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IQ Test - What's my IQ?
IQ Test is back!! Bigger with new set of brainstorming questions and better after its beta version which had around a million downloads and 30th spot in top free games in the Google Play Store.

IQ Test was a smash hit in Windows Marketplace achieving 2nd spot in top free games for around 10 weeks in India, USA and UK.

If you ask yourself 'what's my IQ?', then this IQ Test is for you!
This game measures your Intelligence Quotient (IQ), which will allow you to know the strength of your own mind. It evaluates your learning ability, memory, logical think ability and creativity.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” -Albert Einstein

IQ of famous people:
#/Albert Einstein at the age of 12 - 160
#Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft - 160
#The great physicist, Stephen Hawking - 160


# Smooth and simple User Interface (UI)

# 8 mind-boggling question sets

# Timer for test

# Option to 'flag the question' for further review

# Option to 'review the progress of your test' anytime

# Super mobility and flexbilty between questions

# You can view the result(s) of your previously taken test(s) in 'Review' button

# Answers are displayed at the end of the each test giving you a very clear
idea of your mistakes.


Coming soon:
#Even More question sets
#Support for more languages

#Android version 2.2 or above
#Now optimized for Android 4.2.2 JellyBean

We would love to have
your reviews and suggestions :)

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Brain & Puzzle
Logo Quiz
The objective of the game is to guess all the brands belonging to the logos.
Brain & Puzzle
Scratch and Guess Logo
Flex Solutions
Play Scratch & Guess Logo, the first game ever where you can have fun while answering the scratched results from the image.

You will scratch your favorite logos from world famous brands, companies, sport clubs, organizations and guess their names.

There is reward of coins and stars for each correct answers.
•Earn stars to unlock new levels!
•Earn coins to buy hints!
•Earn free coins with Tapjoy offers

Also you can ask your friend for help, while you play.

We put smart scratching technique.
If you scratch the logo, you will receive less coins. If you scratch around the logo, you will receive more coins.

• 5 Different packs (more coming soon)
>>Internet & technology (Open)
>>World Brands 1 (Open) - Brands, Companies, Organizations logos...
>>World Brands 2(Open) - Brands, Companies, Organizations logos...
>>Sport (Open) - NBA, NHL, NFL, Football Clubs logos...
>>Music (Open) - Famous Bands Logos and Musician Logos...

• Daily hint bonus - your loyalty will be awarded with 3 free hints every day
• Many levels in the packs (frequently updates)
• Hints for help (You can buy with earned coins)
• Accuracy meter
• Reset pack

If you like logo quiz games this app is for you

Permissions Explained:
INTERNET - For ads, Tapjoy and Report item
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - To check for internet
READ_PHONE_STATE - Tapjoy use this to give the users unique IDs
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - For Tapjoy video offers
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - Tapjoy use this for improved targeting

Brain & Puzzle
Candy Blast
"Candy Blast" - a brand new and exciting puzzle game!
Just tap to play, and you do not wanna to stop! Exercise your brain with exhilaration!
Have fun!

How to play:
1. When at least 2 candy blocks of the same color are aligned, tap them quickly!
2. Remove as many candy blocks as you can in 40 seconds to gain as high a score as possible!
3. Sign in with Google to challenge with your friends!

- Remove candy blocks with special item as soon as possible.
- Try to make more combos!
All these will boost your score significantly!

Try to play "Candy Blast" now! It's Sweet and Delicious!

Tags: Candy Star, Candy Pop.

Brain & Puzzle
Bubble Combos
A very classic bubble puzzle game with amazing gameplay!
Swapping the lovely cartoon bubbles, fight for higher scores in given time, try to make more combos!
Play this exciting and addictive Bubble Combos! Have Fun!!!

How to play:
1. Match three or more same bubbles.
2. Achieve the target points to level up.

- 120 challenging levels.
- 3 game modes.
- Many game props.
- Lovely UI and cool animation effects.

Tags: Fruits Swap, Jewels Swap, Casual and Gem games.

