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A Calendar App worths $100 Million? Sunrise Calendar!

Published At : February 05 , 2015

Software giant Microsoft is in the process of trying to reinvent itself, and part of that reinvention evidently involves acquiring startups that have created products that compete with its own. The latest acquisition is calendar app maker Sunrise, which Microsoft shelled out at least $100 million for.

Sunrise has a suite of calendar products for mobile and desktop users that connects with and consolidates calendars from different providers. It’s available on the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and on the Mac App Store, as well as offering a web client.

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The perfect balance between form, function and simplicity in a calendar client. Can support Google and iCloud accounts simultaneously with more being added soon. Options to sync with social media, provides an easy to understand agenda including the weather.

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With an amazing design, Sunrise is a new experience that will make your life easier. 

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