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Bus Parking 3D
Do you like to drive something bigger? Car parking is easy, try the big bus parking. Smooth controls, realistic vehicle physics and challenging parking missions.
Test your real driving and parking skills.

- Please support us so we can add more levels.
- More levels are coming.

if you need help please search for "Bus parking 3d" on youtube. Or click below:

This game does NOT support:
Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Pocket, Samsung GT-S5360, Huawei U8650-1

Thank you all very much!


Brain & Puzzle
Mad Head Limited
★ 金賞 - 「巴哈姆特遊戲大賞」手機暨平板遊戲
★ 陳妍希小姐已成為《神魔之塔》港台代言人

人氣轉珠遊戲- 神魔之塔Tower Of Saviors 全新3.0 改版 “黃道十二宮” 正式在 Android 推出!

3.0 版本受到廣大玩家的歡迎,9 月推出 3.1 版本「觀星者的呼喚」乘勢追擊!除了黃道十二宮下篇內容外,追加更多的故事模式,加添 NPC 趣味性: 在神殿的每一個角落,存在著不同的守護星碎片,它們就是信仰者的精神結晶。當在宮殿接受試煉,守護星的碎片就會隨機的降臨到試練者的手上。

神魔之塔中,你就是我們的召喚師。召喚師可以透過特定符石消除的試煉,利用通關的獎賞去收集以神話為背景的召喚獸,來挑戰超過 400 多個不同難度的關卡。




「古人類為了成為神而建造了一座能通向天界的巨塔 - 以諾塔。然而,在建塔的過程中,惡魔欲利用以諾塔入侵天界,人魔神三方的戰爭在塔中爆發,三方死傷無數……數千年後,留落人界的神魔發動了戰爭,為了阻止人類的滅亡,人們將最後的希望寄予僅存的召喚師身上,重新進入以諾塔解開塔的封印﹒……」

神魔之塔Tower Of Saviors 遊戲特色:

★ 結合 RPG 及寶石消除元素, 全新故事模式,最強感官體驗
★ 細膩的歐美畫風讓你忍不住收集完整圖鑑
★ 超過 400 多個不同難度的關卡
★ 注入中世紀神話元素,希臘、中國、埃及等 400 個著名神話人物呈現眼前
★ 每天有不一樣的關卡讓玩家破解,收集指定的素材強化你的隊伍
★ 每星期有全新的關卡讓玩家有更多的機會收集稀有召喚獸
★ 豐富活動內容,期間限定每天送指定數目魔法石,增加抽中神話角色的機會


神魔之塔的粉絲專區 - 想收到最新消息,請到我們的 Facebook 讚好,或是加入召喚師的交友區

Brain & Puzzle
Swiped Fruits
iGold Technologies
*** Top swipe action game in store with full features for free! ***

Very addictive casual game with unlimited levels in five interesting game modes!!!
Swipe and make longest chains of similar fruits in this challenging puzzle game with exciting special powers.

Swiped is one of the best android puzzle game and casual game supporting all popular mobile devices.

Swiped Support : Swiped runs in over 3500 android mobile devices. We made our best effort in testing it in several popular devices, however if you find any issues please mail us.

*** Game Facts ***

- Swiped is a very simple to learn swipe action based game for all touch screen mobile devices.
- Each level is progressively challenging and very addictive.
- Challenge your skills in 5 game modes with unlimited levels.
- Excite Monkey & Tarzan by swiping over them along with similar fruit chains.
- Compete with thousands of players around the world.

*** Game Play ***

- Touch and swipe over similar fruits to clear them.
- In each swipe action, Longer the chain of fruits, higher the score you will get.
- Use special powers like Monkey & Junglee to get more points.
- Play with strategy to form and swipe longer chains.

Swiped Fruits Game modes :
* CLASSIC : Achieve the target in given time to complete each level.
* FRUIT MANIA : Swipe the target no of displayed fruits .
* TIMEATTACK : Tests your raw pattern swiping speed in 1 Min, 5 Min, 10 Min & 30 Min.
* SCORE PANIC : Very dynamic fast paced game.
* CONTINUOUS : Non stop fruit swiping fun.

