fingertips . Create lists , they make products using voice input that you want to buy, specify the number , price , add a comment. With our app , the store you will not only not forget anything of what you need to buy, but you may even be able to calculate in advance the total amount of money you will have to pay at the checkout. Cook something special? Make a shopping list list of ingredients for your meals , and do not be afraid that will forget to buy some ingredients.

Features of the app :
- Voice Dialing
- Support for different currencies
- Support for the product categories
- Support for the most common languages ​​: English, Spanish , Italian, Russian , Chinese, German , French , Thai, Portuguese, Japanese , Arabic , Hindi, Ukrainian .
- Deletion of buying a single touch.
- Ability to keep the screen on continuously
- Sort the list in different ways
- Ability to copy items from one list to another
- Reminder
- 6 skins to choose from
- " My List" (for use with frequently add products )
- Editing categories ( you can now optimize category by itself )
- Landscape mode
- Change the font
Voice recognition software necessary to connect to the Internet.

P.S. All questions and comments to submit to the post

Movie Collection & Inventory
Do you own a lot of movies? Do you have trouble keeping track of all your DVDs and Blu-ray discs?

Movie buffs, keep track of your movie collection with this organizer.

Manage you movie catalog along with personal ratings and notes.

Check which movies you already own while you're out shopping so you won't accidentally buy a DVD or Blu-ray disc you already own.

Track additional information like loaned out status, location, number of times watched, etc.

• Import your movies from a spreadsheet in CSV format.

• Use the Bulk Bar Code Scan option to enter your movies by quickly scanning the barcodes on your movie cases with your phone.

• Backup your movie collection info to the server. If you lose your phone or upgrade to a new phone, just import your collection to the new phone so you don't have to re-enter everything.

• If the movie cover picture isn't found automatically, use the Photo feature to take your own photo with your phone's camera

• Track statistics about your movie collection like Total Number of Movies, Average Rating, Most Watched Movies, Number of Movies in Each Category.

(Note: This app is not a movie player and does not download movies, it is for managing your physical movie collection.)

Last Update
- Added CSV Import
- Fixed Restore bug
- Many Tablet fixes
- Removed Deals, Others, Sharing (No one was using them)

Previous Changes
- Set your default Movie Format now under Tools=>Settings. (Adding new movies will always default to DVD or Blu-ray format if this is set)
- New field for location (i.e. Carousel 4 or Family Room shelf)
- fixed empty Category dropdown bug
- Added HD-DVD/DVD Combo to Formats
- Added Edit Categories
- Fixed sort to ignore "The" or "A" and case sensitivity
- Added Ability to add barcode to database if not found
- Fixed Post to Facebook
- Improved Random Pick
- fixes for Tablet UI
- Fix crash in Bulk Delete
- Added Home Movie, Martial Arts, and Silent Categories
- Added UK film ratings (U, 12, 15, 18)

IA Avtocentr - buy and sell used and new autos, vans, trucks and other trans with over 170 000 vehicles online.
Water transport

✓ Das BESTE aus 100 Onlineshops
✓ Exklusive SALES bis -60%

Empfohlen von: VOGUE, Jolie ,

Die MYBESTBRANDS Shopping App präsentiert das Beste aus Fashion und Lifestyle der führenden 100 Onlineshops. Mit über 5.000 Designerlabels und Marken wie Versace, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss oder Prada bei ausgewählten Shops wie Asos, Zara, sowie Brands For Friends und Mango hat sich MYBESTBRANDS für Fashionistas und seine knapp eine Million Mitglieder zur ersten Adresse für Shoppingtouren im Online Bereich entwickelt.

Jetzt kostenlos die MYBESTBRANDS Fashion Shopping App für Android downloaden und exklusive Sales entdecken: ob Schuhe, Taschen oder Accessoires, entdecke Designer Marken bis zu 60% reduziert.
In Deutschlands größtem Designer Mode Outlet wird jeder Fashionista fündig, die MYBESTBRANDS App führt das komplette Sortiment von Amazon und eBay. Deine Lieblings Fashion Stücke kannst du jederzeit per Facebook mit deinen Freunden teilen und so dein Shopping Erlebnis krönen.

