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Samsung WatchON™ (On TV)
Peel Technologies
What is Samsung WatchON?
Samsung WatchON represents the ultimate entertainment companion. You can watch whatever you want, on the device you want, anywhere in your home or on the go.

You can search, discover, explore, and access what’s on live TV, and on-demand movies and TV shows - across multiple video-on-demand providers.

You can start watching video-on-demand on your smart phone or tablet, and then sit down and relax while you continue it on the big screen. (Please note that video-on-demand may not be available in your country.)

This is what Samsung WatchON offers:
Samsung WatchON gets you: It is so smart that it actually recommends TV shows and movies just for you. And the more you watch, the smarter it gets. As your personal preferences take shape, Samsung WatchON offers you recommendations inspired by your viewing history.

One-stop search: Search, discover, explore, and access entertainment across multiple content providers – all from a single location. Forget the days of bouncing between different video apps and live TV Samsung WatchON brings it all together for you in one place.

Multi-screen experience: Bond your technologies and expand your device flexibility with a seamless transition from screen to screen.

Take control of your TV: Who hasn’t clicked through hundreds of channels with their remote control? Samsung WatchON enables you to browse those channels quickly through a rich TV guide. It also enables you to control your TV directly within the application. No need to reach for your remote control.

Share your experience: Samsung WatchON enables you to share what you’re watching with your friends on your favorite social networks.

Apply your knowledge: Samsung WatchON allows you to learn about TV shows and movies, review actor bios, cast, crew, and ratings. You can also easily explore related content.

Media & Video
Use SPB TV to watch live and on-demand video services on your Android device. The app requires 3G, Wi-Fi or WiMAX Internet connection for smooth watching experience. Please note that data charges may apply for usage of SPB TV over phone’s wireless network.

SPB TV is an Android Developer Challenge winner in Media category with more than 15 million users worldwide.

SPB TV Features:

A wide selection of public TV channels
Intuitive and friendly UI
Quick channel preview
Integrated TV guide
Fast channels launch and switching
Picture-in-picture mode
Onscreen controls
Adaptive Network Bandwidth support
High Quality streams
Channel Store with Categories
Search by keyword

Please note that SPB TV content is offered for free. Therefore, some channels may not be available in all regions.

Please rate the app if you like it. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at .

Tags: Live TV, World channels, TV viewer, Mobile TV, Streaming, Online TV, HD

Media & Video
Naver Media Player
네이버 모바일웹에서 제공하는 동영상 콘텐츠를 고화질 급 영상으로 이용해 보세요.
모바일웹에서 동영상 콘텐츠 선택 시 미디어 플레이어로 재생할 수 있습니다.


☆고화질 동영상 재생 지원
휴대폰의 기본 플레이어 보다 고화질 재생에 적합한 스트리밍 환경을 제공합니다.
서비스에 따라 최고 2M 비트레이트의 HD고화질을 지원합니다.
플레이어에서 지원되는 최고 화질은 네이버 서비스별 특성에 따라 변경될 수 있습니다.

☆제스처 기능
볼륨조절, 화면밝기, 영상 확대/축소, 구간이동(Seeking) 제스처를 지원합니다.

미디어 플레이어 앱(베타)는 모바일 웹에서 제공되는 동영상에 한해서 사용 가능합니다.
현재 버전은 휴대폰에 저장된 동영상 파일 재생 기능을 포함하지 않고 있습니다.
이후 지속적인 업데이트를 통해 유용한 서비스로 발전할 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.

☆ 기기/브라우저 별 예외 사항
Dolphin, Ninesky 브라우저에서는 네이버 미디어 플레이어가 정상동작하지 않을 수 있습니다.

앱 사용 중에 문제 또는 오류가 발생하는 경우, 네이버 고객센터( )로 문의를 남겨주세요.
리뷰에만 의견을 남기실 경우 고객님의 문제에 대한 정확한 확인 및 답변이 어렵습니다. (이메일 문의: )

항상 네이버 서비스를 이용해 주시는 여러분께 감사드리며, 더 좋은 서비스로 찾아 뵐 수 있도록 꾸준히 노력하겠습니다.

Media & Video
PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player)
Let's listen to music for free using PVSTAR+! Thanks for 4 million downloads!

You can create and manage playlist for Youtube, DailyMotion videos and MV. Moreover, continuous playback, background playback, repeat playback are also supported.