*** Features ***

- Awesome graphics with fluid animations.
- Auto saving & loading supported for all game modes.
- Plain Mode option to switch off special items.
- All game modes have individual player ranking system based on the highest level/Score achieved.
- Your rank naturally improves along with your skill as you play again and again, thats what makes Swiped so addictive.
- Unlimited levels! It needs only your skill to crack a new level. Complexity of the game increases progressively from level to level.

Brain & Puzzle
LINE Corporation
"LINE JELLY" - a new and exciting puzzle game!
Just tap to play, and you won't be able to stop!

An official game from "LINE" - the free messenger app!
Refresh your brain with exhilaration!

■How to Play
The rules are simple. When at least 3 blocks of the same color are aligned, tap them quickly! This will cause the blocks to disappear. Delete as many blocks as you can in 40 seconds to gain as high a score as possible!

Once you’ve gotten used to the game, try using some special items! Those blocks won’t know what hit them!

■Play with your LINE Friends!
The game is much more fun if you play with your LINE Friends! You can give each other Hearts, which are required for playing, or you can compete for the Rankings!

Try “LINE JELLY” today!

Brain & Puzzle
Candy Star
Candy Star is a wildly addictive match-two puzzle game!
Tap on two or more adjacent candy to make them burst, and try to scoring as many points as possible!
Try to play "Candy Star", it's Sweet and Delicious!

How to play:
1. Tap on two or more same candy to make them burst.
2. Scoring the target points to level up.
3. Don't rush! no time limit!

✔ 3 game modes - Easy, Medium, Hardest.
✔ Infinite levels and free to play.

Brain & Puzzle
This is the first and most updated version of Slenderman on GooglePlay!
You can choose to be chased by Slenderman, Jeff the killer or the Rake!
Super huge map to explore!
Original sound effects and music!
Unlike other games, this doesn't take up much space on your device!
No lag!

Thanks to all the people who play my games! I appreciate you and try
to implement your suggestions and ideas as fast as possible. -Scotty

More updates on the way!

Brain & Puzzle
4 Pics 1 Word: More Words
Nebo Apps
More words for 4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle: What's That Word? ★★★★★
Look at 4 pictures and guess what word they represent. This sounds easy, but some puzzles can be tricky! If you like quiz and word games, you'll enjoy this fantastic brain teaser.

• You can skip words and come back to them later.
• The pictures are revealed one by one. Guess the word with less pics and earn extra coins!
• Play in 3 languages (English, French, Russian): great tool if you're learning a foreign language

Simple and highly addictive game for the whole family!
• Almost 300 new words
• Unique puzzles: from easy to really challenging
• Earn coins by guessing the words and use the coins to help you solve most difficult puzzles

Can you guess all words and unlock all levels?

Brain & Puzzle
Numbers Addict ★ Candy Swap ★
★Numbers Addict is a unique concept for a totally addictive game: bring down the bubbles, add them, anticipate next ones to reach the best score but also challenge your Facebook friends. For that, you must use your intelligence, your imagination, your reflexes and keep your head cold!★

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crush crush crush crush crush
candy candy candy candy candy
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asphalt asphalt asphalt asphalt asphalt
music music music music music
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messenger messenger messenger messenger messenger
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Brain & Puzzle
Clever Blocks
Pocket Storm
"A simple concept that presents enough of a challenge to stay engaging. Clever blocks is a great and fun puzzle game." -- games4us.

"Clever Blocks" is a tetris-style block fitting game. Simple, yet challenging and addictive.

The goal is very simple: move various blocks to fit them all in the gray background. Sounds easy? Not really.

+ 850 Challenging puzzles
+ 4 difficulty levels
+ In-game hints system
+ Timer
+ HD graphics
+ More...

The puzzles get harder as you progress.

If you like puzzle games like tangram, unblock puzzle, unblock me, block puzzle, tetris fitting puzzle, tetris block puzzle, blocks puzzle, block sliding puzzle, block fitting puzzle, or any similar puzzle games, you will love this puzzle game too.

Brain & Puzzle
War of Reproduction
★ “Free” Event in Celebration of 15 Million Downloads

The basic instinct of sperm towards procreation begins!

body length 60㎛

Generation period: 7 days

Target distance: 18cm

Maximum speed: 3mm/min

The smallest cell of man…
embarks on a quest to find the biggest cell of woman

Long journey with a traveling a distance of 3000 times its body length
The inevitable conflict and competition leading up to the fierce battle

Who will be the bravest of them all that will come out as the sole survivor out of 30 million competitors?

