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Free Wallpaper!
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- Retina wallpapers (640x960) for iPhone4 display.
- korea Various idol and Star photos & Handwriting wallpapers
- New Wallpaper Added Daily
- Share by Facebook, Twitter, Email
- Search & Bookmark your favorite wallpapers

Easily and quickly get the various wallpapers shared many on-line users,

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Notice :

- Be usable in Wi-Fi zone and 3G network.
- If you have questions about Mokey Free wallpaper, visit to Mokey Twitter.

영화 그 이상의 감동을 제공하는 국내 최고의 Cultureplex CJ CGV의 어플리케이션입니다.
예매 서비스는 기본! 최신트레일러, 실관람객리뷰, 할인카드정보까지 다양한 서비스를 경험해보세요!

리뷰에만 의견을 남기실 경우 답변을 드릴 수 없으므로, CGV 어플리케이션을 이용 중에 오류가 발생하거나, 개선사항이 있으실 경우 메일()로 문의를 남겨주세요.

* 주요서비스
1. CGV무비차트/상영예정작에 대한 리스트 및 영화정보 제공, 상영예정작에 한하여 영화개봉일 캘린더 동기화 기능 제공
2. 상영시간표 예매(극장/날짜 기준), 빠른예매(영화/극장/날짜기준) 기능 제공
- 빠른예매 내 극장먼저 선택 시 CGV 특별관 상영영화 검색 지원, 무비꼴라쥬관 선택 기능 추가
- 상영시간표 내 미니좌석도 기능 지원
- 상영시간표 친구에게 공유하기 및 캘린더 동기화 기능 제공
3. CGV플러스 서비스 제공
- 가까운 CGV, 자주가는 CGV의 주소, 상영관 정보, 문의전화번호, 지도보기 서비스 제공
- 총 10개 특별관의 관별 소개, 이용요금안내, 극장별 주소, 상영관 정보, 문의전화번호, 지도보기 제공
- 최신 트레일러, 많이 본 트레일러, 내가본 트레일러 리스트 및 영상 보기 기능 제공
- 선물하기 기능 제공 (오프라인 매점에서 이용 가능한 콤보세트 500원 할인, 오프라인/홈페이지/앱 내 이용 가능한 영화예매권)
- 무비꼴라쥬 상영작 예매, 톡 프로그램, 큐레이터 프로그램 예매 기능 제공
- CGV할인카드 정보 제공
- 무대인사/사사회 리스트 및 무대인사 예매 기능 제공
- CGV 제휴 게임 애플리케이션 리스트 및 다운로드 경로 제공
- 영화정보 페이스북, 트위터, 카카오톡 공유하기 기능 제공
- CGV의 다양한 이벤트 정보 및 공지사항 제공
4. 영화예매 시 복합결제(다중결제)서비스 지원 및 결제수단 내 VIP쿠폰결제 서비스 지원
5. CGV회원로그인, 비회원 로그인 지원

* 유의사항
- Wi-Fi와 3G환경에서 모두 이용하실 수 있으나, 무제한 요금제가 아닐 경우 데이터 요금이 발생할 수 있습니다.
- 애플리케이션의 안전화를 위해 업데이트 버전 등록 시 회원님의 지속적인 업데이트 부탁 드립니다.
- CGV모바일앱은 테블릿 PC에서는 사용이 원활하지 않을 수 있습니다.
쾌적한 서비스 이용을 위해서는 CGV모바일웹( 혹은 CGV스마트폰앱을 이용해 주세요

* 앱 권한관련 안내사항
CGV위젯 서비스가 추가되면서 불가피하게 몇 가지 권한을 추가로 요청드리고 있습니다.
아래 권한은 CGV위젯서비스에만 이용 중인 권한이므로 다른 곳에는 이용되지 않는 권한임을 알려드립니다!
(추가 권한관련 문의는 혹은 CGV고객센터로 문의 부탁 드립니다.)

하드웨어 제어
-사진과 동영상찍기

-전체 시스템 설정 수정
-휴대전화가 절전모드로 전환되지 않도록 설정
->CGV KIT 에티켓 모드

-휴대전화 상태 및 ID읽기
-> CGV KIT 에티켓 모드

* CGV고객센터 : 1544-1122
* 트위터 :
* 이메일 :

Crackle - Movies & TV
Watch Movies & TV Shows for FREE on your Android phone and tablet!