Amazon Mobile LLC
•Access to daily sale events featuring designer brands for women, men, children and home
•Membership-only prices up to 60% off
•Free, instant membership
•Ability to login using your credentials
•International shipping available to over 50 countries
•Available for download internationally in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore
•Set reminders for upcoming events
•360 degree, on-model video
GroupBuya 團購+著數
GroupBuya 團購導航是全港最大的團購著數優惠搜索平台,我們為用戶提供多元化服務:

1. 新增Facebook,Email,WhatsApp,WeChat,Line 分享
2. 新增Menu選單功能,可以Refresh,熱門排序,日期排序,折扣排序,購買量排序

1. 團購優惠搜索平台:每日團購餐飲,美食,優惠券,購物券,化妝品團購,即時Groupon, BeeCrazy,激安zone, GoBuya 夠買網,享樂 FunShare,Couppie,BabyBamboo的團購網站信息。
2. 優惠著數搜索平台:提供著數,Jetso,優惠券,Coupon,折扣,優惠,Discount,優惠情報
3. 二手團購交易市埸平台:GroupBuya團購二手市場是一個給你買賣二手團購券交易的地方,你可以買到你錯過團購券,或出售任何你買了而沒有使用的團購券。
4. 淘寶購物現金回贈返利: 淘寶購物現金回贈高達40%,是您淘寶購物省錢的首選網站,免費會員註冊,即送5蚊人仔!


關鍵詞: GroupBuy,Group Buy,團購,折扣,團購,優惠券,Jackso,family sale,開倉,購物網,著數,Jetso,折扣優惠,飲食優惠,信用卡優惠,優惠卷,門票優惠,購物券,著數,yahoo,travel,旅遊

Mighty Grocery Shopping List
Mighty Pocket
Powerful and easy-to-use shopping list for Android. Now with Pantry, Todo, and Photos!

Mighty Grocery Shopping List is so much more than a grocery list app. This is an incredibly powerful, highly customizable, full-featured shopping list that you will use all the time. It allows for multiple grocery lists, pantry lists, todo lists, master lists, and full customization. It accounts for price, quantity, and taxes. It has a coupon indicator, aisle customization, intelligent voice recognition, Favorites lists, an accessible history, and a catalog of preset items. It even syncs with other lists, backs up to the Cloud, scans barcodes, and stores recipes. You'll wonder how you ever got on with the groceries before this app.

We offer 30-day Money Back Guarantee so feel free to give a try to all the Premium features. Contact us at regarding refund if needed.

* Pantry Manager
* Todo lists with reminders
* Multiple shopping lists
* Price / Quantity / Taxes
* Coupon indicator
* Aisle customization/reorder
* Intelligent voice recognition
* Undo
* Favorites
* History
* Catalog of products.
* Master lists
* List-specific favorites
* Search
* Backup to SD Card
* Design themes

Premium features (Full version only):
* List Sync
* Backup on Cloud
* Barcode Scan
* Recipes
* Photos of items, lists, recipes
* Compare store prices
* Configurable Tabs
* Screen/Rotation lock
* Premium design themes
* Basic Web UI

Coming soon:
* Meal Planner
* & more

NOTE: keep Free version installed on your device while upgrading to migrate all grocery data to Full version. After successful migration Free version can be uninstalled from your handset. DO NOT uninstall Free version before migration because the existing data will get lost.

Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Please contact us at . This will help us make the app even better.

Join our Beta testing team at

Grocery King Shopping List
Pocket Labs
Introducing Grocery King 2 a newly redesigned freshly imagined app to help you easily create and share your shopping lists. How many times have you returned back to a store since you forgot to get something? Stay on top of things by using grocery king app, never forget another item again.

