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Top Baterry Saver Apps Comparison,Get Best Battery Saver Apps

Published At : January 16 , 2015

There are so many apps with all kinds of battery features.But you just need the best one just for your phone.Compare features like power management,battery care,brightness control and so on to find the best battery apps.

1.The most popular battery app is "Battery Doctor(Battery Saver)" by Cheetah Mobile Inc.This app has more than 150 million users,and get 4.5 score rating by 4,418,063. So what features this app has:disable unnecessary apps,task killer,accurate battery remaining,charging remaining,different power saving modes,brightness control,cpu management,tempreature,tips and perfect interface.


Recommended: It includes lots of useful features,But It's free.

2.DU Battery Saver|Power Doctor. This app is created by DU APPS STUDIO.This developer has a popular system optimizer app.Absolutely,they must know how to create a good battery saving app.DU Battery Saver has a lot users,more than 100 million,and they get high rating:4.4, 4650000 ratings' average.The most important feature of this battery app is that it has very detail battery info and detail battery saving modes which are very easy to switch.

"THE battery saving application that will increase the functionality of your phone like no other to ensure that your battery lasts longer, much longer." 

DU Battery Saver丨Power Doctor Screenshot 1

Recommended:Fantastic widgets provide heaps of details. Fantastic Ui as well.Easy & Powerful Battery Saver.

3.Easy Battery Saver. Over 20,000,000 downloads with 4.6 star rating.Easy to use saving mode,Effective,battery consumption list of real-time runing items.

Easy Battery Saver Screenshot 1Easy Battery Saver Screenshot 2Easy Battery Saver Screenshot 3

Recommended: Another battery saver,easy to use and effectvie.Not so much features.

4.GO Battery Saver & Power Widget. with 15,000,000+ downloads and 4.5 star rating! Main features of this battery plus include power saving mode, smart saving, toggle control, power testing, etc.Accurately estimates battery remaining time.Charging Maintenance to help keep the charging process safe and healthy.

GO Battery Saver &Power Widget Screenshot 1GO Battery Saver &Power Widget Screenshot 2GO Battery Saver &Power Widget Screenshot 3

Recommended: Effective and easy to use battery saver,not the best but popular.

5.Battery Save Booster,by CrazyRobot.This app can handle background processes as well as your internet connections in order to make a more efficient use of your phone's or tablet resources.You'll have full control of what is being managed by the app and what is left for your control. Not only you will save battery but you will also get a nice widget in the notification area that display useful information such as your battery level (percentage). Note that if you don't like it you can go to the settings and get rid of it easily. 

Battery Save Booster - screenshot thumbnailBattery Save Booster - screenshot thumbnail

Recommended: Very effective.You can see what's the difference after you install it.

6.JuiceDefender - battery saver. Over 7,000,000 Downloads!A classic name in the category of battery saving apps, JuiceDefender is definitely one of the best. Download it, enable it and forget it. It will work in the background and keep saving your phone's battery.

JuiceDefender - battery saver Screenshot 1JuiceDefender - battery saver Screenshot 2JuiceDefender - battery saver Screenshot 3

Recommended: Classic. Effective.Tweaks device settings for maximum battery life.