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우파루마운틴 for Kakao
NHN Studio629
2013년 최고의 SNG 우파루마운틴!
아이돌 스타들도 피할 수 없는 신선한 재미!
이전까지 볼 수 없었던 새로운 장르의 소셜 육성게임!
40여종의 우파루의 매직크로스로 무려 4500가지의 새로운 우파루 조합을 생성!
KAKAO와의 연동으로 더욱 강력해진 소셜기능 지원!

신비의 세계, 나만의 우파루마운틴 마을을 지금부터 만들어보세요!

★★내 손안의 귀요미! 우파루마운틴★★
1. 신비의 생명체 ‘우파루’ 를 소재로 한 콜렉션SNG
- 게임 플레이어는 꼬마 신의 자격으로 우파루 번성의 의무를 갖고 스토리텔링 퀘스트 방식으로 게임을 진행.

2. 우파루의 육성과 매직크로스 시스템
- 게임 플레이어가 탄생한 우파루에게 먹이를 주면 점점 성장하면서 생산하는 재화능력도 증가하는 육성시스템 적용.
- 40여종의 우파루가 갖고 있는 다양한 속성을 바탕으로, 서로 매직크로스를 통해 4500여가지 이상의 다양한 우파루 조합이 가능.

3. 다양한 건물생성과 농작물 수집으로 마을 꾸미기
- 우파루를 키우면 실시간으로 재화수집과 획득이 가능하기 때문에 게임 플레이를 끊김 없이 진행 가능.
- 수집한 재화로 상점에서 다양한 농작물과 건물 등을 늘려나가면서 구름 속에 가려진 우파루 마운틴의 영토를 확장 가능.

4. 다양한 소셜요소와 게임 속 ‘미니게임’ 제공
- 친구에게 선물하기, 친구 마을에 가서 도움주기, 친구와 함께 게임하기, 친구들과의 랭킹 등 다양한 소셜기능이 포함.
- 우파루 마운틴에 있는 숲이나 신전을 통해 새로운 재미와 보상이 제공되는 게임 속 미니게임이 제공.

5. 우파루마운틴 공식카페 운영
- 우파루마운틴 공식카페에서는 더 상세한 게임정보, 공략법, 내가 갖고있는 우파루의 자랑하기 등을 통해 더욱 재미있는 우파루마운틴을 즐겨보세요.
- 카페 내에서 다양한 이벤트와 풍성한 선물도 준비되어 있어서 기쁨도 2배! 재미도 2배!

■ 고객 문의 및 불편 신고 :

★ 스마트한게임의 더욱 다양한 게임과 소식을 확인해 보세요.

■ 사업 및 마케팅 제휴 제안 :

놀라운 무료게임, 스마트 한게임
개발자 연락처 :
경기도 성남시 분당구 삼평동 629 NHN 엔터테인먼트 플레이뮤지엄 463-400

타이니팡 for Kakao
★ 타이니팡에서 떠나는 Romantic Holiday! ★

더워도 너무 더운 여름!
이 무더위를 한번에 날려 버리시라고
타이니팡 를 준비했습니다.

파타야, 보라카이, 뉴질랜드 까지!!
아름다운 휴양지가 여러분을 기다리고 있습니다.

여러분이 꿈꿔온 Romantic Holiday~
지금 타이니팡에서 만나보세요~!!

추억의 아케이드로 다시 돌아온 명품게임 '타이니팡'!
굳게 잠겨 있는 '아케이드'를 열 비밀의 열쇠를 찾아라!

✔동물 친구들이 몰려옵니다!
'하하하, 더 이상 혼자가 아니에요!'
외롭게 목장을 지키던 양에게 드디어 친구들이 찾아왔어요.
새침하고 통통하지만 때론 주변을 놀라게 하는 펭귄 친구,
듬직하고 순하지만 가끔 무섭게 화가 나는 곰 친구,
그 외에 작고 귀여운 펫 친구들까지 한꺼번에 놀러 왔어요~!