** Note to existing users: Take a backup before you update. If you have item photos or have set item taxes, those will unfortunately not get migrated over automatically to the new version but can be added later, please update at your own discretion **

Why you need this app:

- This app is different compared to other run of the mill shopping list apps and is very design focused. Every feature in this app has a useful purpose and has been implemented to simplify your shopping experience
- 1000's of everyday shopping items built-in, just tap tap tap to add items to your lists
- Highly flexible interface & design to cater to basic as well as power users. Easily make it your own.
- Share, sync and email lists easily with friends and family instantly for coordinated shopping.
- Save money by keeping track of items in your pantry/storage. Get reminder alerts before items expiry
- Store your loyalty cards, coupons, gift cards within the app. Leave those pesky cards at home
- Never forgets your shopping history, save your store receipt and barcode within the app for easy lookup later.
- Know exactly when a store is open, get alerted when you are nearby a store, get driving directions or call your store with one click

Top features:

✔ Create quick shopping lists with option to link to a local retailer. Get retailer store hours, address and phone numbers for 1000's of local retailers near you. Quickly know if a store is open or closed just by glancing at the home screen.
✔ Create Lists with Location Alerts. Grocery king will now alert you if you happen to pass by a retailer on your way. Smart algorithm will only alert you if the shop is currently open or your have pending items on your shopping list.
✔ Sort your lists by distance from the retailer to quickly plan your shopping even before stepping out.
✔ Inventory/Pantry Manager. Keep track of what stock you already have at home and setup expiry alerts.
✔ Adding items to shopping lists is now simpler than ever. The new quick search not only allows you to speak or type an item and select from a bunch of matches but also to quickly edit the item without ever leaving the search box.
✔ Brand new checkout system that offers you an experience similar to how you would checkout from your retailer/store. Items, prices, discount, tax and total price are all pre-calculated and shown clearly. You can also attach a photo/barcode of a real receipt to look it up later.
✔ New History view stores all your previous shopping history sorted by shopping date along with your receipt and barcode.
✔ Quick and easy way to attach real item photos to an item, never get the wrong item again.
✔ Unit Price comparison. Now you can compare unit prices between stores so that you know exactly who is selling it cheaper.
✔ All new way to store your Store Loyalty cards, Retailer coupons & Gift cards. Receive alert notification before the cards expire.
✔ Brand new recipe view. Easily create and catalog all your recipes and their ingredients. Quickly know what ingredients you have in stock and also add to the assigned shopping list with one click.
✔ New quicker and more reliable sync mechanism. Easy one step sign-up and easy to remember email and password scheme. Sync is now fully automated but at the same time you have options to perform a forced push or pull.
✔ Automatic and continuous backup to Cloud. Your data is more secure than ever before.

Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:

Have any questions or feedback? Please get in touch with our support team at

Shopping List - Pro
Drama Productions
“Shopping List” helps you to organize your purchase – fast, intuitive and as easy as possible.

1. Features
2. Differences between Pro- and Free-Version
3. Social networks
4. FAQ - Permissions

### - 1. Features - ####

• Easy and fast to use
• Four completely different designs
• Category-View
• Entering of quantity, unit, price, note
• Important-mark for elements
• Progress bar
• Dragn'n'Drop sorting function
• Auto complete while typing
• Completely customizable font-size and color
• Five different fonts
• Lock- and edit-mode
• Reminder function
• Automatic element sort-order (including alphabetic)
• Automatic shopping list sort-order (according to progress, alphabetic)
• Share your shopping list with other users
• Share your shopping list via sms, e-mail and so on
• Adding of already typed-in items
• Manage multiple shopping lists
• Manage already typed-in items
• Import and export function
• Easy adding of items to the shopping list via enter-key
• Supports all characters
• App2SD-Support
• Supports all screen sizes

Nearly everything is customizable. You decide what you need!
"Shopping List" is probably the most customizable application in Play-Store.

### - 2. Differences between Pro- and Free-Version - ####

• Faster email response
• Without any kind of ads
• The good feeling to support the developers ;)

See our paid version as a support version to secure the future development!

### - 3. Social-Networks - ####
Like us / follow us in order to keep you informed on upcoming and already released updates!


### - 4. FAQ - Permissions - ####
Q: Why is SD-Permission needed?
A: This permission is needed in order to move the application to the SD-card.

Q: Why is Internet-Permission needed?
A: This permission is needed in order to use the Barcode Scanner.

If you’re experiencing any trouble or you just want to help us with translating “Shopping List” in other languages, so please contact us via e-Mail.