Brain & Puzzle
Plunk! Unlocked
OMG Brews
Do you have a strong sense of balance?
Are you confident in your control?
Do you dare challenge this game?
It has many well-designed levels!!!
Challenge the limits of gravity!!!
You will go crazy for Plunk! Unlocked!!!

Plunk! Unlocked is a 3D puzzle & adventure game. Players control the ball to move it to its destination and avoiding falling. This game has many levels, each with a different way to pass. Do you want to challenge yourself? Come on!

★★★★★ Perfect mixture of puzzle game and entertainment
★★★★★ Amazing visual effects
★★★★★ Smooth game feel and experience
★★★★★ Pleasant and relaxing music

Brain & Puzzle
Christmas Games
In the app: A set of children's games for Christmas including the following 6 games: Jigsaw Puzzle, Shape Puzzle, Connect the Dot, Memory Game, Advanced Memory Game and Scratch game.

This entertaining educational game for preschool kids, that helps to develop motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination skills, imagination and creativity. It aims to teach children shapes, image recognition and number pronunciation.

Memory game:
This is the classic game of cards where you have to find pairs of Christmas images. It has over 40 stages, each of them harder than the last and will challenge even the adults ability to memorize positions at the later levels. Matching games are a great way to improve your kids' short-term memory skills, develop their concentration, and cognitive skills!

Advanced Memory Game: The idea as in the previous game, just need to find 3 identical cards.

Jigsaw Puzzle:
One of the many Christmas images gets cut up into small pieces and it’s up to you to put it back in the right order to complete the image. It has over 60 stages, each of them harder than the previous. You can see a preview of the image if you don’t know what it is you’re trying to put together.

Shape Puzzle:
The goal is to move shapes into the outline of an object. Once all of the puzzle pieces are in place, the object fills in with a compete image, and a voice gives some kind of encouragement, such as, "Good job!" and etc.
When you place the piece inside the puzzle's outline, it snaps into place.
Comes with 100 levels, which should keep you kids busy for a long time.

Connect The Dots: This game allows your preschool-age child to practice numbers and image recognition.
The child must simply touch the numbers in sequence, and the app will draws the line for them.
Each number is announced after pressing. The program is able to announce the numbers in 22 different languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, Polish,Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified,Bulgarian and Czech.
When a child reaches the last number, the object fills in with a detailed cartoon image of the thing that you just traced.

Scratch: Draw your finger over the screen to clear out a piece of the image.With three thicknesses of the pen and three modes, you or your child can create nice effects or frames on the pictures. There’s Block Mode, that blocks out the image with a blue screen. As you draw over the screen, you see more of the image underneath. A creative person might make a nice frame or draw figures on the blue surface. The Black And White mode has a B/W image and as you draw over it, you get colors. The Frost Mode makes the image look like you’re seeing it through a window with frost all over it. As you draw, you clear some of the frost, making it look like you’re scratching away the frost on the window to peek inside.

The game is optimized for Android phones and tablets.

With this learning exercise children will have hours of fun. Santa, Snowman and company will put your children in a happy Christmas mood!

Brain & Puzzle
스페이스팡팡 for Kakao
★iOS 추가 기념 이벤트 안내★

1. 가자 스페이스팡팡

iOS로 스페이스팡팡을 설치하신 후 마켓에 댓글을 남겨주세요
추첨을 통해 게임 아이템을 선물로 드립니다.
단 이벤트 참여를 위해서는 마켓에 댓글을 남기신 후 고객센터(로
스페이스 팡팡의 옵션(게임 실행 시 바퀴모양표기)에 있는 사용자 고유번호를 보내주셔야 한다는 점 잊지 마세요~♡

추첨상(10명) - 황금열쇠 5개
댓글상(90명) - 황금열쇠 1개

2. 함께하라 스페이스팡팡

여러사람과 카카오톡에서 대전을 해보세요.
이벤트 기간 중 여러 사람들과 게임을 하신 분들께 게임 아이템을 선물로 드립니다.
여러 사람들과 대전을 통해 내 실력도 뽐내고 아이템도 받아가세요