The basic instinct of sperm towards procreation begins!

* The characteristics of the game

1) Simple operation using touch and drag
2) It provides diverse strategic situations for each of the regions to add more depth to the game.
3) Also, because much effort was put into the balance and the difficulty levels of the game during its development, users will surely find it addictive.
4) You can upgrade the sperm using the broccolis you obtain while playing the game,
5) and you are bound to have fun eliminating estrogen (female hormone) that interferes with sperm production.

* Background of the Game

The competitive environment of procreation has made sperm become terribly aggressive over the years.
According to a study, when sperm from another male is added to semen, over 50% of it will be attacked and killed within 15 minutes.
Mixing sperms of different males will cause some sperms to create a net-like structure to prevent other sperms from moving forward.
If that is not enough, they even launch a brutal attack on their opponents by piercing holes in their bodies using acrosomal enzymes.

Brain & Puzzle
퍼즐&드래곤즈(Puzzle & Dragons)
Adventure meets dynamic puzzle gameplay!
Explore dungeons with Monsters and Friends!
The #1 social puzzle role-playing game from Japan is now available in the US!
*Originally released on February 22, 2012 in Japan.

Match 3 or more Orbs of the same color to attack your enemies. Unlike most puzzle games, you can move an Orb as far as you want. Try to make as many Combos as you can!

Match the mystical Orbs and watch your Monsters attack. String together as many Combos as you can to unleash a devastating attack!

Collect tons of unique Monsters and assemble the best possible team. You can use 1 Leader and up to 4 Ally Monsters as you explore dungeons. Obtain new Monsters by completing dungeon or by utilizing the Egg Machines.

Monsters grow stronger by “Fusion.” Using different combinations of ingredients, you can Power-up your Monsters or try Evolve Fusion to make your team incredibly powerful.

You can make Friends in game or invite your real friends by using their ID. Everyone can enjoy the world of Puzzle & Dragons together!

Brain & Puzzle
Magma Mobile
Discover Elements ! A brain challenging, addictive puzzle game with stunning HD graphics !

The goal of the game is simple. Move the various elements to their matching elements. Select the elements and drag them in the direction you want them to go.

As you progress along, you will be faced with more challenging levels in which you will have to strategically move the various blocks.

With Elements, you can play with the Taoist basic elements: Fire, Wood, Water, Metal and Earth.

The free game is packed with 500 Levels for your enjoyement. We also included an Arcade mode to improve your skills and also a time attack mode in which you will push yourself to solve as many puzzles as possible in a limited number of time.

For those of you who know and enjoy Sokoban, you will surely like Elements.

Brain & Puzzle
Matching With Friends
Do you love puzzle games? Then play the explosively fun NEW game, Matching With Friends!


- NEW puzzle game you can play with your friends!
- MATCH 3 or more blocks to score points
- PLACE tiles in strategic locations
- EARN big points by using bonus multipliers
- SWAP tiles to find the perfect match
- UNLEASH bombs to use the board to your advantage
- SCORE the most points and you win!
- PLAY with your friends, or instantly match up with a new opponent

It’s a different puzzle every single time!


Use of this application requires a Facebook or Games With Friends account.

Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga's Privacy Policy. Both policies are available in the Application License Agreement below as well as at Social Networking Service terms may also apply.

Terms of Service:

Brain & Puzzle
Coach memory! Brain trainer
BPI master
Unique brain training and personal coach for your memory, attention, reaction speed, multitasking, task switching and problem solving skills.
According to the scientist's researches brain needs training as well as muscles.
Even 5 minutes per day can be enough to not only maintain your brain in good shape but also to develop it!
You can maintain and develop your mind in a playful way without special efforts, annoying reminders and alerts have done it in a convenient and comfortable time for you.
Using the tips of the program you may notice that after a while the answers to these questions will bother you much less than before:
✓ Where is my car parked?
✓ How can I get to place where I've been before?
✓ Which route is better to choose?
✓ Can I reach the place without enabling a GPS?
✓ What it does look like and where I had seen this?
✓ Where were the items placed on my desk?
✓ Oops, did I miss something?

