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Solitaire Harmony for free
GameDuell INC.
After the huge success of Cleopatra’s Pyramid, here comes the next hit card game by GameDuell. Solitaire Harmony is now available on Google Play!

Solitaire Harmony combines the world-famous gameplay of Klondike Solitaire (also known as Patience), a great medieval soundtrack, and probably the most beautiful card game artwork you’ve ever seen on the Android Market. This casual game is highly recommended to all fans of card, board and puzzle games. Windows Solitaire fans will love it.

PLEASE NOTE: When you are buying Crowns, please note that these are tied to this installation only. Uninstalling the app will cause the loss of the purchased Crowns. The purchased Crowns are not refundable, and cannot be transferred to any other devices.

★ Hours of card game fun with this relaxing Solitaire game
★ Beautiful medieval artwork
★ Great soundtrack supporting the whole ambience of the game
★ Build your very medieval village and unlock more than 30 village decoration items
★ 7 special Powers, like XP Doubler and Unlimited Time
★ 34 experience levels
★ Interactive menus

Solitaire Harmony is a beautifully illustrated Klondike Solitaire game. Your task is to complete many card sets to progress and reach higher experience levels. Sounds easy, but can be a real challenge in this long playing skill game.

There are thousands of different card sets in this marvelous game. Use the 7 medieval Powers to make sure you progress as quickly as possible. After each completed stage, you'll be awarded a beautiful village item that you can use to create your very own medieval village.

More exciting card and puzzle games by GameDuell:
- Cleopatras Pyramide

- Jungle Jewels

- Fluffy Birds

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Please note that we cannot respond to reviews and critic directly in the Android Market, so please use the support email, if you need assistance or have suggestions for improving our app. We would love to hear from you personally.

Карточная игра Бур-Козел
Бур-козел - исконно русская карточная игра. Как все русские изобретения, она не так проста, как может показаться вначале, и требует не только удачи в раскладе, но и обдумывания своих ходов.
Реализован довольно сильный алгоритм, играть с ботами практически так же интересно, как и с людьми.
Игра полностью бесплатна.
Lucky Slots
Reznic Software
Lucky Slots - this a Fruit Slot Machine. Absolutely free!!!

Add this Apps for your Casino Slot Machine Collection.

Every 24h you get 1000 free coins!!!
Classic slot machine with 3-reel, 4-reel or even 5-reel - choose what you like!
Excellent graphics;
Fast loading & updates
Compatible with ALL TABLETS!

What are you waiting for? Download it and catch your luck!

** DON'T MISS OUR OTHER EXCITING GAMES: Dominoes Online, Yahtzee Online, Kids Find the Shadow, Greedy Burplings, Greedy Burplings Expansion

Thank you for playing!
Good Luck and Have Fun.

If you searching app for: tablet, slot, machine, fruit, free, casino, slots, bet, fruit, coins, chip, fruit machine, best slots, cherry, jackpot, wheel, fortune, spinner, mini games, luck, top game, shop, bonus, Las Vegas, reels, virtual, win, hit, hot, jackpots, friends, great, then Lucky Slots that what you need!

Absolute Bingo - free bingo
Absolute Games
Play Absolute Bingo!

Enjoy many hours of fun with this exciting and dynamic version of a classic casino-style game. Absolute Bingo is a no-wait bingo game that includes extras like levels, powerups (that give you bonuses), and lucky bonus games with enhanced payouts. With the right powerups, win Bingo instantly! Collect additional coins every four hours and complete achievements to get even more. Do this before all the bingos are called!

Absolute Bingo is one of the best looking and most exciting casino games out there, and doesn't require any prior knowledge of Bingo. If you love lotto or instant style games you’ll love Absolute Bingo! Absolute Bingo is a fun and entertaining break from other casino games like poker or slots, craps, roulette and blackjack. Keep playing Absolute Bingo even if you lose your internet connection! Play Bingo whenever you want, anywhere you want. If you like Absolute Bingo, be sure to also check out Absolute Keno.

• Generous range of payouts so you don't wait forever to win
• Get free coins every 4 hours
• Play powerups for special bonuses to increase your chance to win
• Level up to get access to more and more features
• Play bingo anytime, anywhere you want - no wait to start your game
• Play up to 4 cards
• Unlock special bonus games
• No ads!!

