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Mobile Start Menu App : Lazy Swipe

Published At : January 21 , 2015

Lazy Swipe is an app for managing all your app icons,Just like a start menu for Microsoft Windows.It's so convenient for starting a app,checking a message or managing your mobile phone's setting like wifi etc.An awsome android app!You must have it.

Features:Just like the Start Menu for Microsoft Windows,quick start your app,quick manage your mobile system,manage your app icon list

  1. ToolBox

    List most of the tool apps' icon for you to quick start up.It's so convenient when you want to do some basic setting,such as open your wifi,GPS,and something else.

    Lazy Swipe - screenshot thumbnail

  2. Recently menu

    List th app you recently open.Some of them are running maybe.You can quick manage messages from your social app or some apps else.Easy find your recently used apps and notifications.

    Lazy Swipe - screenshot thumbnail

  3. Favorites

    A list of your favorite apps' icon.For your quick start.Fast open your most frequently used apps without any settings.

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