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irplus - Infrared Remote

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irplus - Infrared Remote

By binarymode - Sep 30,2014

This application is intended for "advanced users" who are not afraid of IR-protocols and it aims to support any infrared command for each device by importing infrared devices via XML in various formats. At the moment the formats supported are: Pronto Hex Codes, Denon Binary Codes (Sharp and Kaseikyo), WinLIRC (RC6,RC5,RAW,NEC1,NECx1), PWM_HEX (plain binary pwm). There are more to come! There are codes for a few sample devices ready for usage.

Supported devices:
- All Android 4.4 KitKat Devices with IR emitter (only if the API was correctly implemented by the manufacturer. For example LG did not. I'm trying for a workaround but as of now, sorry LG users! You have to use the LG stock app)
- LG G3 (D855, D850, D858, D851)

irplus - Infrared Remote Screenshots
irplus - Infrared Remoteirplus - Infrared Remoteirplus - Infrared Remoteirplus - Infrared Remoteirplus - Infrared Remote
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