Train the brain with us! Challenge yourself, relatives, friends!
There are no limitations in age and brain power. This is a free game for kids and adults, people of all ages.
Many of our players are noticing the enhancements with their cognitive functions, IQ tests improvement, visual memory and other!
Be social. Play, chat and share achievements with your luminosity friends!
Be the best! Play in the party or make pairs game!
Publish your comments and suggestions on Google play, rate application, mail us! Send your history, tricks & tips!

The application is translated into English and Russian languages. More languages can be added later.

★★★★★ GAMES INSIDE ★★★★★

✓ Memory Matrix - Sharpen your memory, succeed in locating the objects, recalling visual patterns, sense of environment.
✓ Memory Matrix Classic - Famous memory fitness which you can do every day to enhance your spatial recall skills. Switch to the pictures version if your human genius memory can reach more than 11 blocks.
✓ Patterns - Check which is the hardest game ever for you? Pictures in games before, numbers, or maybe it is something different, f.e. letters?
✓ Coins - Collecting coins in particular order will transparently improve your peripheral vision, concentration, focus and specially visual field. Safe driving, quick response to stimulus are based on it.
✓ Ordered Patterns - Deal with the number sequences and develop the personal beam lumosity focus.
✓ Speed Match - Speed up your cognitive processes and information processing. Be blazingly fast, enable your hidden power developed by brain lab. Bypass the fastest possible reaction time.
✓ Simple Math - There are several essential math skills like add, divide, multiply subtract. However the most challenging skills for now can be rapid decision making, quantitative and logical reasoning. Feel yourself the math genius bypassing puzzles done as quick arithmetic calculation exercises.
✓ Color Match - Be flexible, do multiple tasks at once, work quicker without mistakes, control your body and mind state, response inhibition and working fluency.

More brain teasers, games for brainiacs and workout are coming soon!

The differences between pro and free versions are:
- no ad
- larger game matrix field due to no ad
- probably some other benefits in the future

Q: How can I adjust sound and vibration?
A: Please use the sound option in menu -> settings or start screen.
Q: Some elements doesn't fit well on my screen. What should i do?
A: Drop us a screenshot and will try to fix it in one of the future version.
Q: How to log out from Google services in the app or switch user
A: Open Achievements or Leaderbords (via menu or at the end of any game) and press Settings -> Log out.

Brain & Puzzle
Word Search Puzzle
*** NEW: Daily Free - A new Word Search puzzle every day! ***

--- Most played Word Search app on Android market in a new avatar now! ---

Good News for all Word Search fans!!!

Regular Word Search Puzzle app has become more interesting now with an advanced version of the app. This game lets you play lots of interesting words of your own choice. Select from number of different categories. Hollywood, Kids, Dictionary, Music, Places or Personalities. Play now your favorite one!

Word Search Puzzle is a treat for all Crossword and Word Search Games lovers!!

Choose from following categories:

Daily Free: A new Word Search puzzle every day!

Hollywood: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, James Cameron, or Ethan Hunt….. Who’s your favorite? Find them inside the grid.

Kids: Refresh your childhood memories with easy but hard to find words. E.g.: Animals, Birds, Fruits & Veggies and Cartoons.

Around the World: Discover most popular landmarks, cities and countries of the world from the grid.

Dictionary: Enhance your vocab with unlimited no. of dictionary word puzzles.

Music: Playing music is always fun. Find out the names of famous singers and their hit songs & music albums.

Personalities: World famous people who have changed history. Search their names inside the puzzle.

How to Play?

Your goal is to find all the hidden words inside the grid. Hidden words can be in any orientation- up, down, left, right, or diagonally. You can also get word puzzles in either direction, forward or backward, much to spin your head.

Brain & Puzzle
Egg Shoot
Eco Game
Egg Shoot - This is jungle version of bubble shoot game.
There are 3 playing mode (classic, puzzle, time) with different styles.

1. Classic mode
Get a high score by surviving as long as you can.
There are a lot of bonus types allow you to get best score
You can get bonus score when hit vibrating eggs

2. Puzzle
A lot of difficult puzzle levels are waiting you.
Obstacle stones can't be destroyed, be careful with them. Shot smart and accurately
Challenge you by get all 3 stars each puzzle

3. Time
Shoot as fast as possible to clean all lines of eggs. Time is measured.

Brain & Puzzle
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