More than 20 million fans enjoy this award-winning FREE app. Crackle provides great new content every month. No signup, no fees, just hit Movies & TV Shows such as Seinfeld & Pineapple Express available for FREE – whenever, wherever. Download Crackle to start viewing now.

- 2013 Emmy Award® nomination for Original Series: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
- 2013 Webby Award: Best Entertainment Network
- Mobile Excellence Award Finalist: 2012
- 20 Best Android Apps of 2012 (TechCrunch)

Current & Recent Content
*** MOVIES ***
Hundreds of hit films including Step Brothers, Pineapple Express, Bad Boys, Men in Black, Joe Dirt, Mr. Deeds, Cruel Intentions, Resident Evil, Punisher: War Zone, S.W.A.T., Snatch, Baby Boy and more: all full length, uncut and FREE.

*** TV SHOWS ***
Thousands of full episodes from television series such as: Seinfeld, The Shield, Rescue Me, Damages, Blue Mountain State, The Jackie Chan Adventures, Sanford and Son, The Three Stooges, Spider-Man and many more.

*** ANIME ***
Home to the world’s best Anime. Great movies, 40+ series and 1,000+ episodes including Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), Fate/Zero and Magi.

New movies and series created by Crackle such as Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Chosen, Extraction, Cleaners and more.

*** FEATURES ***
- Watch full Hollywood movies and TV series
- FREE to download app, FREE to play
- Unlimited, on-demand viewing
- New movies and TV episodes added monthly
- Browse Movies, Shows, Watchlists, Most Popular or Genres: action, anime, comedy, crime, horror, music, thriller and sci-fi
- Optimized for both phones and tablets
- Build and manage your Watchlist for viewing on the app or online at
- Stream HQ video via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi
- New Wi-Fi-only option allows you to view content without using data
- App works in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil and Latin America

Interested in a film or television show but don’t have the time to watch? With Crackle, you can create your own Watchlist with your favorite Hollywood hits – then enjoy unlimited, on-demand viewing whenever you want. Plus, check out Crackle’s own Watchlists, hand-picked by celebrities & critics.

“Crackle… gives you free movies to watch, great TV shows to remember.” – Casey Chan, Gizmodo

“…for free…That’s right. Unlike Hulu Plus, you don’t need to sign up and pay a fee to watch…” – Damien Scott, Complex Magazine

“Sony has a real gem on their hands with this app…” – Jake Gaecke, Appletell

Data charges may apply (unlimited data plan recommended).

*** FAQ ***
Thanks for everyone’s feedback and reviews. We are listening and always improving the service.
* Movies and television shows updated monthly; titles subject to change. Current content list is available on the app or at
* Yes, the app is FREE. To cover our costs we include occasional video ads. Your carrier may charge data fees, so an unlimited data plan and/or viewing over Wi-Fi is recommended.
* To use this app, you must be in US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil or Latin America.

Crackle is one of the fastest growing digital entertainment networks, offering quality movies and TV series from Columbia Pictures, Tri-Star, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Classics and more. Crackle is available via web, mobile, gaming systems and set-top boxes. For more information, visit Crackle is a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Fake iPhone 4S
The Big Byte
NEW: iLauncher has been released - a brand new launcher in the style of iOS 7! Check it out now:

Trick your friends into thinking you have the iPhone 4S! This app is a full-screen working replica of the iPhone home screen. It even replaces your phone's status bar, so there's no hint of Android underneath.

NEW: Swipe down for notifications! Now you can access notifications without having to leave the app.
NEW: Actual network operator shown in status bar - you're no longer stuck with AT&T!

Most of the icons on the screen will open up the relevant Android app when clicked. If there's no suitable app, or the app isn't installed on your device, it's replaced with a sponsored message. The advertising revenue helps support the future development of this app, so please bear this in mind :)

You should be able to give a convincing iPhone impression just by flipping through the Springboard screens, and opening up an app or two to show people that "it really works". If you really want to amaze them, use this on a phone with a 3D gallery app, and click the "Photos" icon. The status bar will stay hidden, so there won't be the slightest hint you're using Android.

