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2 Pics 1 Word: Mix Pics Puzzle
Second Gear Games
Simple and very addictive game for the whole family! If you liked 4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle, this game is for you. Two excellent brain teasers in one package!

★★★★★ Two In One ★★★★★
Each of the two pictures represents one half of a word. Can you guess the word? Combine the words and solve the puzzle! Honey + moon ... honeymoon! Can you solve all the puzzles?

★★★★★ Mix And Make ★★★★★
Mix two pics... What do you get?
Each puzzle contains two pictures for two different words. Mix them and you'll get something new. What's the word? Fire + dough ... bread! White + black ... grey! Can you solve the rest of the puzzles?

Available in three languages! Practice your second language vocabulary!

Epic Defense 2 - Wind Spells
Cat Studio HK
As the second work of Epic Defense series, this game will bring you a number of new elements and magic towers...

"The graphics remind me of Diablo III, awesome! I can't believe such amazing game can be found on android."
"Well balanced after remake. It will become a masterpiece."

It had been a long time since the last war between Terran and Orcs. The descendants of the Elements Masters had built their own kingdoms.
Time passed by, the elemental force of fire had become more and more powerful, and the fire lord was no longer satisfied with his territory...
Once again, war broke out.
The fire lord was blinded by his greed. He made a deal with devil to obtain power from the hell. Then, he summoned monsters from hell and made them invulnerable with dark magic...
When the fire lord had seemed to seize the absolute advantage, the other two tribes discovered an extraordinary energy fluctuation. They followed it and found another ancient tribe, the WIND!
Heroes, the World of Elements need you now!

In this myth-style Defense / TD game, you will see troops of undead, monsters and Orcs. Different from other TD games, you need to summon towers by using powers of gems in this game, rather than simply dragging towers and repeating over and over again. This is absolutely a must try for all TD lovers.

Key Features:
- Support English, 简体中文 , 正體中文, 日本語, 한국의
- New element - the Wind element! 11 new towers are waiting for your discovery!
- New feature - drag gems onto the pathway to release the elemental power!
- Boss mode is available now.
- Amazing storyline with 21 well designed levels; 2 different modes and 3 difficulty levels.
- Easy to operate: drag to build towers, and slide to pick up gems.
- Eye-catching graphic design specially made for android devices.
- Enjoy super HD maps and smooth running pictures at the same time (supported by the latest game engine optimization).
- The creative game play method and the innovative gem integration system will bring you a brand new Tower Defense game experience!
- The RPG-like upgrading system makes the game more challenging.

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"Egypt Zuma - Temple of Anubis" - A Zuma game with egypt theme.
"Little Commander - World War II TD" - A TD game with very cute visual style.
"Soldiers of Glory : World War 2" - Act as the Allied commander and win the WWII!
"Soldiers of Glory : Modern War" - A TD game that enemies could attack you back!
"Epic Defense - the Elements" - A TD game with war3 visual style.
"Epic Defense 2 - Wind Spells" - the second work of Epic Defense series, more new elements! more new towers!
"Galaxy Wars Defense" - A Space Sci-Fi TD with Stunning Graphics and Super Big Maps!
"Zerg Must Die" - A TD game with SC2 style. The gameplay very like Defense Grid
"Marble Blast - Zodiac" - Another very good Zuma Game, and you can draw your custom levels!
Cat Studio's Facebook Page:
Cat Studio's Tiwtter:
Cat Studio's Youtube Channel:

Facebook Page of Epic Defense 2 - the Wind Spells:

Watch promotion video from
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Inotia 4
Com2uS USA
Which side will you choose when the two forces rise again?
Inotia saga brought to the next level! 《Inotia 4》

Stride along with Kiyan, the Shadow Tribe's virtuoso, and Eara, the influential Channel of Light, in their fantasy adventure story.
With improved graphics and storyline from the previous series, get indulged in the battles against goblins, orcs, and more!

A new hero awaits to be released from his shadows, or the all-new Inotian continent mobile RPG action game!

★Supports: English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體.

■ Feature Highlights ■

- 6 Classes, 90 Skills
Choose from 6 classes; Black Knight, Assassin, Warlock, Priest, and Ranger.
15 different skills are added to each class. Combine all skills to customize your party's strategy.

