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DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp
★★More than 7 millon downloads, No.1 app in the category★★

Decorate, and create KAWAII and cool photos with DECOPIC♪

✩Upload photos to your favorite Social Medias incl. Facebook, Twitter,
renren, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, mixi and Ameba.
✩Featured in major fashion magazines, incl. Cancam and Zipper.♪

You can easily create a KAWAII and cool photos as follows;
1.Select a photo or take a photo.
2.Simply decorate a photo with stamps, frames, image effects and handwritings.
3.Save, and share a photo with your friends.

We are adding more stamps, frames and image effects frequently.
Please let us know your ideas for new stamps and frames you want to
use by writing your requests on the review.♪

♥ Petapic ♥

Deco type No.1 DECOPIC's sister app!
Combine pictures to make them cute & stylish! More than 80 kinds of easy-to-use templates and more than 150 kinds of wall papers♪ Trim your pictures in heart or star, in any shape you like!

♥Stylish templates already available♡
You don't have to worry about how to position pictures and layouts! Of course you can arrange your own layout♪

♥More than 150 kinds of background wallpapers!
From girly sweet to adult bloggger and vintage! Change background wallpapers on the same layout to completely change the atmosphere!

♥Clip the combined pictures into more than 150 shapes as you like!
You can change the kind, boldness and colors of the line, clip into handwriting-like dot lined heart♥ You can clip in the line you like by tracing with your finger♪

♥Easy to insert words!
We prepared for you tons of ready-to-use sentences and stylish fonts♪

♥Lots of cute stickers(stamps)!
Let your collages spice up♡ Hearts, balloons, For seasons... you can use so many kinds of stickers(stamps)!

♥Share on SNS directly!
You can upload on facebook and Twitter♡ Share your collages with your friend easily!

App with many cute designs from Pretty No.1 app DECOPIC downloaded by 18 million users♪ So cute if you use this with DECOPIC♥ Please try this.

Love Photo Frames
Dinh Lang

Apply beautiful frames to your photos.
Choose photo from gallery or take new photo with camera, select a frame and generate your love photo frames

+ Very easy to use
+ Add color effect to your photos.
+ Share your photo with facebook, twitter, email, sms....
+ Over 60 HD frames

Over 5500 users rate this app 5 stars.

Love frames I love this app! Frames are beautiful! Easy to use lots to choose from thank you - Google User
★★★★★ I love this app. The frames make the photos of your loved ones so much sweeter.
★★★★★ AWESOMEAZING I like it I can chose a love frame and I can fill them with pictures of me and my boyfriend
★★★★★ Love photo frames I think its great I like how you guys make it very simple to use
★★★★★ Nice Its really fun...even i'm single i feel like married when i used this app to my gf picture

To keep this app 100% free forever, you will receive the ads notifications. This will help me bring you more updates and cool apps like this. The permissions added are needed for it. So it's not spam or virus, don't worry about new permission update. Thank you for using my app.

Lovely Photo Frames
*** Make your lovely moment MORE LOVELY with Lovely Photo Frames ***

User Reviews:
fafa fifi on May 5, 2013 at 7:14 PM
Excellent n awesomeness!!!!! Excellent n Awesomeness!!!! Seems like hving a real make- over, love d eyes options, xpecially d shadows, n eye colour, shudder improved wif eyebrows options... Overall 10 thumbs up♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥


"Lovely Photo Frames" is a collection of more than 100 lovely photo frames for you to decorating your lovely photos. It has the same function as the Love Photo Frames, Wedding Photo Frames and other apps.

Some Features:
* Select Photo: select an existing photo for decorating with lovely frames.
* Take Photo then Add Frames: you first take a photo then decorate the photo with the lovely frames.
* Take Photo with Frames: you take photo and select frame at the same time. This allows you to preview the result before you take photo and let you choose the most suitable frames.

Kid Photo Frames
Dinh Lang
Apply funny, lovely frames to your kid photos.
Choose photo from gallery or take new photo with camera, then apply frame to photo.

+ Apply color effects to your photo.
+ Share photo with your friends via facebook, twitter, email, sms...
+ Over 70 lovely frames.