Works best on the Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus or any Android phone with a Super AMOLED+ display. Also runs on the latest Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) & 4.1 (Jelly Bean) devices.

In version 3.4 I've added a screen where you can choose to support the app by earning "Karma". The button brings you to a Tapjoy marketplace, where you can download new & interesting apps. Every time you download an app, you'll earn "Karma", and a few cents will go towards the future development of this app.

It's entirely optional, but if you're feeling generous, it's a fun way to discover new apps & support the devs at the same time. Thanks for your help!

I'm open to ideas, so let me know if you have any suggested features or improvements. Either leave a comment, or shoot me an email at

I'm particularly interested to hear if some of the icons aren't working on your device. I've tried to test this on most API versions, but still, you might have a device which is incompatible. I'd love to fix it, just let me know!

---Upcoming Features---
I hear you... everyone wants this turned into a launcher! I'm happy to announce this has now been released. You can download the new app from:

There are also a few features in the works:

+ Customizable network indicator
+ Working 3G/Wireless display
+ More Apps (but tell me which ones!)

This app uses several external libraries, including Google Analytics, ACRA, LeadBolt, Tapjoy and Inner-Active. Some of these libraries require additional permissions.
+ EXPAND_STATUS_BAR is required for dropdown notifications
+ INTERNET_ACCESS and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE are required for Google Analytics.
+ READ_PHONE_STATE and ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION are required by LeadBolt & Inner-Active (adverts on the inactive buttons)
+ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required by Tapjoy, for caching videos on the SD card
+ ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, Access History Bookmarks and Add Launcher Shortcut are required by search monetization.
+ GET_ACCOUNTS is used by Pocket Change, to simplify the process of delivering your rewards.

--Search Monetization--
This application is brought to you totally free with the help of search monetization. I have opted to use this to be able to keep creating more free apps for you. Please note that with this app you will receive a few search points on your device, all are easily deleted or replaced. Thank you for your understanding.
Note: This feature is currently disabled. It may be enabled in the future though.

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple.

Talking James Squirrel
Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets
Top Talking App! Free Download!
Talk to James Squirrel. He answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. In addition, play with James and his Piano! Play your favorite Song and James will love to sing for you. James has also 4 exciting inside games with many levels to play!
Spend some time with James this cute a little bit crazy squirrel. He will show you some of his Karate moves, his passion for music/ singing, his favorite games and much more.

★★★ Features: ★★★
✔ High quality 3D graphics
✔ Cool voice interaction
✔ Piano with singing James
✔ Exciting touch game with 20 levels inside-target of the game is it to catch all the objects (leafs, nuts, basket balls,etc) apart from the red ones.
✔ Great numbers game - check now the IQ and your brains memory
✔ 1to60 game incl. 1 to 60, A to Z, 2 4 6…, 1 3 5 …, hex, roman numerals, periodic table, octal, etc.
✔ Many different animations
✔ Amazing soundboard with many funny sounds: animals, cow, cat, rooster, fart, gun, car, scream, bomb, etc.
✔ House game

Extra Content:

★ Comics & Cartoons: We have comics involving different subjects as for example: cars, music, tv, dogs, food, cinema, sports and many many more.

★ Jokes Collection: Funny jokes divided in different categories. You will find funny jokes about: weather, jobs, rangers, manager, men, etc.

★ General knowledge: Do you know all the things about history, machines, geology, geography, biology, environment, economy, people, science etc.?

★ Photo Fun Functionality:
Create funny and fake images/pictures and send per mail, share pictures with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool or upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc. Upload your pics and turn yourself or your friend into a dancing smiley, an alien, a sweet baby, a donkey, a giraffe, an ostrich, a mouse, etc.

★ Great and wonderful images out of the space. You will see the space shuttle, the moon, burning rockets, turning satellites, astronauts on a spacewalk, the first men doing a moonwalk, and many more...

★ Online shop with toys, electronic gadgets, stylish fashion, etc.

★ Video Trailers: Video section with different trailers of hot apps.