The main features are as follows.
- Video search (YouTube, DailyMotion, NicoVideo, Vimeo)
- Voice search
- Search Youtube playlists
- Search Youtube channels
- Category Search
- Playlist playback
- Background playback
- Repeat playback
- Shuffle playback
- Mylist (up to 100)
- Wallpaper on Mylist
- Backup Mylist
- Edit video title and summary
- Sleep Timer
- Popular video ranking
- Music mode
- #NowPlaying, timeline playback on Twitter
- Tweet video
- Video cache function
- Low quality mode (for slow networks)
- Automatically stop when the earphone is disconnected.
- Open in PVSTAR when you open the URL in other app.
- Import playlists from Youtube or NicoVideo.
- Viewing related videos
- Widget
- Bookmark function for playlists and channels
- Easy operation
- System also supports Android 4/3

[Very easy operation]
- Continuous playback of music ranking. Listen to popular songs at once!
- Video search by artist. Selected from the search results, continuous playback!
- By creating a mylist, you can assemble your own favorite album! Even a wallpaper can be set!
- Play YouTube playlists directly. It's not necessary to create a mylist!
- Playing in the background. You can listen while you work!

[Also good in these scenarios]
- Classification into a list of your favorite music videos, repeat playback.
- You can play in the background, while you are out. Enjoy using your earphones!
- Also convenient on your way to work or school. Play the mylist you created the day before.
- Set the sleep timer before going to sleep.
- Continuous playback of a playlist for videos of a series.
- Also useful while driving. Please try to connect to the car audio system.

Please find your own use case.

Q. Playback is interrupted or stops.
A. Usually a high network utilization, low signal strength, interference or insufficient bandwidth are responsible for playback problems. Check the current network status. Please also check if there is enough free memory for caching on the SD card.

Q. Can not play in the background.
A. This can be caused by wrong settings and/or other apps. Please exit other apps, it needs sufficient memory.

Q. Can not play at all.
A. Please restart the android device and use the latest version of the app.

Q. Other Inquiries
A. Refer to the help and troubleshooting section, please check the method of operation.

Please feel free to contact us.

[About permissions]
- full Internet access
For searching and gettin video information.
- modify/delete SD card contents
For video caching and wallpapers.
- view network state
For advertisement, for the selection of video quality.
- prevent phone from sleeping
For music playback.

- By specification, the playback is interrupted when returning from the background.
- This app does video streaming. For streaming video playback, we recommend a highspeed network connection, such as Wi-Fi. (Works with 3G.)
- Your playback may stop because of task killer and eco setting. Please turn disable task killer and eco setting. You may need to restart the device after changing these settings.
- You can only watch videos compatible to the MP4 standard.
- Due to a change in the specification of the video sites, you may not be able to view videos, temporarily. In that case, please wait for an update.

Contact Us

Media & Video
Video Maker Pro Free
Movie studios For Android Platform.
Make videos easily by Video maker. A completely free open source video editing and authoring software.
Video maker is fully featured video editing program for creating professional looking videos in minutes. Making movies has never been easier.

Video editing can only be run on some of the specific equipment above , if your device is not running the software , we apologize .

Trim , split , capture video frames ... the video editing software provides the following features :
- Trim your video clip creation ;
- The intermediate portion is removed from the video ;
- Your video file is split into two separate video clips ;
- Video effects ( fade in / fade out , gray tone , negative , slow-motion ) ;
- Insert background music to video ;
- Find video frames ;
- Play the video clip ;
- Multiple pictures as slide show movies ;
- Export you have to make a good video .
- Share your video to YouTube .

- "Video maker Pro Free" development based on Android open source library . While adhering to Apache License 2.0 .

Media & Video
TV Thailand
Nattapong Tonprasert
Watch Thai Series, TV Show, Sitcom on demand from Youtube, DailyMotion

Manual Youtube Android Player -
Recommend Video Player -
Support TOT IPTV

Add to favorite :

Blog :
Facebook Page :

Please rate ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

#Warning : After update old bookmark will deleted

Test on Device
- Asus Nexus 7 (Android 4.3)
- LG Nexus 4 (Android 4.3)
- TOT IPTV (Android 4.0.4)
- Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.3.3)

Media & Video
Guitar Tuner
A Guitar Tuner

If guitar tuner audio is too quiet, please email me your phone model, thanks!

Select string in Guitar Tuner, then tune your guitar string to that note.