Over 4900 users rate this app 5 stars
★★★★★ Spectacular App. This app has some very fun frames, is easy to use, and the ads are not intrusive. I will recommend this app to others - Google User
★★★★★ - Kid Photo Frames I love is great. No problems at all. Thank you - Google User
★★★★★ - Lovely It's a great app if you have kids. If you print the photos you can make great cards, birthday party invitations, etc. - Google User
★★★★★ - Awsome 5 star So cute n i love it...very good n funny...besssttt. - Google User
★★★★★ - So cute Really love it all cute frames to adding my baby phot -Google User

To keep this app 100% free forever, you will receive the ads notifications. This will help me bring you more updates and cool apps like this. The permissions added are needed for it. So it's not spam app or virus, don't worry about new permission update. Thank you for using my app.

Rage Face Photo
Rage Face Photo is a fun photo application that can detect faces and replace them with rage faces (otherwise known as meme faces or tumblr faces).

This is the only application of this type featuring a live preview, which lets you see and change the rage faces before taking the photo and see how it will look!

For funny updates like us on Facebook:

Check out our online merchandise store:

* IF YOU STILL HAVE PROBLEMS: distorted/too small preview, crashes, face detection not working? Please e-mail me with your phone's model name, Android version, and screenshot, if possible. You would help in the advancement of the application tremendously.

It is also possible to import previously taken pictures and photos, and have their faces replaced with rage faces.

Resize, reposition and change rage faces before saving or sharing your new photo with the world.

Features over 200 of the most popular rage/troll faces, but you can also load your own images!

This application is fully featured, and displays a small ad when connected to the internet.

You like our app and want to support us? Visit our site for donation information:

Internet - for the ads (not required)
Camera access - for the live preview mode
External storage - for saving the pictures on SD card

Lovely Kid Frames
Apply funny, lovely frames to your kid photos.
Very easy to use.
Choose photo from gallery or take new photo with camera, then apply frame to photo.
Apply color effects to your photo.
Share photo with your friends via facebook, twitter, email, sms...

To keep this app 100% free forever, you will receive the ads notifications. This will help me bring you more updates and cool apps like this. The permissions added are needed for it. So it's not spam app or virus, don't worry about new permission update. Thank you for using my app.

Lover's Heart Photo Frames
*** The most beautiful photo frames for Lovers, Couples,...who are in love.. ***
*** V2.0 with new UI and better photo quality ****

Apply beautiful heart photo frames for your love pictures. You can either choose an existing picture or take new picture for applying. The app has a collection of more than 100 beautiful frames for you to choose.

This app has the same function with: Love Photo Frames, Love Camera, Wedding Photo Frame, and some other apps.

Photo Booth Effects
Photo Booth Effects - The most amazing space effects editor on your photos, and much more!
*Custom slider for saturation, contrast and brightness.

*Added new effects like Pencil Sketch, rounded corners, Tint image and shaded image

If you like awesome photo effects, this app is crafted for you. This is app has the collection of best instant photo effects. You can also add the best frames, add text to photos and much more.

This app is for all people who love photos and effects! You can take photos from camera or phone gallery and then add space effects to those pictures ! It works for all kinds of landscape, party and personal images. Its the best photo editor app for android
Photo Booth Effects is an awesome photoshop app with the following features:

- 40+ Free space effects
- Save them to album gallery. All Photos are saved under /sdcard/photoBooth folder. Search for the photoBooth folder and you will see your photos there.
- Post photos to facebook, instagram, gmail and many more photo sharing social networks.
- Crop and apply effects such as saturation, contrast, Rotate and others.
- Instagram-like layout where you see all image effects applied.
- Set your pimped up image as wallpaper.

If you have been looking the perfect photo editing app to design or decorate your apps
The perfect party photo booth. Its like a mini photo studio to make your camera photos say wow.