- Convenient Party System
Mercenaries can be recruited to your party anytime and anywhere.
Once all mercenaries are recruited, 20 or more unique 'mercenary skills' will help you along your journey.

- One Of The Largest Mobile RPG Maps
Dry deserts and freezing snowfields, mysterious forests and dark dungeons...
400 maps with various themes to roam through!

- A Tragic Destiny and Other Schemes await the Shadow Assassin and the Channel of Light
A breathless chase-and-run story where the two heroes meet companions, enemies, and monsters; Be immersed in emotions as the darkness and light contradicts in force...
Enjoy a stronger, and better, scenario.

- Exclusive Sub-quests Ready To Be Unraveled
Enjoy other sub-quests in each region of the Inotian continent besides the main story.
As you accomplish the quests, you will get your hands on some extraordinary items.
Listen to stories of each villager and monster to unfold other mysteries.

- End of a Story means a Beginning of a New Journey: Infinite Dungeon for Hardcore Players
Cleared the whole story? Get ready to start a new one in Infinite Dungeon!
5 different memory layers will relocate you to a battle that was of your past...but different the next time.
Fight villains that are even more vicious and smellier than the main story, to become the ultimate master of Inotia!

Com2uS: Your first search for fun!
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【9 Innings: 2013 Pro Baseball】 The Ultimate Baseball game!
【The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms】 Help Anne puzzle her way out of the mysterious Mansion!

Other fun and exciting games are available, too!

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Tips and Updates

Role Playing
컴투스 홈런왕 for Kakao
Com2uS USA
손끝에서 터지는 짜릿한 홈런!
터치만으로 홈런을 지배하는 자! 컴투스홈런왕!

야구게임은 아저씨들만 좋아하는 것? 더 이상은 아니예요.
모두가 함께할 수 있는 세상에 하나뿐인 홈런게임이 출시되었습니다.

지금 필요한 것은 뭐? 터치~터치~터치~

1분 정도의 시간 동안 가볍게 친구보다 더 많은 콤보로 파워 홈런을 날려보세요.
스트레스가 어디 갔지!? 어떡하지? (  ̄ ∇ ̄)づ

* 전혀 어렵지 않아요~. 터치만 할 줄 알면 되요~

리듬게임을 하듯 탓탓탓뙇!
연속 홈런으로 버스트 모드 발동!
힘들게 조작하지 않고도 짜릿함과 타격감을 얻을 수 있어요.

* 카카오 톡(kakao talk)과 완벽 연동 +0+

카카오톡 친구들에게 배트 선물도 보낼 수 있고, 내 점수를 자랑도 할 수 있어요.
이번 주의 홈런왕은 당신입니다.

* 짧은 시간 동안 시원하게 홈런을 날려보자.(^_^)_b

야구의 묘미는 홈런이죠~, 홈런을 부탁해요~
눈앞에서 펼쳐지는 무한 홈런, 무한 타격, 무한 재미, 1분이 이렇게 환상적이었나요?

* 역전을 위한 마지막 기회, 멋진 파이널 찬스!
내 기록의 추가점수를 얻을 수 있는 마지막 기회, 반전을 노려보세요!

* 매력적인 캐릭터들의 고유능력으로 나에게 맞는 플레이 스타일을 코디하자!

3명의 캐릭터들이 보유한 고유 능력들을 확인하세요.
전혀 다른 플레이 스타일의 연출이 가능합니다.

"홈런배틀(Homerun Battle)의 최신판, 지금 시작하세요."

= "컴투스 홈런왕" 카카오톡 상담 서비스 안내 =

고객님들의 궁금증을 빠르고 정확하게 처리해드리고자!
도도시크한 Com2usBB (컴프야걸) 이 컴투스 홈런왕 까지 카카오톡 상담을 진행 합니다^--^

- 상담 운영 시간 : 평일 10:00~ 18:00 (점심시간 12:30~ 13:30 제외 )
- 카카오톡 아이디 : Com2usBB (컴프야걸)
- 이용 방법: 카카오톡 친구 추가 에서 '아이디로 친구 찾기' -> Com2usBB 검색 -> 친구 추가 후 문의가능