This guitar tuner works like a pitch pipe for guitar.

Don't know which notes to tune the strings of your guitar to? This app shows you with a graphical guitar, and by playing the guitar notes for each string. With this mobile phone guitar tuner, you'll never forget a tuner for your guitar again!

Be a guitar hero ;), tune your guitar!

- Guitar notes are acoustic
- Guitar tuner is louder

Media & Video
Slide Show Creator
Create slideshows from your photos and add music!

SSC is great for sharing photos from a vacation or a celebration with your friends and family. Beautiful or humorous presentations make a wonderful gift.
Slide Shows can also promote your products or services.

Use your imagination to create exciting slideshows with pictures of yourself, friends, children, pets, events. Take photos anywhere of anything and everything.
Pictures are truly a precious lasting memory spanning many years and even passed on to future generations.
Share your slide shows on YouTube or Facebook!
The application is designed for non-professional purposes.

Follow us in social networks:
Google +

To create a slideshow an Internet connection is required!

What is unique about Aximedia's Slide Show Creator:
* With “cloud computing” technology you create and store your slide show "in the cloud", i.e. on our server. This frees up your phone memory and battery power is saved. Videos and slide shows are available from any device via the Internet.
* It is easy to share a slide show in social networks and send it to your friends - just send the link!

Features of Aximedia Slide Show Creator:
* Photo selection: you can add, rotate, rearrange and remove photos
* Adding text to a slide picture
* Music selection: from Aximedia's online collection or from your device
* Choose transitions between slides
* Set time: per photo, video total length or fit time to soundtrack
* Upload a slideshow to YouTube
* Upload a slideshow to Facebook
* Download a slide show on your Android device
* Send a link to the video via e-mail

Additional features are available for purchase in the Extra Features Store:
* With purchasing logos you may remove the Aximedia logo from your slideshow or use one of our special logos
* 480p
* 720p HD video

Your uploaded personal photos, music and other files are protected from unauthorized access. We store your files temporarily for 5 days to save repeat uploading the same pictures so you need not upload the same files twice.

Warning: if you publish your slideshow on Aximedia’s YouTube channel then it becomes accessible for all users on .
If you want to create a slide show of 5 or more photos, we recommend using a Wi-Fi Internet connection. If you have a slow Internet connection, like GPRS, then you should make short slide shows of 4 photos or less.

The application may not work with a lot of high-resolution photos. The maximum number of images varies depending on the device and number of running applications.

Supported languages:
* English
* Russian

Input Formats
.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png
.mp3, .wav

Output Formats

Output Video Resolutions
320 x 240 px
480 x 320 px
640*480 px
1280*720 px

Aximedia's support:
Official website:

Tags: slideshow, slide show, video editor

Media & Video
Free cartoon videos in spanish
Enjoy the best Youtube videos in SPANISH language for children. We have selected and grouped them in list to watch in non-stop mode or one by one.

The app shows only videos that you can play, not eliminated or restricted. It works in all devices (with flash or without flash). If you update your

The lists of videos for children are of the type:
- Cartoon Kids
- Songs for Children
- Other videos for kids (handicrafts, etc.)

More specifically:

- La casa de mickey mouse

- Autos locos

- Baby Einstein

- Dinotren

- Cortos pixar

- Cuentos para niños

- Cuentos infantiles dibujos

- Caillou

- El show de shanna

- El oso berni

- Doraemon

- Dora La Exploradora

- George de la jungla

- Erase una vez los inventores

- Erase una vez la vida

- Epiyblas

- Jim jam

- Hercules la serie

- Heidi

- Gombby

- Los pitufos en español

- Los pinguinos de madagscar

- Looney tunes

- Las supernenas

- Oso agente especial

- Noddy

- Manny manitas

- Los simpsons

- Phineas y Ferb temporada 1

- Phineas y Ferb tempoorada 2

- Peppa pig

- Pecezuelos

- Tom y jerry en español

- Scooby Doo

- Popeye

- Pinocho cuento

- Hulk

- Hello Kitty

- Dragon Ball GT

- Xmen en español

- Cuento de navidad de disney

- Aladdin

- Videos de pocoyo en español

- Sonic El Erizo

- Spiderman

- La pantera rosa en español

- el chavo del ocho dibujos

- Beyblade Metal Fusion


- Art attack en español


- Canciones mary poppins

- Cantajuegos

- Musica infantil

- Musica para bebes

- Canciones disney

- Canciones del libro de la selva

- Top itunes para niños

Our main features are:
- You can send videos to a DLNA device to see at TV/PC
- List of videos to play it one by one or all together
- Videoplaye is able to play all videos
- Shaking you mobile control videoplayer
- Set password to block videos you don't like to watch
- Non stop videos
- Videos are filtered to avoid showing deleted videos or restricted videos.
- We set quality youtube at minimum to consume less bandwith. You can specify the quality you like.
- Work with flash and without flash(HTML5) and with RTSP
- When you see all videos you can preload the next video, so you can optimize your connection for Youtube
- YouTube videos keep playing on background, so you can listen them while you do other tasks.
- We offer an amazing Youtube player which add new funcionalities to the standard Youtube player.
- And many features more...!

If you get any problem playing all videos without pause you can change the visualization at application or at browser through the options menu button of your mobile.

About the permissions of the app:
- android.permission.INTERNET-->to get youtube videos
- android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE-->to stop videos when someone is calling
- android.permission.WAKE_LOCK->to avoid sleeping the phone when you see videos at your browser
- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE->to test license only when network is on

We expect you like it!

Note: We recommend you to use this app with WI-FI due to the fact the Youtube videos use a lot of bandwith.

DISCLAIMER: The content provided in this application is hosted on YouTube and is available in the public domain. We have not uploaded any videos to YouTube. This application is just an organized way to browse and view YouTube videos in another way.

Media & Video
Droid Tv Italiana in diretta
GGS Distribuzione (One Multimedia)
Televisioni italiane in diretta

Applicazione molto utile se sei in giro è non vuoi perdere i tuoi programmi preferiti.

Completamente Gratis offre una vasta gamma di canali presenti in siti pubblicamente accessibili.

Buona Visione

Media & Video
VidTrim Pro - Video Editor
VidTrim Pro is a video editor and organizer for Android. It includes multiple features like trimming, frame grabbing, video effects, extract audio (convert to MP3) and transcoding (convert to MP4). You can also share your videos with your friends directly through the app.

VidTrim is App Of the Day on

Also check out this review from

Please try the free ad supported version first.

Features of VidTrim Pro:
- Video trimmer. Trim video clips right on your device
- Effects. Apply cool video effects like B/W, Negate, Vintage, Vignette, Blur, Sharpen, Edge detect, Luma, SwapUV.
- Transcode video clips. Transcoding allows to convert video to MP4, resize and compress videos.
- Add music soundtrack to your videos through transcoding feature.
- Frame grabber. Extract/save frames from your video clips as images.
- Convert video files to MP3 audio files.
- Share video clips. (Send e-mail, upload to YouTube etc.)
- Play video clips
- Rename video clips
- Delete video clips

If you have any problems, suggestions or just simply want a refund please contact us at:

Uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL.

vidtrim, video editor, video cutter, cut video, video trimmer, trim, snip, cut, delete, rename, sort videos, share video clips, convert to MP3, extract audio, transcode, video converter, video resize, video compress, video effects.

Media & Video
ZedusaLITE Photo Image Resizer
TOP 50 in the paid media & video category!
40,000 downloads for Zedusa LITE and going strong!
Thank you to all for using Zedusa.

Zedusa is a simple and lightweight app that shrinks photos in size in order to pass them to an application that is capable of sending them such as E-mail, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogs etc.

It you want to 1 or 2 star us, please at least also leave a comment or e-mail us () explaining what's wrong so we can fix it.

Resize and send all your images and photos with at most 2 clicks (can be set to 0!). Reducing the size of them will drastically reduce the time it takes to send e-mails and upload them to other sites.

It's a great tool for those on the move, in a bus or car, on the train etc. where your phone's reception might not be the most reliable and you want to send a small photo as quickly as possible.

** Unlike most apps, this app can either be launched directly to be used or you can send photos from other apps that have a Share (or Send To) button. **

==> How to use <==

1. Launch your photo Gallery or file browsing software
From opening Zedusa, you have 3 buttons on the help screen:
- Launch Gallery to find the photos
- Find the files with the built-in file browser
- Take a photo directly within Zedusa and resize it immediately
2. (When choosing from Gallery) Click the Share (or Send to) button
3. (When choosing from Gallery) Select Zedusa
4. Choose size reduction % (tick the checkbox to make it the default value)
5. Choose application to send photos to (tick the checkbox to make it the default app)

==> How to use the automatic resize feature <==

1. Open Zedusa
2. Menu -> Settings
3. Enable "automatically process folder"
4. Enter the folder's path (e.g. /mnt/sdcard, /storage/sdcard0/DCIM/Camera etc.). If you don't know the path, you can use the file browser from the main screen in the app (the big middle icon).
5. Save an image file in that folder and Zedusa will automatically process that image
* 6. You may optionally set the default resize percent and destination application to totally automate resizing images.