★ Stickers
Give your pictures a personal touch. Select either a photo from your gallery or an image which is already faked. Take the selected pic and start personalizing by choosing between numerous stickers. You will be spoiled for choice in selecting the coolest sticker. It contains stickers with various subjects like, hats, wigs (hairstyles), spiders, skulls, sunglasses, mouth expressions like kisses, scary objects with blood, etc. Let your pictures communicate something or create some comics by writing some fun stuff into bubbles.

★ Kids paint: Super entertaining tool to try and draw a picture with your fingertip. There are also a lot of predefined cartoon pictures that can be colored such as a mighty tiger, a panda bear, a jumping Kangaroo, pigs, an acrobatic monkey, a beautiful horse, cars, a helicopter, ships, fast rockets and many more. Discover the artist in you!

★ Pairs: Find the same looking images on the board and train your memory with this cool match-2 game.

★ Sliding puzzle: Touch and slide the pieces of the puzzle where they belong to recreate the original image.

★ Pair Up: Match up the pictures that belong together (that have something in common).

★ Two Players Super Duel: Challenge your friends and discover who has got the faster reflexes.

★ Quiz: Put your general knowledge to test.

Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with this funny app!

Simple Voice Changer
Twiscon Software
Apply funny effects to your voice with this easy to use app!

Make a female's voice sound deep and slow, turn your friend’s voice into a robot, a squeaky chipmunk or sound like you are talking in an echoing cave. There are 12 effects to choose from and more to come soon! Simple Voice Changer allows you to record any sound/song/music using your phone's built in microphone and apply funny effects to it.

- Professionally translated into multiple languages.
- 12 Audio effects to choose from.
- Save your favorite recordings.
- Set your saved recordings to be your phone's ringtone.
- Share your recordings with friends.
- Can also be used as a regular Voice Recorder application.

Keywords: Voice Changer, Voice Recorder, Voice Effects

CBS Interactive, Inc.
Get video clips and highlights from CBS, The CW, CNET, ET, Showtime, CBS News and CBS Sports with

Please note: for full episodes of CBS shows, please download the CBS App.

Игры для вечеринок
Самое удобное приложение для вечеринок и игр с друзьями.

Каталог лучших игр для вечеринок с описаниями. Игры для праздников и дня рождения. Интересные задания для игры "Крокодил". Бутылочка, которая крутится и выдает задания. Игра в слова на время. Задания для игры в Фанты и Данетки доступны в Премиум-пакете. И все это в одном приложении "Бомба вечеринок"! В приложении вы найдете игры для взрослых и подростков.


Отзывы наших пользователей:

*** Отлично! Приложение класс! В офисе с коллегами бывает играем, особенно когда празднуем дни рождения. Всегда весело и озартно. Всем советую... ***

*** Помогает для настроения. На природе с друзьями очень помогла) ***

*** Замечательное приложение! Спасибо огромное за обновление! И спасибо, что прислушиваетесь к отзывам пользователей! ***

*** Превосходно! На дне рождении дочери оказался спасательным кругом! Девчонки от бутылочки были в восторге! ***

*** Супер приложение, готовлюсь к новому году и нашла много конкурсов и они очень интересные! Ребята, всем советую, здоровская игра !!! ***

*** Вообще супер! Ко мне пришла подруга, не знали чем заняться. Я вспомнила про это приложение, и мы здорово провели время! ***

* Что делать, если вы не знаете, во что сыграть с друзьями или гостями, а все старые настольные игры надоели? Запускайте приложение "Бомба вечеринок", выбирайте игру из списка, читаете правила и играете. Мы выбираем только лучшие игры, которые проверяем сами. База игр постоянно пополняется. Включены описания таких популярных игр для компаний, как Мафия, Я герой, Контакт и другие.

* С нашим приложением играть в "Крокодила" стало еще интереснее. В "Бомбе Вечеринок" есть база фраз и слов для игры "Крокодил". Вы просто передаете ваш телефон следующему игроку, и тот получает свое задание. Теперь игроку придется проявить все свои артистические способности, чтобы показать задание, не произнеся ни слова!