✔어머, 양들이 자고 있어요. 잠자는 양들을 깨워주세요~
양들이 깨어날 때마다 우정포인트 적립!
더 많은 양들이 깨어나면? 새로운 모드 '아케이드'가 활~짝 열립니다.
'도전!60', '릴레이팡'과 색다른 재미를 지닌 '아케이드'를 만나보세요!

✔다양하고 강력한 아이템!
총 20종이 넘는 다채로운 아이템!
아이템이라고 다 똑 같은 게 아니죠~ 아이템 파워업을 통해 강력한 아이템으로 바꿔보세요!
열심히 골드를 모아서 최고 득점을 낼 수 있는 아이템을 써보세요.
친구들보다 훨씬 높은 점수를 올릴 수 있어요.

• 본 게임은 부분유료 아이템 구매가 가능합니다. 부분유료 아이템 구매시 추가 비용이 발생할 수 있으며, 부분유료 아이템은 종류에 따라 청약철회가 가능 또는 제한될 수도 있습니다.
• 본 게임의 이용과 관련된 조건(계약해지/청약철회 등)은 게임 내 또는 컴투스 모바일 게임 서비스 이용약관(홈페이지에서 확인 가능,에서 확인하실 수 있습니다.
• 본 게임과 관련된 문의/상담은 게임 소개 페이지 하단의 '개발자에게 직접 문의하기', 카카오톡 아이디 : Com2uSGames, E-mail : , 컴투스 홈페이지 로그인 후 '1:1 문의하기'를 통해 하실 수 있습니다.

컴투스의 재밌고 신나는 게임들!
【골프스타】 전 세계를 강타한 극강의 3D 리얼 골프!
【타이니팜】 맞정으로 싹트는 우리의 우정!
【컴투스프로야구 for 매니저】 야구 시뮬레이션 게임의 진수!

컴투스와 함께 놀아요~!
트위터에서 수다 떨기

페이스북에서 놀기

공략법, 이벤트 정보가 궁금하면?!

Com2uS 안전결제 캠페인, 비밀번호 설정하기!

Happy Street
Godzilab Inc
In Happy Street you can build a uniquely charming village, limited only by your imagination. You will discover a living world full of funny and customizable characters.

Explore a variety of places, such as the peaceful forest where you can fish, sculpt, craft and cook. Let your imagination run wild and develop a village that is truly unique to you, including a train, a giant museum, a hotel to invite your friends, and much, much more.

Experience new technologies such as planes, jet packs, robots and even UFO's!

5/5 "Insanely fun. Easy to understand but yet challenging."

5/5 "No other game like this has held my attention for even 10% as long as Happy Street has."

5/5 "This is my fave game. The developers are always doing updates, which makes it even better. It never bores me. I highly recommend for all ages, young and old!"

5/5 "Cute game with great graphics, nice music, fun sounds, and a positive vibe."

5/5 "It's fun and addictive once you start playing it and you will never get bored."

• Build funny shops from different ages
• Enter a world with living characters. Meet Billy who dreams of becoming a pilot, Zoe the geek, Nyok who cooks weird meals, Pepin the stingy wolf.
• Play and trade with your friends on Game Center and Facebook
• Unique point of view of your village, highlighting a unique and beautiful art style
• Discover beautiful environments like a beach or a forest
• Customize your characters and create your own clothes
• Play with the accelerometer and tilt your village to discover a shifting world

Greedy Spiders Free
Mixed Meal, new scenario with new levels!!

Somewhere out there, a tiny world needs a huge hand...
The Spiders have come to town and they are planning on dining their friendly neighbors.
Use your intelligence in this exciting puzzle game and prevent the Spiders from pulling off their plan.

Carefully plan your escape from Wild Hills, Scary Crypts and many other scenarios to reach the final cut scene.

Thinking of an easy game? Wait until you find yourself dealing with up to three evil and hungry spiders.

