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Make Gifs! High-Speed Camera (GIF,Burst)

Published At : January 27 , 2015

This app is  for making gifs on android, The images in both HD and using the burst mode were clear and sharp.Best app for making gifs on android.              

Its Features include:

Taking high-speed pictures(Up to 40 shots per second)

High-Speed Camera (GIF,Burst) Screenshot 8

Taking high-definition pictures
- Don't run the other camera app to take high-definition photos.
- You can take a HD picture by pressing the volume up(or down) button.

High-Speed Camera (GIF,Burst) Screenshot 1

Supports Normal, Negative, Mono, Sepia effects.

High-Speed Camera (GIF,Burst) Screenshot 4

Built-in Photo Gallery.

High-Speed Camera (GIF,Burst) Screenshot 3

Creating Animated GIF.

High-Speed Camera (GIF,Burst) Screenshot 2

Users Reviews:

"Great for action shots. I use this for my sons sports games and i love it. " --Jemma-Lyn Altamirano

"Great Burst Camera! - This is a Great App.  Its got a Timer, which is Awesome for Selfie Captures.  Decent Quality Images.  Makes its own Animated GIFs, which is Too Cool.     My only minor Complaint is the Shutter Speed.  There's Faster, Fastest, and Ludicrous Speed.  It'd be nice to have a "Continuous" in addition to Burst.  Like, a shot every 1, or 0.5 seconds.  Otherwise Perfect.  I'll definitely buy the Full Version. " --Malachi Tate

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