PLEASE NOTE: This app lets you purchase digital content using actual money.

"By far one of the best Bingo game I've played! "

"I also like the bonus game to earn extra power ups and coins."

"Absolute Bingo is one of my favorite Kindle games. It is very addictive, and easy to play. The game has colors that are easy on the eyes and pleasant to look at, which makes for literally hours of fun."

"If you like bingo, you'll love this game!! Much more then I expected!!! Very easy to play and great tempo."

"This game is probably one of the best free bingo games I've played. The coins you win allow you to keep playing so you aren't pushed to spend money. It really is free."

Absolute Bingo is one of the best rated Bingo games on the Amazon Kindle platform. If you enjoy state lotto game, you'll love Absolute Bingo. So start the madness! Go wild! Play Absolute Bingo and you'll be in heaven trying to blitz and bash out bingos. Play Absolute Bingo anywhere! Play at the beach, when you're waiting for the bus, since no internet is required, you can play Absolute Bingo anytime you want.

Tarot Gratis
Lee tu tarot en pirámide completamente gratis las veces que quieras usando las 78 cartas de la baraja en nuestra mesa virtual de lectura del tarot.

Podrás además encontrar tarotistas reales cerca de donde vives para hacer lecturas profesionales.

★★★★★ Buenísimo, mis cartas reflejaron absolutamente, todo lo que estoy en este momento pa
by Ivansofiamartin - Version 1.0.2 - Oct 29, 2012
Muy bueno, gracias☺, lo he leído 3 veces y son increíblemente asertivas las cartas.

★★★★★ Excelente
by Catyta.09 - Version 1.0.2 - Oct 29, 2012
Bueno!!! Buenooo m gustoo

★★★★★ Buen tarot
by LalitoSuperado - Version 1.0.2 - Nov 5, 2012
Al clavo!, todas las veces, me gustó!

★★★★★ Bueno
by Pitujuegoadict - Version 1.0.2 - Oct 30, 2012
Le achuntó en todo excelente

Vegas Casino an Free Slot Poker Entertainment
Spin the Reels on your very own set of Las Vegas Casino Slot Machines!
The #1 Video Slot Machine available on Google Play.

Welcome to Slots+, the fastest growing family in the Land of the Slots. Play your way through the machines and experience the fun and joy of our Las Vegas family.

Start with Farm Frenzy, the farmer who will try to get his animals in line for you. In Fast Draw the wild west comes alive, Rollin', Rollin' , Rollin' , keep them reels Rollin'. You can almost taste the sweet vitamins in Crazy Fruits. Experience the joy of being scared and feel like Indiana Jones in Jungle Fever. Back to the roots of Vegas with Poker, Craps, Wheel of Fortune and Roulette in Casino de Luxe.

- Slots+ is absolutely the most beautiful slots available on Google Play!
- Free slot machines
- Multiple BONUS games
- Multiple times a day you receive bonus coins for free!
- Unlimited play time for free!
- BEST Payout! Win more than other Slot Machines available
- Las Vegas style designs and rules
- Created by App Professionals

And remember: This is just the beginning of the fastest growing Slots Family in the Land of the Slot Machines. Slots+ will be updated regularly with new slot machines. This will extend your playing fun even more!

Lady Luck is Smiling!

Vegas Slot - Slots Machines
Targa Limited
Recreate the dramatic 'make-or-break' excitement of Vegas wherever you are with Vegas Slot.

Discover both iconic slot tables and a multitude of unique themes in the most fun-filled & addictive slot machine game!


Love it!! This is amazing slot... so much fun an you actually WIN!!!! Thank you so much for making this slot PLEASE MAKE MORE!!! ★★★★★
Awesome app Must get this slot app best in the whole android market ★★★★★
Vegas slots Terrific game extremely addicting ★★★★★
Vegas slots I have played a lot of slot games but I think this one is the coolest this one might be a keeper and I like it and if you like slot machines try this ★★★★★

*** FEATURES ***

• Completely FREE to Play!
• UNLOCK & UPGRADE various fun themes to such as Slots of the Dead, Sweet Tooth and more!
• Tons of in-game achievements to collect & compete for!
• UNIQUE Mini-Games for every theme!
• Get the LARGEST JACKPOTS & BONUSES with our special user-accumulated payout system!
• STAY CONNECTED - Send coins, gifts & more to your friends!
• Get the most out of Facebook connection!