As you progress through the levels, new actions, new spiders and new surprises will be available.
Deceive a spider, burn down the spider web or even invoke a supernatural power to save a bug...use everything at your hands to avoid being eaten in this breath taking journey.

★★★★★ By BigRawn (October 2, 2011)
"Arachnid phobia! More challenging than Angry Birds and Stupid Ninja put together, this one might actually cause you think!! While still having fun."

★★★★★ By Lorax (September 18, 2011)
"Fun, approachable puzzle game which begins easy but quickly becomes quite the challenge. Great replay value, easily as good or better than Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Quell and other puzzlers. Well done!"

★★★★★ By Nicolas Gramlich, AndEngine framework founder.
"One of the best AndEngine games!"


✓ 86 challenging levels!
✓ 7 different types of bugs!
✓ Warning: extremely addictive!
✓ Delightful and funny graphics.
✓ More scenarios and levels coming soon!

Powered by AndEngine -
XPERIA PLAY Optimized.

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Any problems you may encounter, please let us know by sending us an email, or through our Facebook page.

READ_PHONE_STATE permission is only for advertising.

Clever Blocks
Pocket Storm
"A simple concept that presents enough of a challenge to stay engaging. Clever blocks is a great and fun puzzle game." -- games4us.

"Clever Blocks" is a tetris-style block fitting game. Simple, yet challenging and addictive.

The goal is very simple: move various blocks to fit them all in the gray background. Sounds easy? Not really.

+ 850 Challenging puzzles
+ 4 difficulty levels
+ In-game hints system
+ Timer
+ HD graphics
+ More...

The puzzles get harder as you progress.

If you like puzzle games like tangram, unblock puzzle, unblock me, block puzzle, tetris fitting puzzle, tetris block puzzle, blocks puzzle, block sliding puzzle, block fitting puzzle, or any similar puzzle games, you will love this puzzle game too.

Brain & Puzzle
Three Kingdoms Defense 2
Com2uS USA
Heroes battle fiercely in Three Kingdoms Defense 2

★Game in English★
Play also in français, Deutsch, 中文简体, 中文繁體, 日本語 and 한글

Heroes of three kingdoms have come from every territory of the Three Kingdoms and united under a powerful oath! Enemies falling like leaves with each touch! Are you ready to protect your lands?

■ Game features ■

✔ Easy defense for everyone!
Fun guaranteed even if you are unfamiliar with the Legend of the three kingdoms!

✔ Historical figures are your generals and soldiers
Use 16 generals and 25 soldiers

✔ Easy archery and great impact!
- Fire arrows with a simple touch

✔ Goguryeo, the Impregnable nation!
- a new Goguryeo map, and Gwanggaeto the Great!
- Battle against an endless stream of enemies

✔ Various upgrades
- Power up your soldiers and generals
- Learn skills to wipe out many enemies at once!

Com2uS: Your first search for fun!
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【9 Innings: 2013 Pro Baseball】 The Ultimate Baseball game!
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Other fun and exciting games are available, too!

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Tips and Updates

Role Playing
CHAOS Combat Copters
C.H.A.O.S Tournament - official tournament on CHAOS from the game developers.

C.H.A.O.S - Combat Helicopter Assault Operation Simulator

C.H.A.O.S Tournament - is your opportunity to go through the new military adventure in the sky, but in an even more rigorous and competitive environment. If you are an experienced pilot - test your fighting skills, fighting on the rigid rules of our tournaments with those who already have significant experience in the management of helicopter gunships. If you're new - prove that you are a rising star, or ... or fall from the sky.
The motto of the CHAOS Tournament: In the sky, there will be only one!
- Prizes
- Video of fighting for the analysis and preparation for combat available
- 2 types of tournaments: regular (includes 3 leagues) and elite (for seasoned fighters)
- The integration of games with Game Center and Facebook
- Realistic helicopter simulator and game play, rich with action and events
- Highly detailed helicopter models from leading manufacturers including the U.S., Russia and Europe (AH-64 "Apache", UH-60 "Black Hawk", MI-24 "Hind", Ka-52 "Alligator", RAH-66 "Comanche") and other
- Unique visual and sound effects
- Real maps and battle locations
- 8 training missions, you can prepare for the air fight by passing training missions
- Ability to improve performance and upgrade weapons for your helicopter
- Medals and orders for the professionalism displayed in battle
- Detailed statistics combat achievements, which is available both in game and on the website.

