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Samsung WatchON™ (On TV)

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Current Version:6.4.7

Samsung WatchON™ (On TV)

By Peel Technologies - Sep 26,2014

What's New In 6.4.7:- UI updates- More IR Support.- Improvements on overall performance- fixed upgrade crashPlease email us at: if you run into any issues.Thanks!Peel Support Read more

WatchON, made smarter by Peel, turns your smartphone into a remote control. Now your remote is smart. Not only can you control your TV, set-top box, DVR and other devices from your Samsung phone, but Peel will recommend to you great shows and movies based on your preferences and past viewing behavior. No more worrying about what to watch or how to find your favorite content. And no more worrying about losing your remote control!

You can search, discover, explore, and access what’s on live TV, and on-demand movies and TV shows - across multiple video-on-demand providers.

You can start watching video-on-demand on your smart phone or tablet, and then sit down and relax while you continue it on the big screen. (Please note that video-on-demand may not be available in your country.)
Peel powers the most popular smart remote with 80 million activated users and more than 4 billion smart remote commands a month across the world.

The latest version of WatchOn by Peel also allows you to share and engage with others around your favorite TV shows. Each TV show has its own page with a built-in Twitter feed. Peel’s smart Twitter algorithms pull in all the relevant trending Tweets so you don’t miss out on any of the conversations. Share a “Peel-In” link and your friends can tune right into the show you are watching.

The more you tune-in with WatchON, the smarter it gets.

Peel has show and movie content listings for 110 countries and is optimized to work on 3500 brands of TVs and 600 set-top boxes. But nobody is perfect and we are constantly working to improve our app so you have the best experience possible.

If you are having trouble with TV listings or getting the remote to work properly on a particular device, please contact directly rather than post the problem in a review. This will allow us to help you most quickly and effectively and solve the problem for others in our community.

What our users are saying:

***** Jonna Gazzano, July 1, 2014
Awesome. I only got it to mess with my husband but I find myself using all the time now because I only know where my phone is before I know where my remotes are.

***** Reymundo Aguayo, May 7, 2014. Finally One remote for all my tvs and cable boxes
***** Les Baker, May 7, 2014. Great app if you lost your remote or if its out of batteries.

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Samsung WatchON™ (On TV)Samsung WatchON™ (On TV)Samsung WatchON™ (On TV)Samsung WatchON™ (On TV)Samsung WatchON™ (On TV)Samsung WatchON™ (On TV)Samsung WatchON™ (On TV)