1위 - 20만GEM
2위 - 10만GEM
3위 - 5만GEM

3. 도전하라 스페이스팡팡

스팡 점수 올리는거? 어렵지 않아요~
이벤트 기간 중 혼자하기를 열심히 하셔서 높은 점수를 얻으시는 분들 중 추첨을 통해 소정의 상품을 선물로 드립니다.
오늘의 승자는 바로 나! 지금 바로 도전하세요~

Dayly랭킹 상위 50위 중 1일 10명 추첨 : 황금열쇠 1개씩 지급

4. 대화하라 스페이스팡팡

혼자하기 지루하시죠? 대화를 하고 싶은데 대화할 수 있는 방법이 없으시다고요?
지금 네이버카페(를 통해 친구들도 사귀고 이벤트에 참여해 보세요
카페 게시판에 스페이스팡팡에서 높은 점수를 얻을 수 있는 방법이나 승리할 수 있는 비법을 올려주시면
추첨을 통해 소정의 상품을 선물로 드립니다.

단! 불법적인 방법으로 점수올리는 방법을 적어주시면 안되는점 아시죠?

공략마스터상(1명) - 황금열쇠 10개
공략상(50명) - 황금열쇠 1개

5. 다시 시작이다 스페이스팡팡

실수로, 혹은 재미삼아 불법적으로 점수나 GEM을 조작해서 제재되신 분들
재미있는 스페이스팡팡을 이용하지 못하셔서 많이 속상하셨죠?
iOS 런칭을 기념에서 현재까지 제재된 모든 계정을 해제해 드립니다.
다만 이벤트로 해제된 계정은 점수와 GEM이 초기화되니까 참고해 주시고요,
앞으로는 불법적으로 조작해서 스페이스팡팡을 이용하지 못하지 않도록 조심하세요~★

10월 30일 ~ 11월 5일까지 진행되는 이벤트에 많은 참여 부탁드려요~

TIP1. 게임이 다른 휴대폰 보다 느리다고 생각되면 절전모드를 끄시면 좀 더 빠르게 이용하실 수 있습니다.

TIP2. 휴대폰 업그레이드 및 단말기 교체, 스페이스 팡팡 업데이트 후 반드시 카카오톡 인증을 받으셔야 게임 이용이 가능합니다.

☆카카오 게임센터 런칭 게임 - 스페이스팡팡☆

☆카카오톡 친구들과 즐길 수 있는 짜릿한 퍼즐게임
"스페이스팡팡"을 만나 보세요~

태양계의 우주에서 말랑말랑 외계인과 함께하는
실시간 네트워크 액션 퍼즐 게임!!!
빠른 손놀림과 끊임없는 머리회전의 짜릿한 즐거움!
스페이스 팡팡!!!
개발자 연락처 :

Brain & Puzzle
Endless Escape
Tedven LLC
Huge amount of different rooms to escape in one game makes it a huge room escape game - Endless Escape!

Test your ability to escape and “think outside the box” by combining objects, cracking codes and solving puzzles! Are you ready for an endless adventure?

☑ Unique brain teasers
☑ Challenging logic puzzles
☑ Combine unusual and diverse objects
☑ Immersive atmosphere
☑ Intuitive and easy to start – impossible to put down
☑ New rooms added frequently
☑ Auto-save function
☑ Smartphone's magic
☑ 100% FREE

Game discussion:

Brain & Puzzle
Bubble Mania
Bubble Mania is a brand new puzzle game!
Same colored bubbles would link together, Special bubbles link together produce chain reaction! Innovative gameplay, take your completely new gaming experience.
Challenge the high score in all stages! Have fun!

Play with your friends:
- Sign in with Google+ to play with your friends!
- Compare your scores with friends using social leaderboards.