• 본 게임은 부분유료 아이템 구매가 가능합니다. 부분유료 아이템 구매시 추가 비용이 발생할 수 있으며, 
부분유료 아이템은 종류에 따라 청약철회가 가능 또는 제한될 수도 있습니다. 
• 본 게임의 이용과 관련된 조건(계약해지/청약철회 등)은 게임 내 또는 
컴투스 모바일 게임 서비스 이용약관(홈페이지에서 확인 가능,에서 확인하실 수 있습니다. 
• 본 게임과 관련된 문의/상담은 게임 소개 페이지 하단의 '개발자에게 직접 문의하기', 카카오톡 아이디 : Com2uSGames, E-mail : , 컴투스 홈페이지 로그인 후 '1:1 문의하기'를 통해 하실 수 있습니다.

컴투스의 재밌고 신나는 게임들!
【골프스타】 전 세계를 강타한 극강의 3D 리얼 골프!
【타이니팜】 맞정으로 싹트는 우리의 우정!
【타이니팡 for Kakao】 신나게 짜릿하게 팡팡!
【컴투스프로야구 for 매니저】 야구 시뮬레이션 게임의 진수!

컴투스와 함께 놀아요~!
트위터에서 수다 떨기

페이스북에서 놀기

공략법, 이벤트 정보가 궁금하면?!

Com2uS 안전결제 캠페인, 비밀번호 설정하기!

Come on Baby!
Com2uS USA
★☆★ Super comic battles between the funniest babies ever! ★☆★

Come on Baby, the star of arcade sports game has debuted on the smartphone!

Decide the strongest baby through 6 upgraded sports events!

Shake your head and get rid of octopuses falling on you head! Shake it Shake it!
Will you get shocked or survive? Electrifying jump rope!
Make sure you don’t lose your balance or you will fall! The prince of balance!
Pull rhino’s tail and send it flying! Shoot the Rhino!
Who’s the fastest baby? 100M Crawling Race!
No. 1 battle action! Face Slapper!

All sports events can be enjoyed on online real-time battle!
Enjoy super comic sports events of super babies with players all over the world!

★ English support! ★

█ Game Features █

✔ Six funny and comic sports games
- Shake it Shake it
- Electrifying jump rope
- The prince of balance
- Shoot the Rhino
- 100M Crawling Race
- Face Slapper

✔ Choose from 4 different game modes
- Match up mode which allows you to play online real-time battles against the super babies throughout the world!
- Arcade mode where you can obtain experience from endless enemies!
- Challenge mode for challenging better record!- Training mode where you can train to become the world’s strongest baby!

✔ You can make your own super baby with various characters and costumes
- Total 6 super baby characters
- 300 various costumes

✔ Support battles with Bluetooth! You can have quick match with a friend beside you even if there’s no network!
✔ Exciting missions and great rewards!
✔ Ranking system!
✔ Links to the Facebook!

Com2uS: Your first search for fun!
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Other fun and exciting games are available, too!

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Tips and Updates

Guess Words

Do you like word puzzles, scrabble, hangman and other word games, but are looking for something new? Here you are – the game “Guess The Words”! Simple name, simple concept, simply brilliant fun!

Guess hidden words by building them out of letters and get a maximum score. In trouble? No problem, touch a word and get an informal hint from a funny creature. Still cannot guess a word? Then use bunch of letters to open up the word, letter by letter! Perhaps it will give you a lead on another word? Then you get a score there too!

Have a few spare moments you do not want to waste by “killing” some fruits? The game “Guess The Words” will not let your grey matter die out! Several hundred levels have been carefully prepared for you, each level with 10 to 20 hidden words. Guess a word and expand your vocabulary by having fun with any spare moment.

Curious about how you score against others? Just check scores stats to see if you rate as a true wordsmith or should just try a little harder!

Local version of the game “Guess The Words” has already reached rank 1 in the Games category in one country and ranked in the top 500 in over 10 countries worldwide!

Nice graphics, cool sounds, extensive vocabulary with thousands of English nouns, hundreds of levels, funny hints – that is the game “Guess The Words”. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and share your review with others!

Shake Spears!
Shpaga Games
Enter the new age of Tournaments with Shake Spears online multiplayer! Send challenges to your friends or fight against a randomly chosen knight errant! Pick up the gauntlet and prove you are the greatest knight of them all!