The War never ends.Si vis pacem, para bellum is a Latin adage translated as, "If you wish for peace, prepare for war".

Add friends, participate in tournaments, improve combat skills in between tournaments in training missions and online battles, and win awards and titles.
Detailed schedule of the tournaments can be found on the website or on - watch the updates of the schedule.

Avatar Fight - MMORPG game
GameJoy Inc
Avatar fight is an ingenious multiplayer online game nothing like the other MMORPG games in the app store.
The game is simple yet challenging, fun and addictive. It will give you a different taste of online games.

The core of the game play is PvP fight and guild wars. You can't be a top player without support of friends, without being a part of a powerful guild. Making lots of friends and cherishing your reputation, building a great guild and making your fame!
NOTE: not all players are your friends, they could be your ruler who taxing on you, they could be the spy in your guild.

To grow your avatar in the game, you have to actively fight players, enroll contests, and do tasks to gain experiences and level up. You need to raise pets, collect weapons, and armor your avatar to face the fightings.

★ Features:
- Fighting other players in the arena.
- Claiming titles in the combat contests.
- Cool characters: Knight, ninja, pirate, vampire, etc.
- Cool pets: werewolf, dragon, dinosaur, etc.
- Cool weapons and armors to acquire.
- Cool skills: call friends to join a fight, turn your enemy's pet into sheep, etc.
- Friends list, message wall and group discussion.
- Guild war: exciting multi-rounds group fightings.
- Guild league: guild team vs guild team, each team has 5 members.
- Single player league: a good place to demo your power.
- Single player can loot a guild for money, experience and other item.
- Building mines, producing materials and gems.
- Hero tower: compete for the top positions in the hero tower.
- Auction house.

** Thank you all for the feedbacks. We are listening! **



Role Playing
Sector Strike
Clapfoot Inc.
"...on its way to becoming one of the must-have Android game" - PartyHitsRadio

A futuristic shoot 'em up designed to challenge your reflexes and wits. Sector Strike combines the mechanics of old school shooters and the aesthetics of modern 3D games.

Battle through relentless waves of AI drones in a campaign that will take you through 4 unique environments. Earn credits and upgrade your ship with new weapons, equipment, and abilities.

ADDICTIVE power-up system that will keep you coming back for more

UPGRADE your ship with over 20 weapons and abilities such as hellfire missiles and call for reinforcements.

ADVANCED GRAPHICS that will take advantage of your new mobile device

CLASSIC space shooter game mechanics familiar to retro gamers and fans of the SHUMP gendre


CLOUD BACKUP SUPPORT ensures that you'll never lose your save game data again, even if you change your device!

COMPATIBLE with older devices like the Galaxy Ace

CUSTOMIZE your ship with custom skins

Soccer Mexican League
NOTE: This application currently only supports Spanish language given its user-base.

Soccer Mexican League - 2ThumbsApp brings you the football soccer mexican league with match schedules, results, standings, and much more. It contains all the information every fan should know about the league; it also displays the matches for the mexican national team. This information is also available at

This application makes use of the internet connection to update results and match information; you are solely responsible for any fees deriving from this.

In order to navigate through all the pages press the 'Inicio' button on the top left. There are other ways to navigate the application such as using finger side-sweep; for more information visit the 'Ayúda' page in the app, this page can be reached by pressing your cellphone's menu key.

