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Top Android Keyboard Apps List (Part 1)

Published At : January 30 , 2015

After days of test and compare, with users' reviews, We choose several popular and high-rating keyboard apps for android to introduce and compare.They are: SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji by SwiftKey,Emoji Keyboard-color,emoticons by Emoji Life,iKeyboard - emoji,emoticons by Keyboard Studio,GO Keyboard - Emoji, Emoticons by GO Keyboard Dev Team,Google Keyboard by Google Inc.,Swype Keyboard.

1.SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji by SwiftKey

SwiftKey Keyboard is a free, award-winning keyboard app for Android. It has the most downloads ,about 10,000,000 - 50,000,000.And SwiftKey Keyboard gets 4.5 stars with 1,252,344 ratings.It's more popular and better ratings than any other keyboard apps.So what features does it have?   "The fastest, most accurate predictive keyboard available. Now with 'flow', allowing you to text paragraphs in seconds",just as a user's review. SwiftKey delivers the best next-word prediction, smarter autocorrect, support for over 800 emoji (emoticons), Emoji Prediction and much more!It learns from you,know you better with CLOUD-CONNECTED.SwiftKey gives you smart, fast typing on Android ,and It's free! Also,SwiftKey has some other features,but the keywords for it are : smart,fastest,accurate predictive.

Mind-reading word suggestions that learn from you as you type, and get smarter over time.

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji Screenshot 1     

Intelligent autocorrections for even the sloppiest typing.

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji Screenshot 2                                                                 

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