== Lite (free) version limitations ==

* Limited size reduction percentages
* Wait timer between photo processing
* Advertising
* No more than 3 photos can be selected at one time
* Automatic image resize feature is disabled
* Custom resize width/height is disabled

== Full version benefits ==

* More choices for size reduction
* Faster resize processing of photos
* No advertising
* Unlimited multiple photo selection
* Can automatically resize images when saved to a folder
* Can specify width/height to resize to, instead of %

==> Major features <==

* Free (Zedusa LITE) and paid versions
* 0 or maximum 2 click operation
* Choose reduction size in percentages, not pixel sizes (90%, 80%... 10%)
* Can optionally enter your own custom size
* Can choose to resize the original image file
* Can specify a custom output folder to save images in
* Automatically resize images when files are saved in a specified folder
* Display of predicted output image dimensions based on average width/height of input images
* Available in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean
* Supports input of all major image types; JPG, GIF, PNG etc.
* Output images are saved as JPG files (quality level 75) in the "Zedusa" folder on your external media
* Single or multiple photo selection
* Progress bar and screen notifications displaying info such as number of images resized and old/new filename and dimensions
* Images are displayed on the background as they're shrunk
* EXIF data for JPG files are preserved (GPS, camera model etc.)
* Rotation to correct orientation performed automatically for JPG images with EXIF orientation data
* Can set the default reduction % so that value is the default for all images resized by Zedusa
* Can set the default application that Zedusa sends the resized images to
* Function to delete and view total number/size of resized images

Media & Video
Reggae Music
Mike Muqeen
The most popular reggae music app!
Reggae music is pop music of the Jamaica, it not only combined the American Blues Lyric Style, also joined the Latin music passion.It contains 20 reggae ringtone.Please enjoy it!
Tags:ringtone,Reggae ringtone,cool ringtone,best ringtone,DJ ringtone,SMS ringtone
1. Can set as ringtone, notification, alarm or your friend's ringtone.
2. You can also edit your own ringtone from mp3 sound files or your favorite sounds as a ringtone.
3. Add recorder,recorded sound can be set as ringtone.
Media & Video
Just Playlists
Keith Folsom
Creates and uses M3U/PLS playlists to play music, podcasts, and SHOUTcast streams. Current track and position in track are saved for each playlist.

Tracks in shuffled playlists are not repeated until all have played.

Get JP Plus for more features.

More info:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

I'm using this section to address questions that I find amongst the comments or
address features in JP that aren't easy to figure out. Also, please do send me
email if you can't find a way to do something and would like to find out if JP supports it.

1. How do I add tracks to an existing playlist? (Plus version only)

First, apologies for this being a bit non-intuitive. To do it, choose
"Create playlists" from the main screen menu. Select the tracks
you want to add as if you were going to create a new playlist. Now, return
to the main screen and choose "Edit playlists" from the menu. Find the
playlist you want to add the selected tracks to, select it, and then
edit it. A box will pop up letting you know you have tracks selected.
Choose "Yes" to add the tracks. They will be added to the top of the playlist.
You can then use the editing commands to select and move these tracks
to the desired position within the playlist.

2. I want to change where Just Playlists stores playlists. How do I do it?

By default, Just Playlists stores playlists in a folder it creates on you
device's internal storage called "/mnt/sdcard/justplaylists/playlists"
("/mnt/sdcard" may be different for your device). To change this, tap the far left
button at the bottom of the main screen, which will take you to the
"Choose a playlist..." screen. Navigate to the folder where you want to store playlists
by tapping on a folder name to go into the folder or tapping the full path display
at the bottom of the screen to go up by one folder at a time. When you're in the folder
you want to use, use the menu to choose the "Save created playlists here" item.
Now, any new playlists you create will be saved here.

3. How do you see the songs in the currently-playing playlist?

There are several ways. Touch and hold the playlist name at the top of the
main screen. You will be given a menu with a "Show playlist" as an option.