- First Division (match schedules & results).
- Ascending Division (match schedules & results).
- Mexican national team (match schedules & results).
- See matches by date or by team.
- Results and scheduled changes are auto-updated. It also allows users to force updates manually to get current results as desired.
- All matches are displayed on your local time.
- It has a 'My Team' option; this is available the main menu and it displays custom background and font.
- Easy navigation allows users to switch pages by sliding their finger left or right.
- Standings for both divisions, first division and ascending division.
- Compare teams performance.
- Descending stats.
- Match reminders.

CPU / RAM / DEVICE Identifier
Davy Bartoloni
CPU Name / Ram Module / PCB name / Screen Size / GPU Name

comments about your not-recognized device are
completely useless without the email-report.

This app can detect CPU type, Faked specifications (REAL CORE NUMBER AND SPEED) , speeds (mhz), PCB/Product, GPU type,states,size (inches) of the screen, CPU states, "Deep Sleep" capabilities and bogomips for Smartphones and Tablets , CPU+GPU Visual database+infos included.

if you are experienced the (Google i think)error:

"CPU / RAM / DEVICE Identifier" could not be downloaded due to an error. (error retrieving information from server. [RPC:AEC:0])

this is the solution:

Removing Google Account and putting it back in solved the problem. As well as clearing our the data in the Play Store app.

CPU: CPU speed range, CPU frequency states + governors, Real CORES, CPU Technology, brand, model, year, benchmarking and general infos
Board: Name, Model, producer, general information about builder, RAM MODULE
GPU: Name, speed, technology, brand, cpu integration and general infos
Kernel: Compiler workstation, builder, revision, general infos
Screen: Resolution, DPIs, Inches - Size

(Qualcomm, Infotmic, Marvell ,Actions, OMAP, Atom, Exynos, Rockchips, Mediatek, Wondermedia, Samsung, MEIZU etc...) includes a valutation tool,a Bogomips database of +500 tablet/phone Bogomips speeds, a visual database of all Android-compatible ARM CPUs.

the application is under constant development, feel free to give us the data of your CPU/MobilePhone/Tablet
We can add your name to "thanks" list directly on the app.


LCJV for: Donations
Eric T. de J. III for: SGH-I317 infos
Mali 400 speeds-infos
Bernhard F. for: Donation
Dallas Eschenauer for: Donation
Peter D. for: Donation
Charles F. for: Donation
Peter T. for: Donation
Jean-Christophe A. for: Actions-CPU infos
ATM7013 photo
Imran Awang for: Donation
Angela Roberts for: Donation
ThL W3 infos
pYlOne for: Galaxy S4 infos
Qualcomm S600 infos
HTC One M7 infos
Kostas G. for: Donation
Qualcomm 8960 infos
Raguzin S. for: Donation
Karol Olen for: One-S models infos
Adreno and Krait infos
Nvidia infos
bug segnalation
Sergio Lopez for: new CPUs alert
Adreno infos
inches idea
Nvidia infos
Drakulian Rathburn for: L710 Infos
DPI idea
download error report
Android version
mgsfoxhound2 for: Iconia infos
MSM7627 infos
MSM8260 infos
many devices reports
Young R. for: A12 infos
Ross S. for: Z208 infos
bug segnalation
Alex S. for: MT6575 infos
suggestions and ideas
Deana T. for: D710 infos
download error report
Flint B. for: SGH-I717 infos
cores detection bug
Francesco F. for I9003/Duos infos
ideas and layout tests
Igor A. for Note/Note2/S3 massive tests
Alberto 'Keldaron' for HTC massive tests

Other thanks directly on application...