Shake Spears is a game of GLORY, HONOR, and FAME! Become a valiant knight and enter tournaments to compete for the heart of a beautiful lady. Travel through four worlds of wonder, win battles in 20 cities, and beat challenging bosses in this epic game. It's time to become a hero for the ages!
Take out opponents with well-aimed strikes in knightly competitions of strategy and precision! Only a steady hand and a trusty steed can guarantee your victory! Upgrade your skills, armor, and weapons, and remember to use a dash of magic to overcome your enemies. Will you answer the call of destiny and become the most honored knight in the land?

◇ Four worlds with epic bosses
◇ Cunning AI
◇ Magic artifacts
◇ Unlimited upgrades
◇ Stunning battle effects

Be the first to hear about our new games and awesome contests!

이터니티 워리어스 2
The battle for Northern Udar rages on! It's been 100 years since the First Demon War tore the land apart. Thanks to the Eternity Warriors the demon threat was held at bay. However the demons have been consolidating their power in a series of Demon Towers built in locations throughout Northern Udar.

You've been tasked with cleansing these Demon Towers and defeating an even deadlier demon army than before …

Battle against or alongside fellow warriors in ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODES!

• Fluid REAL-TIME COMBAT against dozens of NEW demon enemies!
• ONLINE CO-OP MULTIPLAYER! Battle with a fellow warrior in the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODE!
• Use your SPECIAL SKILLS to slice your way through MULTIPLE UNIQUE DUNGEONS!
• COLLECT ARMOR, WEAPONS and other LOOT! Upgrade your gear to become the ultimate Eternity Warrior in Udar!

Eternity Warriors 2 is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.

Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms of Use. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Glu Mobile’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at Additional terms may also apply.

Twitter @glumobile

Modern Conflict 2
Gaijin Entertainment
Gaijin Entertainment presents the sequel to the popular tactical strategy game, which has won the devotion and recognition of many players worldwide. The Modern Conflict 2 project will provide you with new battles, more gameplay, and multiplayer mode, the most interesting feature!

World powers will face each other in a desperate fight for global superiority and will transform the entire planet into an actual battleground. Be ready to develop batteries of artillery in the Gobi desert, to construct air facilities on glaciers and hide your tanks in the rainforests of Amazonia. But the enemy will also be cunning, after all, since now you have the ability to battle with a general whose skills are no worse than yours. You can do it in the the fully-featured multiplayer mode!

Blitzkrieg and deep defense, invincible tanks, high-speed helicopters and lethal missiles – Modern Conflict 2 has everything for global war, and even more!

Game features:
- Many fascinating single missions and casual special operations;
- Gaming with friends and quick online battles;
- Your own army, various units and war tactics;
- More than 100 different maps on 4 types of landscape (tundra, desert, jungle, city);
- Character development system: abilities, special technologies and set of initial bonuses;
- Over 100 achievements and 3 leaderboards.

Shark Dash Free
Discover the new benchmark for physics puzzle games! Shark Dash Free is a highly addictive game that takes the physics puzzler to fun new heights with a unique cartoonish style starring funny little bath toys!

Sharkee and his merry band of toy sharks were living happily in the bathtub. That is, until a bunch of mischievous ducks came along to ruin their peaceful little world. These cheaply-made rubber duckies are a little loopy from the chemicals they are made of, and now they’re teasing the sharks, playing pranks like they owned the place! But when the ducks kidnap Sally, Sharkee’s girlfriend, that’s when Sharkee and his buds have had enough! Join a wild journey to tricky bathtubs around the world, save Sally and get rid of the dimwitted ducks!

• Amazingly accessible gameplay: Simply drag and release the shark’s tail with your finger to launch him at the ducks!
• Dispose of the duckies, grab all the coins, and finish each level with the fewest jumps possible to earn 3 Stars! Use your Stars to unlock new levels!
• Not happy with your last shot? Undo it and try it again!

• Make your way through 96 levels with more to come in future updates!
• Visit 4 different environments, from ancient Rome to distant Japan!
• Complete tons of missions & unlock loads of achievements!

• Sharkee, the hero and fearless leader of the merry band of plastic sharks
• Sawy, whose incredible saw nose can cut chains and drop heavy objects on those dastardly ducks
• Hammy, who uses his Jump Slash skill to leap through the air and hit ducks from incredible trajectories
• Scuby, Sharkee’s twin brother, a calm and meditative toy who likes to swim through the watery depths to take out duckies wherever they hide

Grab enough coins and you can upgrade the appearance of your sharks with cool new skins!

