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Downloads: 5000
Size: 6.6M
Current Version:5.2.10

A simple task list manager that strives to have just enough features to do GTD, but no more. Based on the todo.txt app so a todo.txt file ( is used for syncing the task list to the cloud.

Can also be used for MYN/1MTD. See the screenshots for an example of how to use it for MYN.

- True to GTD without unnecessary bells and whistles
- Todo list stored on Dropbox in the todo.txt format
- Comprehensive filtering and multi sort
- Quickly filter tasks using the left navigation drawer
- Save common filters in right navigation drawer
- Create calendar reminders for specific tasks directly from the app
- Share the complete tasklist or selected tasks using the Android share feature
- Tasks can deferred into the future. Combined with the "Show future tasks" filter it allows you to get tasks out of your face (as in 1MTD/MYN)

Simpletask Screenshots
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