* Хотите узнать секреты своих друзей? А может просто не решаетесь кого-то поцеловать? Тогда сыграйте в "Бутылочку" с заданиями. Все садятся в круг, и вы раскручиваете бутылочку прямо на вашем телефоне.
Бутылочка останавливается, а игрок, на которого она указала смеется или закрывает лицо руками от смущения. Потому что сейчас ему придется выполнить задание, появившееся на экране!
Если хотите, вы можете добавить свои задания в бутылочку.

* Для любителей шевелить мозгами в приложение встроена игра "Бомба". Называйте слова, соответствующие заданию на экране, пока бомба не взорвалась. Для каждой темы в игре бомба срабатывает один раз. Тот игрок, не успевший назвать слово, на котором взорвалась бомба, и считается проигравшим.

* Фанты - заставь друзей дурачиться и исполнять разные задания (доступно в Premium)

* Данетки - загадай друзьям таинственную историю! И пусть они разгадают ее, задавая вопросы (доступно в Premium)

Дополнительные возможности:
* Стильный интерфейс
* Анимация бутылочки и бомбы
* Добавление игр из списка в избранное

Свои отзывы и пожелания присылайте на адрес:

Se Coucher Moins Bête
Se Coucher Moins Bête est une des applications les plus téléchargées en France. Rejoignez nos centaines de milliers de lecteurs qui découvrent chaque jour des milliers d'anecdotes inédites, amusantes ou surprenantes sur tous les sujets.

Nous avons des anecdotes sur tout ! Science, animaux, cinéma, musique, people, santé, histoire, sport, cuisine etc. nos anecdotes de la vie quotidienne vont vous étonner ! De nouvelles anecdotes sont ajoutées tous les jours sans exception (3 en semaine, 2 le week-end). La sélection des anecdotes est rude et se fait par la communauté, ce qui vous assure d'avoir le meilleur du meilleur !

Saviez-vous que Newton a inventé la chatière ?
Que le fondateur des chocolats Jeff de Bruges s'appelle en fait Philippe Jambon ?
Que la plus grande grotte au monde pourrait accueillir des gratte-ciel de 40 étages ?
Que le claquement que produit un fouet est un mini bang car son extrémité dépasse la vitesse du son ?

Nos anecdotes sont vérifiées et sourcées par notre équipe et par la communauté, composée de plus de 200 000 membres.

- De nouvelles anecdotes chaque jour de l'année SANS EXCEPTION (3300 au 1er juin 2013)
- Différents filtres : par catégories, par date, par vote des utilisateurs
- Moteur de recherche
- Commentaires de la communauté (plus de 200 0000 membres).
- Mise en avant des meilleurs commentaires
- Création et identification à son compte
- Proposez vos anecdotes
- Modérez les anecdotes soumises par les autres
- Ajout aux favoris : vous pourrez mettre de côté et retrouver facilement plus tard vos anecdotes préférées
- Affichage des anecdotes non lues
- Suivi des anecdotes : retrouvez celle ou un nouveau commentaire a été posté depuis votre dernière lecture ou celles ou quelqu'un a répondu à un de vos commentaires !
- Navigateur interne pour consulter les sources
- Notifications push

Animal Sounds
★★★ Animal Sounds Library 100% Free ★★★
Free Animal Sounds includes more than a hundred sounds.

This app for iPhone & iPad offers many and varied animal sounds of exceptional quality. This is the perfect app to have a good time with your children or simply to laugh a little with your friends! With this educational application for little kids, teach your baby or toddler to recognize animals and sounds they make. Also, the keyboard allows you to do an immersive kid’s storytelling with animal characters (The Three Little Pigs, The Lion King, etc.).

All the sounds are listed by category; you will quickly find what you are looking for. A must have for you and your kids!

