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Bubble Break

Rating:4.3(21802 average)
Downloads: 5000000
Size: 891k
Current Version:2.0

What's New v2.0: Fixed the force close bug in Nexus S with Jellybean(v4.1.1) Read more

Bubble Break is an amazing bubble popping/breaking/buster game with a new and addictive twist!

The game is easy to play - clear the bubbles by popping connected bubbles of the same color to earn points - yet amazingly fun and challenging!

How to Play:
Select any two or more adjacent bubbles with the same color and pop them. The more bubbles you pop the more points you earn.

Game Features:
- Three game modes: Classic, Tap Limit and Push Column
- High quality graphics
- Undo function and High score record
- Saves game on exit

Bubble Break Screenshots
Bubble BreakBubble BreakBubble BreakBubble BreakBubble Break