Visit our official site at
Follow us on Twitter at or like us on Facebook at to get more info about all our upcoming titles.
Check out our videos and game trailers on
Discover our blog at for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft.

Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site.

Terms of use :

麻將 神來也麻將
Gamesofa Inc.
【Rated Five Stars by Our Users】
The number one mahjong game brand

=Classic Mahjong Gets a New Fancy Update!=
。Larger, brighter displays for better control!
。Improved connection links you to over 20 million users
。Added new emoticons and font functions for better interactions
。Upgraded animations for an even better experience!

=Android Features=
。Classic Taiwanese 16-tile Mahjong
。Play immediately, no registration required
。Scheduled tournaments for more fun and competitions all around
。Easy to use controls you can use with just one finger
。Play a hand in three minutes, no more getting distracted
。Free coins to all certified members (up to 888 limit)

=Additional Notes=
‧ Users can use their existing GodGame, Facebook, or Yahoo accounts to play
‧ If you want to use an MSN, Google, or other accounts to login, please see our “Account Conversion” page for more details:

Gamesofa- Fun in five easy minutes
Want to play more?

Gamesofa Website:
More Games:

【玩家評鑑 五顆星】
No. 1 麻將遊戲品牌

=經典麻將 豪華再升級=

=Android麻將 遊戲特色=

。若您之前使用MSN, Google等帳號登入神來也遊戲,想在手機上繼續使用該帳號,請參考「帳號轉換及登入教學說明」

愛料理 - 食譜分享網
Polydice, Inc.
愛料理是全台最大的食譜分享社群,收藏 28,000 道以上的食譜,我們深信料理是一件幸福的事,分享食譜則是分享幸福給更多的人。


在愛料理 App 這裡您可以尋找喜愛的食譜、驕傲分享自己的食譜、認識和您一樣喜愛料理的朋友,另外還特別設計了更多只能在 App 上才能享用的獨特料理專屬功能。我們相信,每一道食譜都能找到需要它的人。


✔ 瀏覽站上熱門、最新以及各分類完整食譜
✔ 與網站收藏功能同步,輕鬆收藏喜愛的食譜並隨身攜帶
✔ 貼心的食材採買清單與提醒功能,讓您不會忘了買任何一樣食材
✔ 當您照著食譜完成菜餚,快速利用「我也做了」功能上傳您的成品照


開發/維護 by Sleepnova, Inc.

StudioKUMA Call Filter
Studio KUMA
I strongly criticize on Apple Daily to publicly announce that this application steals personal data. All permissions required are used by functions that user wants. This application does not collect nor send personal data in any ways!

*** IMPORTANT! The root requirement added a few versions ago are truly optional and only activate when you use specific type of filter actions, otherwise root permission are not required. When the app requests root permission, your SuperUser application will give you a prompt so it is definitely safe. ***

NOTE: Only Hong Kong database is available at the moment. Database for other countries will be available later.

*** 2013/5/23: For new version of MIUI (Known on 3.4.26+), you must enable StudioKUMA Call Filter in Permission Manager ***

*** For most LG phones, only legacy muting is supported ***

*** 2012/5/2: For users with Android 4.0.3+, if blocking has no effect, make sure any automatic process killers have this program placed in whitelist or exception ***

On LG P970, only legacy mute function can be used.

*** For those who don't read Changelog: If the problem crashes after upgrading from 2.x, either clear program data or uninstall and install the software again ***

This program is a Call Filter application for use in Hong Kong only, due to its nature of using a Hong Kong call filter list.

Due to the following systems are not official Android, this app does not assure compatibility, thus support will not be given:
- Xiaomi / MIUI
- Meizu / Flyme OS
- Aliyun OS
- Blackberry BB10
- Android 4.0.9/4.1.9/4.2.9 (Non-existent version)

From v1.01, English interface is also available.