Play Vegas Slot TODAY!

Simulated gambling for entertainment purposes only.

250+ Solitaire Collection v.1
Alexei Anoshenko
"250+ Solitaire Collection" is a collection of 253 Solitaire games. The collection contains favorite solitaire games such as Freecell, Klondike, Canfield and others, and there are a lot of original solitaires. For each game there is a description of the rules and a demonstration.
Bingo Tournament
Targa Limited
The #1 Free Tournament Game for Bingo!!

★Get 2500 Coins FREE for a limited time! - (Worth $1.99) ★

Enter the world of Bingo Tournament where more than a million players engage every day!

Bingo Tournament takes a classic game and mixes it up with modern style number calling with exciting power-ups, wildcard-Daubers, coins, and tons of more unique and addicting features that will keep you playing for hours.

Millions of players engage in Bingo Tournament every day. With our in-game chat feature you will never be lonely. Chat with real people while playing a Tournament and be part of a growing community.

Favor yourself to become the next Bingo champion by using the large variety of boosts and power-ups to your advantage. Don't miss that opportunity!

Rooms have different purposes and rewards. Even the most experienced Bingo player will find these Tournaments challenging.

Bingo Tournament will regularly update and improve the game to create the ultimate Bingo experience. Check in consistently for the newest games, maps and packages that we offer.

★★Become the next Bingo champion with Bingo Tournament! ★★

WiFi connection is suggested for the best game-play experience.

Net Big 2 Free
ePoint Production
The classic Net Big 2 is back! Still remember those good old days? :) It's back right here in the Android Market, with better UI and improved logic.

- Play with your friends over Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G connections.
- Quick-select buttons help you to easily select any valid card combinations.
- Instant save and resume, you can always quit in the midst of a game without losing progress.
- Win various tournament matches and collect golden cards.
- Supports both portrait and landscape display mode(WVGA+ only).
- Hong Kong style rules and scoring.
- Tablet friendly.

*For those who concern about the "Read phone state and identity" permission, it is only used for device-connection mapping purpose in network mode.

Big 2 / Big Two, also known as Big Deuce, Deuces (大老二, 鋤大D in Chinese), Top Dog, Da Lao Er, Sho Tai Ti, Choh Dai Di, Cap Sa, Pusoy Dos, etc. is a very popular poker game that originated from Asia, it is especially popular in Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. It's played by 4 players, the objective of the game is to be the first to get rid of the cards.

Change log:
1.0.1, 1.0.2
Fixed occasional force close problem on certain device.

A. Fixed occasional force close problem during game start up
B. Minor UI tweak

A. Added no playable hand indicator
B. UI tweak
C. Fixed force close problem after switching full screen mode

A. Added 10 rounds option
B. Added option to disable quick-select buttons
C. Fixed occasional crash problem when trying to restore a saved game on certain devices.

A. Added auto pass option.
B. Added install to SD card feature.
C. Added link to Net Big 2 fb page.

Added option to unlock wallpapers by rating this app.

Fixed the game restore bug (finally!) that affected some users.

Fix for 720p+ HD devices.

A. Fixed LAN interface crashing problem on 4.0+ devices.
B. Fixed a layout display flaw on WVGA devices.

A. Fixed the bug of unable to restore a saved network game.
B. Better HD display support (launcher icon, items, title graphics).

A. Layout fix for tablets & HD+ devices.
B. Disabled screen timeout while playing.
C. Added link to purchase full version.
D. Minor bug fixes and performance enhancement.

Added score track record button.

A. Minor bug fixes.
B. Updated to latest Android library, better compatibility and performance enhancement.

UI fixes for Android 4.1 (a.k.a. Jelly Bean) and tablets.

Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free
ePoint Mobile
Craving for some real Gin Rummy challenge? Here you go! Net Gin is a game based on the Standard Gin / Oklahoma Gin rules, with smart AI logic and intuitive UI. Not only you can play against the computer players with different skill levels, but with your friends too!