- Farm: dog, cat, horse, sheep…
- Savannah & Desert: lion, zebra, camel, elephant…
- Jungle: parrot, chimpanzee, gorilla, jaguar …
- Insects: cricket, mosquito, bumblebee, bee…
- Ocean: dolphin, seal, penguin, killer whale…
- Forest: fox, deer, bear, grey squirrel…
- Mountain: snow leopard, eagle, ibex, great horned owl…
- City & Countryside: coyote, pigeon, crow, mouse…
- Lake & Lagoon: crocodile, frog, flamingo, swan…

- A large choice of free animal sounds.
- All images and sounds have high quality.
- Press button to add yours favorites sounds on the keyboard.
- Easy to use app: Just press a button to trigger a sound 
- A pretty neat and ergonomic design 
- Free and regularly updated

Note: If this app is not producing any sound, please check whether your device mute button is engaged or not.


Please feel free to contact us for any questions, to add a specific sound, to fix a bug or any other improvements you think will help this making a great app for iPhone & iPad.

- If you like this app, try our other free app:
Sound Effects Free!

- Follow us on: 

Tags: zoo games, animal crossing, animal games, animal sounds for babies, animal calls, animal sounds, nature sounds, talking animals, wild animal sounds

dailyme TV, Serien & Fernsehen
dailyme TV GmbH
Mit dailyme TV die besten TV Serien, Filme, Shows, Spielfilme, Comedy und Videos immer dabei!

Unsere kostenlose TV App bringt die beliebtesten TV Highlights von ARD, ZDF, BBC, ProSieben, SAT.1, kabel eins, sixx, SPORT1, ARTE, Das Vierte, GIGA, DW direkt auf Dein Android Smartphone und Tablet! Die besten Fernseh-Formate, Film-Highlights, News-Magazine, Online-Shows und Comedy-Sendungen immer in perfekter Qualität dabei - sogar im Funkloch! Fernsehen für die Hosentasche!

„...dein geniales Programm, das das Streamen und damit eine Internet-Verbindung unnötig macht.“ (COMPUTERBILD)

Serien Highlights: "Doktor Who" (BBC), „Luther“ (BBC), "Torchwood" (BBC), „Being Erica“ (BBC), "Top Gear" (BBC), "Kill Point", "Lucky Luke", "Wickie","Anna Piehl" uvm.
Bekannt aus dem Fernsehen: "Reality Queens", „Catch The Millionaire“, "GNTM", „Switch Reloaded“, (ProSieben), "Der letzte Bulle" (SAT.1) "Danni Lowinski" (SAT.1), "Sea Patrol" (Das Vierte), + Spielfilm Highlights (Action, Drama, Comedy uvm)

dailyme TV ist durch Werbung finanziert und somit komplett kostenlos!

1. dailyme Video App installieren
2. aktuelle TV Folgen per WLAN oder UMTS/3G automatisch laden
3. Videos überall genießen
4. Neue TV Sendungen im großen Katalog aussuchen

KURZ: Spaß haben und keine TV Sendung mehr verpassen!
TIPP: Aktualisiere Dein TV Programm über Nacht im WLAN!

Popstars, Galileo, Der Große SAT.1 Film, Switch reloaded, Germany’s Next Topmodel, Der letzte Bulle, K11 - Kommissare im Einsatz, Achtung Kontrolle, Niedrig und Kuhnt, SPORT1 Fußball, taff, Comedystreet, Quatsch Comedy Club, Kesslers Knigge, We are Family!, Catch The Millionaire, Die Dreisten Drei uvm!

Kategorien: Shows, Serien, Film, Dokus, News, Comedy, Cartoon, Games und Sport. Genieße Daily Soaps, spannende Filme, Highlights aus dem Fernsehen, aktuelle News und packende Game- und Castingshows.

- Das TV Widget startet Lieblingssendungen direkt vom Homescreen
- dailyme bietet Dir statt Live Fernsehen unsere Download-Funktion. Für Streaming nutze Apps wie Zattoo, MyVideo, FilmOn, Watchever

Danke für Euer Feedback und rund 12.000 Bewertungen!
- TOP5-Platzierung "Show Your App"-Contest 2012
- Fun-App des Jahres (CHIP.DE)
- App der Woche (COMPUTERBILD.DE)
- App des Tages (COMPUTERWOCHE.DE)

*„Fernsehen auf dem Handy sorgt oft für Frust. Spaß macht es mit der App dailyme. Statt ruckligem Live TV abonniert der Nutzer ausgewählte Sendungen. Steht eine neue Folge bereit, wird sie automatisch heruntergeladen und lässt sich dann auch im Funkloch anschauen.“ (