Application Permission Requirements:
READ_PHONE_STATE: This permission is required to receive call state events
READ_CONTACTS: Read call logs to delete recent junk call entry
WRITE_CONTACTS: Delete recent junk call entry
INTERNET: Internet update, reporting and AD
WRITE_SETTINGS: Setting mute status (legacy) required to modify system setting
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Starting of QuickStart service and reschdule autoupdate on system start
WAKE_LOCK: Prevent system to enter sleep mode during manual and automatic update
CALL_PHONE: Auto accept (Android 2.2 and below) and reject
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Determination of instant and deferred submission of received junk call based on network status
MODIFY_PHONE_STATE: Required for reject calls
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Writing of database and advanced logging to external storage
VIBRATE: Toast of some devices requires this permission
BILLING: In-app Purchase requires this permission
READ_CALL_LOG: Call log must be read before deletion is possible
WRITE_CALL_LOG: Removal of spam calls history requires this permission
GET_TASKS: When Wait for Phone Interface is enabled, information on foreground task must be retrieved
CALL_PRIVILEGED: Handsfree simulation may need this permission
GET_ACCOUNTS: GCM needs to be bound to system main Google account
ACCESS_SUPERUSER: Root permission required if you use one of the root blocking method or reject junk calls during call (NOTE: This permission is not given in any way if your devices is not rooted)

Игры для вечеринок
Самое удобное приложение для вечеринок и игр с друзьями.

Каталог лучших игр для вечеринок с описаниями. Игры для праздников и дня рождения. Интересные задания для игры "Крокодил". Бутылочка, которая крутится и выдает задания. Игра в слова на время. Задания для игры в Фанты и Данетки доступны в Премиум-пакете. И все это в одном приложении "Бомба вечеринок"! В приложении вы найдете игры для взрослых и подростков.


Отзывы наших пользователей:

*** Отлично! Приложение класс! В офисе с коллегами бывает играем, особенно когда празднуем дни рождения. Всегда весело и озартно. Всем советую... ***

*** Помогает для настроения. На природе с друзьями очень помогла) ***

*** Замечательное приложение! Спасибо огромное за обновление! И спасибо, что прислушиваетесь к отзывам пользователей! ***

*** Превосходно! На дне рождении дочери оказался спасательным кругом! Девчонки от бутылочки были в восторге! ***

*** Супер приложение, готовлюсь к новому году и нашла много конкурсов и они очень интересные! Ребята, всем советую, здоровская игра !!! ***

*** Вообще супер! Ко мне пришла подруга, не знали чем заняться. Я вспомнила про это приложение, и мы здорово провели время! ***

* Что делать, если вы не знаете, во что сыграть с друзьями или гостями, а все старые настольные игры надоели? Запускайте приложение "Бомба вечеринок", выбирайте игру из списка, читаете правила и играете. Мы выбираем только лучшие игры, которые проверяем сами. База игр постоянно пополняется. Включены описания таких популярных игр для компаний, как Мафия, Я герой, Контакт и другие.

* С нашим приложением играть в "Крокодила" стало еще интереснее. В "Бомбе Вечеринок" есть база фраз и слов для игры "Крокодил". Вы просто передаете ваш телефон следующему игроку, и тот получает свое задание. Теперь игроку придется проявить все свои артистические способности, чтобы показать задание, не произнеся ни слова!

* Хотите узнать секреты своих друзей? А может просто не решаетесь кого-то поцеловать? Тогда сыграйте в "Бутылочку" с заданиями. Все садятся в круг, и вы раскручиваете бутылочку прямо на вашем телефоне.
Бутылочка останавливается, а игрок, на которого она указала смеется или закрывает лицо руками от смущения. Потому что сейчас ему придется выполнить задание, появившееся на экране!
Если хотите, вы можете добавить свои задания в бутылочку.

* Для любителей шевелить мозгами в приложение встроена игра "Бомба". Называйте слова, соответствующие заданию на экране, пока бомба не взорвалась. Для каждой темы в игре бомба срабатывает один раз. Тот игрок, не успевший назвать слово, на котором взорвалась бомба, и считается проигравшим.

* Фанты - заставь друзей дурачиться и исполнять разные задания (доступно в Premium)

* Данетки - загадай друзьям таинственную историю! И пусть они разгадают ее, задавая вопросы (доступно в Premium)

Дополнительные возможности:
* Стильный интерфейс
* Анимация бутылочки и бомбы
* Добавление игр из списка в избранное

Свои отзывы и пожелания присылайте на адрес:

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