*Please use the same versions on all devices when playing in network mode, different versions might not be able to interconnect*

- Play with your friends over Bluetooth, WiFi, internet connections.
- On-screen Gin hand hint.
- Instant save and resume, you can always quit in the midst of a game without losing progress.
- Win various tournament matches and collect golden cards.
- Supports both Standard Gin / Oklahoma Gin rules and scoring.
- Supports both portrait and landscape display.
- HD display friendly.

*For those who concern about the "Read phone state and identity" permission, it is only used for device-connection mapping purpose in network mode, to identify opponent's device when trying to resume a saved network game.

Like solitaire, canasta, texas hold em, bridge, hearts, spades etc., gin rummy is a very popular poker game. It is a fast-pace turn base poker game played by two players, the objective of the game is to score more points than your opponent, throughout the game, players have to improve their hand cards by melding and discarding. Like most of the card games out there, Gin Rummy is an easy to learn but difficult to master poker game, it takes both luck and strategy to win a game. In Net Gin, multiple matches (2 matches at least) are played to minimize the chance of winning by pure luck.

Change log:
Added Achievements.

A. Fixed crashing problem on certain device models.
B. Fixed the bug of unable to unlock certain achievements.

A. Added Oklahoma Gin option.
B. UI tweaks and bug fixes.

A. Added round details.
B. UI tweaks and bug fixes.

A. Fixed occasional crashing problem in network mode.
B. Fixed incorrect advancement info in tournaments.
C. Minor UI and AI logic tweaks.

A. Added more random characters to tournaments.
B. More prominent round detail button.
C. AI logic tweaks, more diversified AI skills.

A. Fixed the bug of computer player not always knock with lowest deadwood.
* This version will reset all saved game from old versions, if necessary, please finish it before update.

Emergency fix: those who experiencing crashing problem in network mode, please update to this version. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

A. Minor bug fixes.
B. Updated to latest Android library, better compatibility and performance enhancement.

Speed up draws and plays.

UI fixes for Android 4.1 (a.k.a Jelly Bean) and tablets.

CLEVER computers in a good Euchre card game

- Really challenging computers
- Optional Joker (Benny)
- Optional Canadian Loner Rule
- Optional Going Under
- Optional Sticking The Dealer
- Statistics
- Change names and avatars
- Change a color style of the game
- Choose between several decks
- Landscape and portrait support
- Fits phones, tablets and HD phones

It’s time to euchre someone!

This collection consists of five card games:
Thousand, Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid.

- Open and Play - don't waste your time in menus
- Multiplayer games
- Drag cards with you finger
- Undo and Redo when you wish
- Auto save on exit

-Choose Landscape or Portrait mode
-Animated cards

Mahjong Paradise (Free)
Aidem Systems Inc.
Mahjong is an ancient game of the Chinese.

It is popular in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. It is almost the most popular game between Asian. Aidem releases a new version of Mahjong game - the Mahjong Paradise. It is the succeeded of the old game they developed - Mahjong Academy.

The most remarkable difference between the Mahjong Paradise and the tranditional Mahjong games is that you may make a Chee any time the opponent discards a tile. Because there are only two players (including you) in this game.

If you would like to be a master of Mahjong games, or you want to learn the inside of Mahjong games, welcome and join us. Mahjong Paradise will teach you the ancient game and make you a professional player.

Casino Sevens & Stripes Slots
Casino Sevens and Stripes Slots is a classic casino slot machine with improved graphics which are tablet friendly. Challenge other players high scores if you dare.

This app is tablet friendly. Please email your phone model and issue if you have any. Thanks!

Poker Texas Holdem
If you are a true fan of poker you need to play Poker Texas Holdem! Experience intense emotions, chat with other poker fans and choose from tons of tournaments and loads of cash tables. You've got here all you need to play your favorite card game with thousands of people from all over the world.


• Thousands of players available at any time to play with,
• Cash tables of different sizes (Heads-up, 6-max, 10-max),
• Simple and neat user interface for your convenience,
• Functional chat to improve your social experience,
• 7 different languages - Polish, English, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, German and Brazilian.

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