Tags: camera effects, photo effects, camera360, cam wow, photoshop, camera fun, camera zoom, fx camera, instagram, photo booth, photo warp, fat booth, mirror

This application is brought to you free in partnership with our search partners. When you download this application please note that the following will be created on your device –
A search icon on your home screen.
A bookmark link on your browser bookmarks.
search homepage
The required permissions are added accordingly.
All access points may be deleted with no effect to this app

네이버 카메라 - 사진 편집 - Naver Camera
Navercamera supports English, Chinese and Japanese

Faster and easier than ever, Naver Camera!
Capture your moment with Naver Camera more conveniently.
Naver Camera enables you to use various shooting modes, photo effects and editing features. You can upload the photos to Ndrive automatically, and share them with friends using Ndrive sharing folder, me2day and Naver Blog.
With Naver Camera, you can:
1)Use touch mode in which you can just touch anywhere on the screen of your phone to take a photo.

2) Use self camera mode in which you can take a photo of yourself easily.

3) Use split shot mode in which you can take fun and dynamic photos.

4) Use 18 interesting photo effects.

5) Compare the photo to which you apply some effects with the original one.

6) Lay out multiple photos on a single photo.

7) Frame photos depending on your mood.

8) Automatically upload the photos to Ndrive when you take them.

9) Share photos with your friends in real time by setting the share folder of Ndrive as the auto backup folder.

10) Post photos to Naver Blog and me2day.

For more information, please visit .
Thank for using Naver services. We will continue to improve our services and to provide up-to-date services.
In case a problem or an error occurs while using the app, please feel free to leave your inquiry on NAVER Customer Center (WEB:, MAIL: )
Please note that an accurate assessment and answer to your problem may not be possible if you do not provide us with a direct inquiry to the above Customer Center.
Please understand that leaving us a feedback comment on the review board, while greatly appreciated, does not suffice as a direct inquiry.

Kakao Corp.
Now, use KakaoAlbum to collect and organize precious photos in the phone.
Managing photos will be more enjoyable.

* Gather photos of special memories in one place.
Do not leave your precious memories scattered.
You can gather photos of happy moment taken by multiple mobile phones, with powerful photo collecting feature of KakaoAlbum.
- Friends can collect photos taken from each phones while in travel, field trip, birthday party, graduation ceremony, wedding ceremony together
- Couples can collect photos of each other after date
- Parents can create an adorable album for baby

* Use KakaoAlbum as a solution for organizing photos
You can organize thousands of photos in your mobile phone with KakaoAlbum.
Album can be created freely by events or themes.
You can keep photos in KakaoAlbum even if you have lost or changed your mobile phone.
If you want to share an album,
you can invite friends or send invitation messages by KakaoTalk chatroom!

Manage easily with KakaoAlbum, and upload photos you like on KakaoStory instantly!

Kids Photo Frames
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ V2.0 is out!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
♥♥ The most BEAUTIFUL photo frames for KIDS ♥♥

*** Make your lovely kids MORE LOVELY with Kids Photo Frames ***

"Kids Photo Frames" is a collection of over 100 lovely photo frames for decorating the photos of your kids. It has the same function as some other apps like: Kids Frames, Funny Kids Camera,...

Some feature:
- New UI design, with better looking graphics, easy to use,...
- The frames are updated with high quality.
- Allow taking photo directly with frames -> easy to adjust on the go.
- Add text to the photo.
- Share with friends via Facebook, SMS, Mail,...

Disclaimer: We have found a way to generate some money from this free app. By using the advertisement, we can keep creating apps and give them to you completely free forever! This advertisement may display notification ads on the notification bar of your phone. You may remove them by upgrading to a premium version.
Some anti-virus apps may report our app as a virus, but it just because we display ads on the notification bar. This is a totally trusted app!

Christmas Photo Frames
"The best Christmas Photo Frames on market!!"

"Christmas Photo Frames" is a collection of more than 100 lovely photo frames of Christmas for you to decorating your lovely photos. It has the same function as the Love Photo Frames, Love Camera, and some other apps.

* Import photo from gallery or take photo by camera
** Take photo live with frames
*** Gallery: browse the created photo.

piqUp -easy!quick!photo viewer

Are you tired of sharing tons of photos taken by smartphone with your family or friends via hefty e-mail or messaging apps?
"PiqUp" let you keep your photos in order and share them easily, lightly and safely. This app will strongly support your enjoyment of taking and sharing photos.

Movie (What is "piqup"? -English version)


These are what piqUp can provide you.

◆Photo browsing
- Browse your photos by date and month.
- Browse your favorite photo album instantly from home screen by setting icon for each albums.