How to play:
- Move same colored bubbles to link together.
- Special bubbles link together produce chain reaction!
- Boost your scores with game props.

- Easy to learn but hard to game master.
- Fast-paced game and get more fun.
- Three stages and many challenging levels.
- Various interesting props you should learn from game.

Rate this game now! Any suggestion is welcome!

Brain & Puzzle
Fruit Matching
Fruit Matching is Fruit Link Game! Free game allows you to play fun!!

A cute style matching fruit game! The classic play, fine screen, a variety of cute fruit icons.
Simple operation, the specified time, click triple the distance within the same two pictures can be eliminated.
If you like matching game, absolutely can not miss it. Try to challenge the evaluation of the full star.

Game rule:
The same two fruits together with less than three straight lines can be eliminated, the rules are simple and easy to get started.
Clear stage by collecting 20 required fruits in 1 stage, other stage added 5 fruits requirement In ascending order.

Props introduction:
Clock:Increase the time
Bomb :Eliminate all of the pictures arround it
Arrow:Eliminate all of the pictures of the current line
Stick:Eliminate all of the pictures of the same fruit

Each level has different random props reward, batter reward off stimulus than the one off.

Do not hesitate, play it now!

Tags: Fruit Game, Free Game, Fruit Link, Fruit Matching, Bomb

Brain & Puzzle
Parking 3D
Free parking game.
Car parking,bus parking,truck parking,police parking,fast racing,driving,bus simulator,truck simulator,car simulator!
Test your speed driving skills .

Parking 3D is a car , truck simulator with realistic controls and great dynamic gameplay.This game is exactly precision driving simulator.

Brain & Puzzle
Classic Car Parking 3D Light
This is the Light Version of the game.
If your device has minimum 1.2 ghz Dual Core CPU and 1 gb ram,
you may want to try High Quality version here:
Do you like Classic Cars?
Try to park Classic Cars in different levels.
- 10 different car models.
- Very realistic physics and parking system.
- More and new levels every week.


- Tap "Play" button and select the level.
- In the game you can change the cars while pressing the button named "Car"
- Use gear, pedals and steeringwheel to drive and park the car into designated spot.

Brain & Puzzle
LINE dellooone
LINE Corporation
Lengthen out with a ‘dellooone’ for the highest score!
A drop line puzzle game: "LINE dellooone"

An official LINE game
Connect the cute ‘Sweets’ together!

■ What kind of game is it?
Connect three or more falling ‘Sweets’ and make them disappear!
Clear many ‘Sweets’ and aim for the highest score!

■ How to enjoy "LINE dellooone"
・Move the falling ‘Sweets’ by flicking them right, left and down (drop). You can also tap them to rotate. Connect 3 or more of the same ‘Sweets’ to clear them!
・When ‘Sweets’ are cleared, the neighboring ‘Sweets’ will extend with ‘dellooone’ style. While extended, if the same three or more ‘Sweets’ touch, these will also disappear, increasing your score!
・When ‘Sweets’ are cleared, the FEVER GAUGE will fill. When the gauge is full, FEVER is launched for a chance to get a higher score!
・Set up items before playing, for a chance of an even higher score. GEMS can be exchanged for items.

■ Play with LINE friends!
Challenge your LINE friends in the high score ranking. You can also give a HEART, which is needed for gameplay. Enjoy together with your friends!

Brain & Puzzle
Jasper de Keijzer
The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. It is a good game for children, though adults may find it challenging as well. Try to get the cool looking smiley (sunglasses) at the end of the game. Watch the counter in the upper left corner. The lower the value the better
Brain & Puzzle
Jungle Shooter
Tani mobile
Jungle shooter's a kind of bubble shooter game, a very exciting game.
To play this game:
- Tap to the screen to shoot the bubbles
- Your goal is to clear all the bubbles before they overflow the bottom line
- Make combination of 3 or more bubbles to pop them.
- Try to get score as high as possible to rank in top high score.
Enjoys and have fun!
Brain & Puzzle
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