Numbers Addict ★ Candy Swap ★
★Numbers Addict is a unique concept for a totally addictive game: bring down the bubbles, add them, anticipate next ones to reach the best score but also challenge your Facebook friends. For that, you must use your intelligence, your imagination, your reflexes and keep your head cold!★

0 0 0 0 0
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free free free free free
pro pro pro pro pro
and and and and and
of of of of of
saga saga saga saga saga
iphone iphone iphone iphone iphone
crush crush crush crush crush
candy candy candy candy candy
pocket pocket pocket pocket pocket
your your your your your
downloader downloader downloader downloader downloader
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edition edition edition edition edition
zombies zombies zombies zombies zombies
download download download download download
youtube youtube youtube youtube youtube
asphalt asphalt asphalt asphalt asphalt
music music music music music
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messenger messenger messenger messenger messenger
app app app app app
airborne airborne airborne airborne airborne
plants plants plants plants plants
minecraft minecraft minecraft minecraft minecraft
line line line line line
chat chat chat chat chat
meet meet meet meet meet
facebook facebook facebook facebook facebook
skype skype skype skype skype
gps gps gps gps gps
manager manager manager manager manager
alarm alarm alarm alarm alarm
video video video video video
rope rope rope rope rope
instagram instagram instagram instagram instagram
cut cut cut cut cut
new new new new new
sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep
me me me me me
racing racing racing racing racing
mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile
baby baby baby baby baby
clash clash clash clash clash
game game game game game
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clock clock clock clock clock
kingdoms kingdoms kingdoms kingdoms kingdoms
whatsapp whatsapp whatsapp whatsapp whatsapp
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camera camera camera camera camera
despicable despicable despicable despicable despicable
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clans clans clans clans clans
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war war war war war
games games games games games
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people people people people people
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rush rush rush rush rush
tracker tracker tracker tracker tracker
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terraria terraria terraria terraria terraria
poker poker poker poker poker
emoji emoji emoji emoji emoji
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Brain & Puzzle
暴走列伝 単車の虎◆ヤンキー×バイク!無料不良バトル/単虎
Donuts Co. Ltd.
卍卍卍卍 暴走列伝 単車の虎 卍卍卍卍

☆    200万人以上が遊んだ    ☆
☆ 無料で遊べる3D単車バトルゲーム ☆

~~ キャンペーン中!! ~~
『単車の虎 極ノ書』






카트라이더 코인러쉬 for Kakao
NEXON Company
♠고객센터 바로가기 ☞☞
전용 고객센터를 통해 결제오류, 게임불편사항 등에 대해서 빠르게 답변이 가능합니다.
♠게임 도움말 바로가기☞☞
[카트라이더 코인러쉬의 진화]
> 업데이트를 통해 한 층 업그레이드 된 이야기!

☆ 플레이 방식 변경 ☆

♣ 싱글 플레이 방법 변경 ♣
- 1등이 체크 포인트를 지나도 제한 시간 동안은 지속적으로
코인을 획득할 수 있습니다.
- 제한 시간 안에 체크 포인트에 도달하면 보너스 시간이 추가됩니다.
- 경기 시간 내에는 코인 및 아이템 큐브가 재생성 됩니다.
- NPC가 체크 포인트를 통과할 때에는 보너스 시간이 적용하지 않습니다.

♣ 멀티 플레이 방법 변경 ♣
- 제한 시간 내에 가장 많은 코인을 획득한 자가 승리합니다.
- 코인과 아이템 큐브 상자는 일정 시간이 지나면 재생성 됩니다.
- 피버 상태가 되면 카트가 거대화 되면서 다른 카트와 충돌하면
상대방의 카트가 잠시 납작해집니다.
- 특정 아이템에 의해 공격을 받게 되면 소지한 코인 수량이 감소합니다.
- 다른 플레이어가 있는 곳을 알려줍니다.

☆ 미션을 달성하면 아이템이 품안에 ☆
> 각 미션을 완료하면 아이템을 얻을 수 있습니다.

- 귀족오리 카트: 친구 수 20인 이상
- 인더스트 카트: 레벨 20 이상
- 네오 라이더: 초대 수 20회 이상
- 브로디 라이더: 하이 스코어 30,000점 이상

더욱 더 아찔한 경기 방식으로 진화한 카트라이더 코인러쉬로
일상에서 받았던 스트레스를 마음껏 풀어 보세요.