*„Große TV Sender sind mit einzelnen Sendungen bereits auf dailyme vertreten. Mit dabei sind Größen wie das ARD, ZDF, ProSieben, Sat.1, RTL, DW-TV und n-tv. Auch tummeln sich einige reine Internet-Programme, wie Ausgaben von, PC-WELT, und Stiftung Warentest.“ (

Gern helfen wir Euch bei Fragen über
News zu neuen Sendungen/Serien/Filmen auf Facebook und Twitter: und

Eine Bitte: da wir auf Kritik in den Kommentaren/Reviews nicht direkt antworten können, würden wir uns freuen, wenn ihr Fehler oder Anregungen direkt an sendet, bevor ihr uns eine schlechte Wertung gebt. Wir antworten dann direkt und kümmern uns um eine Lösung. Lieben Dank!

dailyme schreibt man in einem Wort. ;-) Die Suche nach „daily me“, „daylyme“, „dayly me“ „dailime“, delyme“ oder auch „delimi“ funktioniert hiermit aber auch.

An Sendungen/Filme/Serien wie Simpsons, Games of Thrones, Lost, Two and a Half Man, How I Met Your Mother, Walking Dead, True Blood, South Park, Heroes, Scrubs, Family Guy, Navy CIS, Mad Men, Gossip Girl, Falling Skies, Greys Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, ALF, Dr. House, Switch Switch Switch und mehr Sport-Sendungen sind wir dran.


GATM Meme Generator
* Create from OVER 200 different memes
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If you have any feedback or problems at all, please contact us at or tweet @CodeIDDQD. Several user feedbacks have already been included! Thank you.

Memes include:
* Confession Kid
* Grinds My Gears
* Joker Mind Loss
* Boardroom Suggestion
* Getting Pretty Serious
* I Too Like To Live Dangerously
* Actual Advice Mallard
* Grumpy Cat
* Overly Manly Man
* Priority Peter
* McKayla Not Impressed
* 1990s Problems
* Overly Attached Girlfriend
* Lawyer Dog
* Ridiculously Photogenic Guy
* Super Cool Ski Instructor
* First World Problems
* Futurama Fry
* The Most Interesting Man In The World
* Success Kid
* Y U No
* Socially Awkward Penguin
* Condescending Wonka
* Scumbag Steve
* One Does Not Simply
* Good Guy Greg
* All The Things
* College Freshman
* Insanity Wolf
* Philosoraptor
* Conspiracy Keanu
* Forever Alone
* Annoying Facebook Girl
* Stare Dad
* Successful Black Man
* Inception
* Push It Somewhere Else Patrick
* Foul Bachelor Frog
* Lazy College Senior
* Paranoid Parrot
* Slowpoke
* Scumbag Brain
* Drunk Baby
* Regretful Toddler
* Inapropriate Timing Bill Clinton
... And over 100 more!

Our market name has changed from "Generate ALL the memes" to "GATM Meme Generator" because of the Google Play search engine weighting words heavily. In the app we are keeping the old name!

This app asks for the absolute minimum of permissions:
INTERNET - To download meme images and texts
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - To be able to check if network is available
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - For storing meme images

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TV Online
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Application TV Online Free. Collect entertainment is in your hands.You can watch TV online for 24 hours.Both in Thailand and abroad more than 160 channels.Such as TV,News,Star entertainment,Music,Sports and so on.
You can either use 3G 4G amd Wifi. Have a good application for your mobile and you can get news anywhere and anytime.
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- If an open applications with 3G Image more slowly than usual. So the performance should be better with Wifi Internet.

Application TV Online make you fun endless.

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CineTrailer Movie
★ Movie Showtimes now available for UK, Ireland, Germany and Italy ★
★ NOTE: English movie listings refer to UK market ★ shows the latest updates about movies you can find in cinemas and on DVD.

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Moviefone - Movies & Showtimes
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Moviefone is the ultimate app for showtimes, trailers, reviews, exclusive movie clips, and news.

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We hope you love the app as much as we do. As always we appreciate your feedback so please send comments to .
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