You can also choose the "Main screen menu->More->Now playing" option.

Lastly, if you have gestures enabled, you can swipe down on the album art
to bring up the playlist listing.

4. Can you use gestures to control JP?

Yes. To enable gestures, go to "Main menu->Preferences". Choose "Enable gestures".
Now you can swipe on the album art as follows:

Up -> Choose a playlist
Down -> Show playlist/Now playing
Left -> Next
Right -> Previous

5. Just Playlists sometimes freezes at the end of a song. Is there anything
I can do?

I've had a couple reports of this issue from people running JP on the
Samsung Galaxy III. I can't duplicate it on my Galaxy Nexus but tracked it
down to a problem with gapless playback. So, if you have this problem, try
disabling gapless playback in Preferences and see if it helps.

Media & Video
Photo Locker Pro
Handy Apps
Hide pictures securely and conveniently in Photo Locker Pro! - The ultimate app for hiding pictures on Android.

Photos from your Android gallery can be safely locked away inside Photo Locker and accessible only via a secret PIN code.

Additionally, with Stealth Mode turned on, the Photo Locker app itself can be made invisible and accessible only by dialing your PIN code.

Also, with Stealth Mode enabled, you can access Photo Locker Pro via a Calculator Widget. Key in your PIN code using the calculator widget and tap on the number display to access your Photo Locker! This is useful if you wish to enable Stealth Mode for Photo Locker Pro on a tablet (which has no calling capability).

Key features include:
1)Encryption - hidden photos are not only moved to a secret location but are also encrypted using advanced 128bit AES encryption. This means that even if someone manage to steal your SD card and copy the image files, they will still be unable to view the photos
2)User friendly operation - Easily hide photos via default gallery or from within Photo Locker itself.
3)Bulk hide - hide hundreds of photos at once
4)Folder level locking - lock individual hidden albums
5)Zoom in and out of hidden photos with multi-touch. Hidden photos maintain their original resolution and are not scaled down as in some other photo hiding apps.
6)Rotate hidden pictures left and right
7)Slideshow - Slideshow viewing mode available with customizable delay setting
8)Removed from recent app list - Photo Locker App will not appear in 'recent apps' list
9)Lock on sleep - If you forgot to exit the Photo Locker, the app will lockout as soon as your phone goes to sleep mode.
10)Tablet optimized - Photo Locker's UI has been designed with tablets in mind as well so as to provide the ultimate viewing pleasure on both Android smart phones and tablets
11)PIN recovery - With the optional PIN recovery feature, you won't lose your precious files even if you forgot your PIN code.
12)Easy Un-hide - Un-hide photos just as easily as hiding them and you can decide where the un-hidden photos go.

Download Photo Locker Pro now!

Photo Locker Pro is brought to you by Handy Apps.
Connect with us on Facebook at:


Having issues with Photo Locker? Check out the FAQ below for assistance!


Media & Video
Qloud Media
You can easily share video, music and pictures from your PC to Android devices. No copy or encode is needed, just install proper server software on your PC and you can enjoy video, music and pictures anytime and anywhere!

This app requires server software to function properly; you can get the server application from:


- Support multimedia streaming from your PC to Android devices
- Optimized for phone and tablet
- Streaming over Wi-Fi and 3G network
- Everything is transcoded on the fly, no copy or encode is needed
- Supported video formats: AVI, MP4, RM/RMVB, MKV, WMV, MPEG, MPEG2TS
- Supported subtitle formats: SRT, ASS/SSA, SAMI (typeface, scale and encoding is user configurable)
- Supported audio formats: MP3, MP4, WAV, AAC
- Supported image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP
- Automatic server discovery in local area network
- Remote access setup by specifying Qiss PIN code
- Remote access setup by specifying server address and port information
- Folder access control by user account
- Support NAT transversal via UPNP or NAT-PMP

The difference between the full version and the free version are:
- No AD
- Support file name search
- Support image export
- Support advanced video gesture control
- Support Google TV
- Support multiple themes

- DRM protected files are not supported
- Other formats may work but not officially supported
- Qloud Server is available for Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8 and Mac OS X (10.7 or later)
- For better video performance, dual core processor is recommended
- Please make sure the free version can function properly before upgrading to full version
- If you have difficulty with 3G streaming, please google "how to port forward" for tutorial, the default port is TCP 8888

You can get more help by sending mail to <>

Media & Video
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