- Share your photos easily to Twitter, Facebook or mixi account.
You can upload several photos stable over 200 to your social netwoks at once.
- (Of course) sharing via e-mail is also available.

- Create photo albums and organize your photos with easy to use interface.
- Name and bookmark your favorite photo albums.
- Discard your photos you don't need anymore.
- Can be excluded from the list of unwanted photos.(Archive)

◆Special feature
- Activate camera from photo album at your home screen and take photos. Those photos will be saved automatically in the photo album.


We will keep improving this application, and your feedbacks are always welcome.
Please access to our website and send us your feedbacks.

This app is FREE and it has NO ads. Please feel free to try this out.

If you like editing photos and taking Japanese style Kawaii photos, please try "DECOPIC" which has been used by more than 3 million users, and it is also developed by us.

Community Factory Inc.

DecoAlbum Purikura Camera
Prime Again Co., Ltd.
More than 2,000,000 downloads and 4000 Average☆4.5reviews!

*・゜・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜・*
Lovely Deco Package is now on DecoAlbum for free right now!
*・゜・*:.。..。.:*・゜(艸′v'*)・*:.。. .。.:*・゜・*

DecoAlbum is the most popular japanese collage App which enables you to create "kawaii" collage decoration on pictures.

☆You can use over 600 stickers, stamps, frames for free for the limited time now!
☆There are so many free stickers: manga like stickers, celebrity stickers, fashionable collage frames, cute emoticons, beautiful effect background, text stamps, holiday stickers, purikura harajuku decorations.
☆Post your deco snap and collage on mixi, facebook, tumblr, twitter, ameba, flickr to show your friend!
☆Easy to create your own purikura album to beautify your photo!
☆Sepia filter, whitening rich fiter, twinkle filter ... and more!
☆yabai korokoro and cancam models use.
☆Adjust your camera to japan cool and harajuku style!
☆Add rich effect with instant taps to your images.

Full of notable functions that you wouldn't believe it's free!
You can post over 600 free cute stamps and frames on photos and add photos to make your one and only collage . :)
【Function】All Free: easy collage, over 600 types of stamps, beautiful message stamps, magical backgrounds, lovely frames, gorgeous pens, photo cropping, celebrity text and fonts!

MangaGenerator -Cartoon image-
Mega hit Android manga camera, creating Japanes cartoon image!

This is a manga filter camera app, which are creating black-white filtered image like JAPANESE CARTOON.
More than 200 kinds of scene/frames! You can also add manga ballon message.
We provide some free contents!

This App is creating japanese cartoon(called Manga, This is japanese culture!!) image from taken picture at camera and adding a variety of scenes.
New feature from ver 3, you can add ballon message like cartoon.
Also you can create simple manga collage image.

Features ...

-Creating japanese manga picture from taken image! You can use device gallery image.
(Rarely some device fails to call trim function. If failing it, feedbak us with your mobile device infomation.)
-Adding a scene of your favorite. There are many scene frames more than 200 types.(Some scenes is charged contents. If you find your favor, please purchase it). Don't worry, if you don't pay money, you can select some free contents!!
-You can control black and tone balance manually.The adjustment a little, you can convert photo clearly.
-Change thickness cartoon image line.
-You can add messages cartoon balloon. Interesting image would be created by adding a ballon message.

Enjoy your manga camera life!!

Tips to create well

Conversion, has determined in light and dark in the photo. Thus, you can convert well if careful about the following points.

1. Not take a picture at backlight.
2. Not Using flash.
3. Use camera at bright.
4. Shoot with a camera and light areas shadows as well break up

If you're getting the whitish image, let's increase the amount of black color.

Let's share your funny photo at Cloud Gallery.
When you create manga image well, share with others, and try to boast the prowess of your shooting.
There is any other photos which created by other SODA application.

If you find Good Photos, let put 'like'.

You can browse funny pictures other users around the world have created.
The photo If you like apart with a 'like'.

You can share the collage photo via facebook, twitter, Line or other SNS Service.

If you have any feedback or request, please send by email or Soda twitter account.(@SODAinc)

For Line sticker of cartoon, below app is recommended.

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