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Robin Hood: Surviving Ballad

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Robin Hood: Surviving Ballad

By credit2 - Sep 30,2014

Plunge into the world of magic with Robin Hood! Long forgotten, but bewitched tale appears in a new light. Now you can not only fight for a good cause - to take from the rich and give to the poor, but the world needs a savior. Use three classes of magic to defend the world from the monsters, create robust strengthening and shoot them out of their opponents. Colorful world exploits and adventures froze in anticipation - 250 unique levels will help you to express themselves. Choose your own path of development of the four possible options for pumping! Excellent graphics, two game modes and bosses will fascinate you into my world and bring into your life joy and fun

- More than 20 types of enemies with unique behaviors, including wizards, which strengthen their allies.
- Ability to select the game mode.
- Use three classes of magic: offensive, defensive and mass, each of which has three spells!

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Robin Hood: Surviving BalladRobin Hood: Surviving BalladRobin Hood: Surviving BalladRobin Hood: Surviving Ballad