[아이템 소개]
♣ 하트 ♣
- 8분마다 자동으로 충전 됩니다.
- 친구 초대 메시지 발송하면 얻을 수 있습니다.
- 레벨이 오를 때마다 꽉 채워드립니다.
- 친구로부터 선물로 받을 수 있습니다.
- 보유한 캐시로도 충전할 수 있습니다.

♣ 아이템 ♣
- 시작 부스터: 레이싱 시작할 때 자동으로 부스터가 발동되어
빠르게 치고 나갈 수 있습니다.
- 자동 방어: 경기 중에 받는 공격을 자동으로 방어할 수 있습니다.
- 자석 강화: 피버 상태가 되면 활성화가 되면서 멀리 있는 코인도
획득할 수 있습니다.

♣ 캐시 ♣
- 보유한 캐시로 하트와 아이템을 충전할 수 있습니다.
- 캐시는 게임 내 상점을 통해 충전할 수 있습니다.
개발자 연락처 :

강남구 역삼동 707-27 I'Tower



The follow up to the successful franchise, Contract Killer: Zombies!! Step into the role of Evelyn as she tries to clear out the Savehaven Research Center from the hordes of zombies and reveal the mystery behind the outbreak.

Free-Movement Third-Person Action!
Explore numerous locations both inside and out.

High-quality 3D graphics!
Experience beautiful graphics on the latest devices

Survival Mode!
Get the highest score by protecting the civilian from waves of zombies!

Tons of missions to complete!
Save civilians, find provisions and clear escape routes to open new locations.

Kill zombies!
Use a variety of deadly guns, grenades and melee weapons!

Collect Items!
Shotguns, Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Grenades, Axes, Chainsaws, Health Packs and MORE!

Multiple Zombie Bosses!
Can you take them all down?

Contract Killer: Zombies 2 is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.

Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms of Use. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Glu Mobile’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at Additional terms may also apply.

Twitter @glumobile

Kingdoms at War
A Thinking Ape, Inc.
Lead the mightiest army in the kingdom! Face-off against millions of players as you claim new lands, battle ancient monsters, and seize rare items!

★★★★★ "Ridiculously addictive!"
★★★★★ "The best turn-based MMORPG on Google Play by far."
★★★★★ "The online multiplayer aspect is really good, it’s a whole world in there!"

Power is yours for the taking! Form a Clan, hire allies, and plunder gold in Kingdoms at War: the ultimate fantasy-strategy game. Team up to defeat ancient monsters in Epic Battles, or wage war against other players in the all-new Estoc Trials.

Command your army and prove your worth on the battlefield: CLAIM YOUR KINGDOM NOW!


★ Regular FREE updates!

★ Join forces to form powerful Clans and crush the competition!

★ Scout, assassinate, and steal from enemy kingdoms

★ Build your kingdom with Catapults, Watch Towers, and Dragons!

★ Choose your banner: Conqueror, Monarch or Defender 

★ Use magical elixirs and powerful spells against your enemies

★ Visit the Mage to enchant your weapons and increase their power

★ Lead Epic Battles against ancient monsters

★ Battle rival players LIVE in REAL TIME!

...and much MORE!

“Great game, have played for months and still enjoy it. I like the new addition of armor and weapons. Keep it coming guys!!” -Fennwick

“This game ranks up there with WOW.” -Red-327

“I play this game at night for hours under my pillow so my mom won’t notice me playing.” -KaW_Lover

“Dangerously fun. When I first started playing this game I only spent a couple minutes a day, but then I got sucked into it and started checking it compulsively every few minutes to score more hits. My friends got mad at me, my girlfriend started ignoring me, and it ruined my productivity at work. I've curbed it now, but this game is still dangerously fun and eating up my time. Totally awesome." -randyv2

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